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Anaheim High School is a school that has a great diversity of students but tends to lean towards the Latino/Mexican race. It is a school that is quite restricted, but the education of the high class is the best. The schools has a variety of Advanced Placement courses that are offered to all and it is overall a comfortable environment to be in.
I enjoyed being at Anaheim High school because of the academic courses that it provided and the excellent teachers that teach them. I took seven AP classes and each teacher prepared me for their test. Although, what I would like to see change is having more involvement in school. The school clubs should provide more opportunities to partake in activities on the campus for free.
My experience at anaheim was really great. I was able to be shown that responsibility really fell on me and not others around me, I also had amazing teachers that showed you how you got to where you were and that let you be creative.
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Great programs offered to students. 4/5 school. School lunch needs improvement. Teachers are willing to help which is a great feeling to have.
I enjoyed most of my teachers, many of them showed a lot of care for all their students understanding the background in which most of came from and tried their hardest to set them on a successful path.
It's a great school with many amazing teachers who take the time to teach their students at their paces, but focus on making it an easy place to feel welcomed. The only complain would be the matter at which some upper staff looks over individual students because it help improve the school's motto to thrive.
Anaheim high school gave me many opportunities to take advantage of. I enjoyed every moment and liked attending school everyday.
All the teachers and staff care about the success of the students. However, there is definitely room for improvement. We need more motivation for some students to know that they can go to college no matter what. Overall the school is a great place to make close friends who will help you learn throughout the 4 years.
I am a senior at Anaheim High and I find the school a great safe learning environment for the students. Within the school there is multiple clubs and sports that allow and encourage students to join and express themselves. Although Anaheim is a great school for students to attend there is also some downfalls to the school in which I have discovered. I was in the Anaheim Colonist Band and Pageantry as a color guard performer and through many performances I noticed we are allowed to express ourselves as freely as we like. During school we as students are not allowed to do so, us as teenagers express ourselves in clothing which makes every one of us unique. Dress code does not allow us to do so, with fashion trends constantly changing its hard for the students to follow the restrictions put on dress code. The school constantly rants about self expression but how are we suppose to do so when we have restrictions.
During my time at Anaheim High School my success was held in the highest standard possible. I was accommodated with the necessary support and aid needed to ensure I was passing my classes. Aside from educational support, the counseling staff was great. I was helped with emotional problems that needed a someone to talk to. The only negative comment I have about the school would be the food served because it is the same food throughout the year.
My own experience about Anaheim High School it went pretty well so far for me. I had teachers that they're great to teach, nice and fun with your classmates! I love this school so much! I definitely l'm going to miss this school after I graduate.
I really like how Anaheim High has a lot of AP courses to choose from. It allows for students to really develop skills before going into college. Most of the teachers are very kind and understanding. The Hispanic presence is really felt in this school because it consists of 96% of it's student population. The A.P's and counselors are very helpful and even though there may be some waiting to do, they will get to you and give undivided attention. I enjoyed my 4 years there.
Be part of the extracurricular activities, clubs, etc. Get involved! I recommend joining National Honors Society, BROS and RSVP. Stay away from Spanish Club. CROWN is similar to BROS. Student's are friendly, don't be intemidated.
I had my good and my bad times there. Overall great experience. Great school with thousands of opportunities for you to find your career pathway. Counselors aren't much help. You should really consider joining programs that incite you to want to acheive a higher education. PUENTE, CSF, NHS etc. Thank you for 4 great years of tough love.
Anaheim High School is a very diverse school that has prepared me for what my future may hold. I have learned plenty from the staff here; they are very welcoming and love to help the students succeed. I am glad to be apart of it. :)
I enjoyed the school's environment and i would like there to be ASB (permission to get out of campus).
Overall I have mixed reviews on Anaheim High School. Anaheim High School is pretty good for students who are taking AP classes and are involved in that, but the school is terrible for everyone else. Only the students who are taking AP are feeling somewhat prepared for college and only the students taking AP move on to a four year college. Everyone else either goes to a community college, trade school, or works minimum wage jobs. The food that Anaheim offers is terrible and the staff sometimes does not commit to the students. The school does not have a lot of money and the little money that we have is focused on our weak sports programs instead of places that need it like the music department or some of the other departments that need new textbooks. Anaheim High School is not very diverse and is 97% Hispanic.
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The NJROTC program that this school has, is a great military program to help with leadership skills and encouragement to further your education. MCTA is a computer technology program that gives the Anaheim high school students extra help and computer knowledge such as use of the photoshop, illustrator program, they even teach you how to use a 3-D printer. It would be nice if more people volunteered for these two programs.
I loved Anaheim High School. They truly care about their students. Their 2015 class had the highest graduating rate of the entire district. They offer options how to continue their education. There's no excuse on not graduating from this school.
The learning was ok. The people were ok. The teachers were ok. Overall, everything was ok. okokokokokokokokokokokokok
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