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Anahuac High School was a school where everyone knows everyone. This can be such a positive thing because when situations like bullying take place, the students stand up for each other because everyone is like family.
I went to the Anahuac Independent School District from pre-K all the way until I graduated and I wouldn’t have picked a different school! Every teacher of mine, even if we didn’t get along as well as other students, always had my best interest at heart - especially since it is a very small school. The graduating class of 2017, of which I was in, was 83 students and the graduating class of 2018 is about 100 students. This school being so small allows for excellent student-to-teacher ratios and a certain bond with the faculty and your classmates that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Every year in high school, we got foreign exchange students from Italy, Spain, and even China! Even though we were small, we were about as cultured as you could be in such a small school. Honest rating 9/10. GO PANTHERS!!!
I enjoyed the fact that it's a small school filled with a close-knit generation of students. The teachers always have time for you and any questions you may have and generally apply to emails within the day.
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During my time at Anahuac High School I had a some teachers challenge me as a student while others did not. Some things that I liked were all the scholarship opportunities that Anahuac offered. But the counselors could of done a better job of getting the word out.
One thing I love about my high is how isolated it is. You get more one on one time with teachers. One thing I would love to see change, is the way other students treat eachother.
I love the close-knit family that is your graduating class at AHS. Even the teachers seem like family.
My overall experience in anahuac high school this past 3years has been great! The teachers there are very compresive with their students. They try to push their students to do their best at everything they do.
I went to Anahuac High school for four years. It was a great experience for everyone. All the teachers helped the best they could and the staff members were great. They get us ready for college more every year.
Anahuac high school was okay for me, its about as much you can expect from a small town, the school hasn't ever been flashy but it offers a bunch of college classes, the teachers are pretty good, except for maybe one or two here and there but anahuac has always been good about getting the best of the best, the school is clean for the most part because of the janitors always on campus.
A lot of students judge very badly. I was always taught the saying never judge a book by its cover. Well in my opinion it's the same with human being. They cant help the way they grow up. They cant help what their skin color is. Its not right how students walk down the hall and hate on others. ANd when the teachers hear they dont really say or do anything and it can be over whelming sometimes because there is only so much you can do as a student.
Some teachers dont really care how you do on your homework/classwork/or projects. Some also dont care to help you nor give you advice. Sometimes the workload is ridiculous. The scheduling process isnt too bad unless your trying to get in with the counselor because she is ALWAYS busy. It can take up to a week sometimes before you are able to see her and try to get anything changed or added etc..
We have a police officer who patrols every mornin while students are on their way to school. He always has his own classroom and is on campus between all three campuses all day. The drug dog comes at least 2-3 times a month. And we also have random drug tests. On the security part we also have two ladies in the front office who have to buzz people through the doors all around campus and you have to sign in with one of them before even entering the main door of the halls.
A handful of the students only join clubs or organizations just so they can miss school, they rarely even go to any meetings or fundraisers. But the kids that actually care give their all to make sure everything is taken care of as well as stay later to help put suff away or even show up early and help set up. Its just a matter of kids being dedicated, and these days you cant really find students that actually care. They just show up and ruin all the fun for the people that actually do wanna be there.
The parents are very involved. The stands are always full at every game whether it be basketball, baseball,volleyball, or even football. Come hail or high water our parents are always there to support us all! They even help volunteer for events. Im not sure that all parents agree with how some of our teachers are but everyone's opinion is different about everyone.
Some of our teachers are always at the front of the class, always helping when a student needs help and never complains! On the other hand some teachers sit at their desk and play on either their phone and computer. It never fails that one teacher will always only explain something one time and if you don't understand then our on your own.
Our school is very safe. We actually have a real cop that is armed in our school.
I know our school isn't perfect and sometimes have struggles but if I had a choice to go somewhere else i would most defiantly stay put where I'm at. I love my school with a passion. I know the teachers aren't perfect and the curriculum isn't excellent but like I said I love my school.
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The teachers don't really use real world examples and that's what we really need to help prepare us students. They are very good for being there outside of the classroom and they sometimes help with homework after school. The other thing is that sometimes they show to much favoritism to certain students which to myself, isn't fair. But overall I love my town and I love my small school.
Anahuac HIgh School is a very welcoming school.
Some of the teachers are't very good at explaining the curriculum. I'm in a few classes where the teachers just hand you a paper and expects you to know how to do it, and almost everyone in the class is struggling to pass. The dress code in our school is pretty ridiculous. You have to wear polo shirts until high school, you can't have holes in your jeans, no piercings, no unatural hair colors. There is some bullying in our school, especially for people who are gay/bi/etc. Also, our cafeteria food is terrible. Most of the study body eats in the snack bar.
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