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Anchorage Independent Public School Reviews

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There is a strict curriculum that is interesting and keeps the students engaged.
Teachers are involved in the clubs and often teach the sport or clubs. The teachers are very supportive and help to make the activity fun. The most popular activities are basketball, field hockey, and track.
There are a variety of foods available and there are nutritious options that are delicious as well.
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Students are taken accountable for their wrong doings and are taught why what they did was not acceptable.
Visitors must always sign in and wear a visitor pass. There are frequent safety drills from fire to intruding drills. Visitors are only allowed to enter through the front door
The involvement opportunities at this school are numerous from academic teams to sport teams. The sports teams are coached and organized very well There are countless dans at each sport supporting the teams in their games.
I made friendships very easily at this school and I was close with almost all of my teachers. People were always available to help me in any way and it was a great experience both socially and academically.
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