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I like that there are many opportunities, sports, theatre, speech, and many more clubs.
I dislike the administration. I also dislike that there are many teachers who should not be working but have not been fired.
I like this school overall, but it could have some changes.
I like how the teachers will help you if you need it. I also liked that the counselors will talk to you if you need help with something that's not school related.
I would like to see academics taken more seriously and more helpful for students going to college. Majority of the time I am not challenged enough which is not very helpful for my future, in which I hope to be challenged. I also think that Anamosa High School does not provide adequate help for students to discover what they might like to study in college or what kind of job they might want to have after college.
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It's a great school but they pay the money they get for things like water fountains (our were good in the first place) and that money should go to sports or school trips otherwise the school is amazing and I love it!! :)
I am currently a junior at AHS and I cannot wait get out of here. There are few teachers who care and it very upsetting.
I have a daughter who is a senior this year at AHS. I also work for the school. It is a small school and the teachers are always there to help the kids and the staff always works together to get the best for the kids.
Academics weren't that bad, however the amount of classes (and the diversity of class types/subjects) were cut these past few years. Standards-based grading also took a toll on student's ability to maintain good grades and manage time on studies well, as homework took up a majority of my after-school schedule.
There are more and more races and cultural coming into the school every year, and in history classes we learn about many of them.
Too many scheduling conflicts with advanced classes, taking college classes for dual credits is impossible because the school is helping themselves and not the students who want to excel and is switching to no dual credits my senior year so my junior year I have to cram the majority of my remaining required classes, I already took two classes that were required last year that won't count for required because they changed it, and I took 1 1/2 years of P.E., that was a waste of my time because I didn't learn anything I'm moderately active, I'm healthy, and getting into better shape, and I do physical activities through the school, I was only allowed an academic waiver this 2nd semester of sophomore year. I am taking mostly Honors classes, the ones they offer, I'm a year ahead of average students in science, I'm in band and Choir which comes with required responsibilities and lesson during other classes, and my test scores are above average. I'm involved in many different extracurricular activities, not including church related activities, I am looking to work next year during school, starting this summer, I have to work my schedule around my family's schedule. I also have homework, projects,essays, etc. And if I want friends and not be stressed all the time and become depressed I need to be social around my stressful schedule.
They do nothing about bullying students have to fix it themselves or become depressed.
All the students are dedicated to one or more activities available even if we aren't always the best, we try our hardest and will do any hinges for our teams, groups, close friends etc. We are willing to help fellow students/activities/groups more than certain teachers/staff/principal/vice principal are willing to support all groups, they favor certain people and activities, even if that activity supports their less favored activity.
Not all aspects are ye best but I do enjoy having the ability to be in activities, having a better chance if we do have to try out, my favorite activity is Show choir, we aren't the best but the school principal, and activities director/vice principal don't support the music program at all, they barely support good academics, just sports and their favorite students.
They think they are better than the students. They need to teach the students in a way hat all of us will understand and not move on just because they don't have "enough" time.
I have had a great high school experience and few problems with the school
People know you, and you know them, People are more worried about what you're doing then what they are. Teachers are helpful. Needs renovating.
Knowing everybody is a bonus to going to this school because it is refreshing to be able to say hello to people in the hall and receive greetings every morning.
I think our environment is good and normal but we do need to work more on our bullying program
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basketball and football is diffenelty our main sports but it would be great if they paid more attention at the other sports
Anamosa is built and surrounded by amazing people who are always willing to help
I like all the teachers in my school, they are all helpful to me
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