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Really nice. I liked that all the teachers are good and that the classes are rigorous, should you search for those.
I really enjoyed my time there and all teachers were very helpful and tried hard to make sure you understood the material they were teaching. There was a diverse amount of clubs to choose from, and they all allowed for great ways for one to express themselves.
Great teachers for the most part. It's a very artsy school with a lot of hippies. I liked it because it was relaxed and I always got the classes I wanted. My only complaint would be the way the schools changed when they got a new principal and vice principal. The school became more strict and a lot less fun.
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I enjoyed the various activities we performed in classes and how teachers can help us feel comfortable. The courses were a good preparation for college and catered to a wide variety of interests.
What I liked about Analy High was the variety of classes that was offered to students. Students can take classes from culinary, different types of biology, music, etc. There was so much offered that it really prepared me personally to focus on what I would like to do in college. I took so many different types of English classes that when I got into college I realized that that's what I wanted to explore even more and get a degree in.
The teachers and education are great. It's a small school, but I have yet to hear rumors and gossip however there are some.
Analy High School is the type of school in which one can succeed if he or she is willing to work hard. It can be an easy ride or a hard one, it is all what the student makes of the opportunities offered. I do not feel that AP and honors classes are encouraged for all students, but I think the teachers are nice and talented and do their best to prepare a good curriculum for their students
It is a great school with really good academics. The people are alright but I wish we had more school spirit.
I liked the free units offered at the JC through the concurrent enrollment. It
was vry useful to learn what was like at the same time as going to High School. I have a lot of friend at Analy, but it is a little bit clicky.
It is a great school to attend, the campus is very nice especially the new football field. Everyone is looking forward to graduating on the new football field. There are many great alternate classes, like culinary and ceramics. The teachers there are very kind, not only the teachers but all the administrators.
Analy is not a great school. While there are some good teachers, many, even young new teachers, are lazy and out no effort into teaching. There is very little diversity at Analy and it has had some issues with racism recently. A lot of money goes towards football instead of improving education, bringing more classes to Analy, or even fixing leaks in the roof. It is a nice campus and has been chosen as a location to film several movies. Overall, there are lots of things that could be improved at Analy, but it is still the best public high school in Sonoma County.
The school is big enough to have a variety of good quality classes to choose from, while not being overwhelmingly huge.
What I like about the education of Analy High is that you learn in a dynamic way with participation in class. Teachers work very well the issues and have much knowledge. The student profile is very diverse. In addition to its widely recognized as one of the best schools notice when a student studied at Analy, it is an image that not only looks, but is demonstrated. People enter and leave leaders. I liked entering Analy High. I would not change anything.
This is a moderately large school with a mostly open community. There is a lot of diversity, as far as types of students, not necessarily races. There is not a "popular" or clique feeling on campus. There is not a lot of bullying but a feeling of openness for all types of kids (of course, there are a few jerks, just like everywhere). Some teachers are great and push for higher education. Minus 1 star because there are still teachers just going through the motions. But for the most part, I've had a lot of good teachers. Lots of arts, theater, music but still a vibrant sports community. Good on technology. Lots of school spirit.
I enjoy the choir and sciences programs, as well as the English program. I appreciate how the arts are still considered important by the school as a whole, rather than focusing completey on math and science.
The quality of the teachers was mediocre. Some teachers were engaging and willing to help struggling students, but most were dull and unavailable. I think teachers were knowledgable on their subjects, but lacked enthusiasm when teaching to a class. Communication skills were good with most teachers. Consistency with grading was lacking with most teachers. The most frustrating thing about the teachers was their lack of explanation for grading.
I haven't really had much interaction with this type of thing.
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Love the school. I've made good friends and got involved in football. Good experience overall.
The school is extremely safe. Most security measures in place just seem overbearing and unnecessary given the environment.
Most clubs are extremely casual, but the athletic options are great. Competitive enough to be exciting, but not so much that it's impossible to try new sports.
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