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great environment to work in! you get to experience everything from football games to spirit days! got great spirit days and you feel safe there to go and learn. Great leadership class who knows how to involve students in school events!
I have had a good experience so far. I enjoy all my classes and love being a part of the Basketball team.
I love the great staff at Analy and the wonderful students! There’s also plenty of clubs and extra classes to take for fun! Plus, we have a great sports program too!
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It was a nice school with a lot of professors. They have a lot of dedication to sports. As something that I would like to see change is there being more clubs on the school campus..
Analy was an incredible school to attend. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was something that was rare to find in a high school setting. All the faculty and staff were always so willing to help at anytime throughout the semester.
I found Analy to be a very positive experience overall but it did have its ups and downs. Some of the best teachers I've ever had were at Analy but also some of the worst. I attended during an election year and there was always a clear bias from many teachers and lots of name calling, particularly in my AP political science class. It was unfortunate to have teachers insulting students ideology, all while claiming to be open minded. I have no problem with challenging ideas but the lack of respect expressed by a few of the teachers got in the way of not only my education but others around me. Having said this I'd like to say these teachers were the minority and overall I felt very prepared for college when I graduated. I would certainly recommend Analy but also would encourage students to choose teachers wisely.
Analy is the kind of school that used to be great, but a lot of the excellent teachers have or are retiring, leaving the school with multiple voids in almost all subjects. Many of the programs that have made Analy interesting in the past are being cut, and the school severely lacks school spirit.
At Analy High School I have learned so much about myself as well as how to relate to those around me. I have had many wonderful and supportive teachers who have guided me towards my goal of higher education.
What I liked the most about Analy was way you can make new friends with almost anybody, everybody seems to get along with each other for then most part. I also liked most of the teachers I had, and the way they taught; it was almost like they were another one of our friends while teaching us something in an interesting way. I loved the sports program, especially basketball. Everyone on the team quickly got along and the whole team forms a bond just like the bond between siblings. There's just two things that I would change though; the cafeteria food, and that students should be able to choose their counselor. The food is sometimes soggy, like the burgers and the pancakes and muffins, or the french fries. And students aren't always comfortable with their counselors, but they can't do anything about it like changing two a different counselor.
I am currently going to Analy High. Overall, it's a very good school. Due to budget cuts, a lot of classes (such as video and Intro Stats/Calc) are being cut from the school. There are many opportunities to take advanced, honors, or AP courses. The College and Career Center offers many opportunities to visit and learn about different colleges. It also has several programs to help students get jobs, scholarships, and general knowledge on the world and college. Most students are white, but there are not many race issues besides the lack of cultural education available in the area.
Analy is a okay school. For the most part none of the staff show any interest in the individual students unless you are a trouble maker. There are very few teachers that actually care about their students, and there are even less truly engaging teachers. I did have a few amazing teachers and my counselor knew my name even though I had only seen her a few times, which I saw as a sign of genuine interest in her students.
Analy has a really nice atmosphere and great teachers. It has great facilities for sports but not quite as much for the arts.
I was a successful student at Analy High School because of the amazing facility and campus environment. The atmosphere of the school was perfect for me and my friends. The picturesque landscape led me to make films on campus and find my calling as a Film major. I do wish however, that the school board was better and spent money more efficiency.
I like the variety of advanced classes offered and the student body seems to be a diverse collection of personalities. I would like to see more attention given to those with good minds who don't necessarily fit into the academic system.
Really nice. I liked that all the teachers are good and that the classes are rigorous, should you search for those.
I really enjoyed my time there and all teachers were very helpful and tried hard to make sure you understood the material they were teaching. There was a diverse amount of clubs to choose from, and they all allowed for great ways for one to express themselves.
Great teachers for the most part. It's a very artsy school with a lot of hippies. I liked it because it was relaxed and I always got the classes I wanted. My only complaint would be the way the schools changed when they got a new principal and vice principal. The school became more strict and a lot less fun.
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I enjoyed the various activities we performed in classes and how teachers can help us feel comfortable. The courses were a good preparation for college and catered to a wide variety of interests.
What I liked about Analy High was the variety of classes that was offered to students. Students can take classes from culinary, different types of biology, music, etc. There was so much offered that it really prepared me personally to focus on what I would like to do in college. I took so many different types of English classes that when I got into college I realized that that's what I wanted to explore even more and get a degree in.
The teachers and education are great. It's a small school, but I have yet to hear rumors and gossip however there are some.
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