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Anchor Bay High School Reviews

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Anchor Bay is a spectacular school. Has a huge environment and so many opportunities. I's impossible to not find a place you belong. On the other hand, no school is perfect and contains a few flaws that may not please every student.
anchor bay is a very nice high school with great teachers. some athletics could be better but the school is filled with talented athletes and coaches who care so i am sure there will be more success in the future for anchor bay athletics. most teachers get along very well with students. it is a safe school with many ,any fun activities and clubs to join
Anchor Bay High School provides an excellent learning atmosphere for students to become socially and academically involved. Students are taught to be respectful and bullying or any other form of disrespect is disciplined. Anchor Bay also has a wide variety of sports and clubs for students to participate in.
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General high school with many of the programs also being available at most other schools in the area.
Anchor Bay High School adequately prepares students for continuing education through college and does a nice job pushing students to move on with their education. With programs such as college night or their career fair, it is evident that the school tries its best to encourage students to take the right path.
Nothing truly special. Some staff members care and do a great job. Others don’t even try. Security seems very relaxed at all times. They falsely promote most of their programs. The school also doesn’t acknowledge its horrible drug issues.
Anchor Bay High School provided me with the necessary tools that I needed to take the next step in my life towards college and beyond.
High school was one of the best experiences of my life. I created so many memories that i will forever cherish. I had great teachers and made a lot of friends throughout my years at Anchor Bay. Athletics were a huge part of my high school career and i was given an amazing opportunity to fulfill my dreams for my future.
It’s overall a school that keeps changing for the better academically, yet we are still deprived of technology resources that would help further our education.
For the four years that I have gone to this school, I can't help but appreciate the time I spent here. The only thing I will say is that you join a club or some type of activity. You'll be surrounded by people who love you for who you are, no matter where you go. I joined marching band and the only regret I have is not being able to do it for a few more years.
Anchor Bay High School is and excellent school with many dedicated teachers and other staff members. My time spent there was busy, productive, and educational. The education I got at ABHS was so impressive that I received two full ride offers to colleges (Western Michigan University and Oakland University). I cherish my time there and hope others do too.
Great environment, excellent staff always pushing students to do their best. Safe place for kids to learn and get involved with their school. Everyone feels welcomed and it has a great atmosphere.
I really liked how big the school was and there are a wide variety of clubs and sports to participate in. The school really comes together in the whole aspect.
Anchor Bay High School was a great place to learn. I felt that it adequately prepared me for college. Most of my teachers tried their best to help me succeed. Overall, I enjoyed my time here. Some of the facilities did need to be updated.
My experience at this school was awful. The administrative staff did not care about anything and the school did a horrible job with handling situations.
I like the new admission of the Honors Academy, as it is great college preparatory group. It also helps create great relationships with the people in the classes.
I liked that you could tell the teachers are truly passionate about their students. The teachers at AB pour all their time and devotion into helping the students to not only memorize the material, but thoroughly understand what is being taught.
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High school was a pretty good experience here. I think it is a good schools. All of my teachers knew what they were talking about and helped me in any way they could. I believe they have showed me the way. One thing I think needs to be changed is the use of technology in this school. Technology is changing everywhere around us and is becoming a big part of education and books are becoming outdated. Anchor Bay should start using it more in their lessons and using laptops throughout the school to improve learning.
Anchor Bay high school has been a very good experience. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful and will help you in whatever you do. Very good experience growing up in this district.
I overall had a great experience. Really great teachers, good ways to get involved in sports, clubs, dances, pep assemblies, etc. The food isn't the greatest and seniors are no longer allowed to throw paper or decorate caps on the last day of school anymore, but overall the students enjoy a lot of freedom while still having a safe environment and not too many distractions from learning. The Honors Academy and Early College programs are really great for helping students get ahead of the game before going to college.
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