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The school was big had a lot of classrooms unfortunately some classrooms were old and worn out. There were a lot of clubs so all students could find one group or activity they would enjoy. Some teachers were more than teachers they were counselors or are friends who wanted us to succeed they encouraged us to go beyond what we knew and find our best qualities.
Overall Anaheim High School has provided me with the tools necessary to achieve whether it is in the class room or outside in my community. From teachers being available outside of regular classroom hours to being involved with civic engagement activities.
For four years, what I really enjoyed was going to class because I really liked my teachers. There were several teachers in which actually cared about their students and they did activities that involved hands on. Student involvement with events was honestly the best and I was able to be a part of several organizations and sports and even though my school was not really diverse, there were still many different cultures I learned about.
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My experience at AHS has been good so far. The staff and teachers are very friendly and you can talk to them about anything. They want to give the students the best education they deserve and they don’t give up on us. They want to see us succeed in the future, therefore preparing us for what’s to come.
What i like about Anaheim High School is how devoted teachers and staff members are in teaching and informing students about collage applications and collage life.
Something I really enjoyed about Anaheim High School includes the fact that the teachers use innovative teaching methods in order to help us further understand concepts or make the learning process interesting. Also, teachers truly care about what's going on in our lives and treat us as young adults instead of mere teenagers.
Like with most things concerning life, school is about getting in, completing one's tasks, and getting out - regardless of how one may like or dislike it. Surely, people can come to act as the highlight of your experience; but, in that same manner, it is people who can increment the difficulty of success. Personally, I enjoyed my years at Anaheim High School, so I cannot say it is a bad place to go. Its facilities and accommodations provide a well established learning environment.
Overall I have had a great experience while attending Anaheim High School. I have enjoyed the way our teachers have always encouraged us to strive for higher goals, take on challenges, and most importantly to believe in ourselves. My teachers have always told me to believe in myself because someday I can make a difference in society. My teachers have always inspired me to be a leader and not a follower which has helped me out not only academically, but also in my everyday life.
The teachers and staff are very interested in seeing their students succeed. The counseling department helped me in making sure I got to graduate my junior year because I had enough credits.
It's an okay school. The school is not safe. Staff doesn't care if you go to college, they just care about getting you out. The whole school is just distracting itself.
Anaheim High School was a great school overall. A lot of dedicated hard working professors worked here and also made sure a student was on top of the work and understood the material in order to be successful in the class.
Anaheim High School was a traditional and very spirted School. I would say get involved and you’ll have more fun. I was on the cheer team for 3 years and wouldn’t have wanted my high school experience any other way. Any changes I would make would only have to do with the coaching staff for sports but, other than that I really enjoyed High School.
Something I really like about Anaheim High School is that it is so diverse and open. I love that everyone works together in the school to organize student lead events. I also like that students are so school spirited other than at football games. They also support each other in many things such as dance performances and band competitions. As for our administration, I like that they are supportive. They push us to do our best each and every day and try to continuously motivate us to go to college. They also always make efforts to keep us informed about scholarships and new opportunities that benefit us. Our teachers are also very supportive. Many stay after school to help their students out with anything they might be struggling with which is always great.
The programs and organizations at Anaheim High School are very interactive and engaged. The staff at the school go above and beyond to help students succeed academically.
I am a senior in Anaheim High school and I really like the school and the faculty because they are really good at what they do. But I would like to see a change on the food because is not that healthy.
Anaheim High School is a school that has a great diversity of students but tends to lean towards the Latino/Mexican race. It is a school that is quite restricted, but the education of the high class is the best. The schools has a variety of Advanced Placement courses that are offered to all and it is overall a comfortable environment to be in.
I enjoyed being at Anaheim High school because of the academic courses that it provided and the excellent teachers that teach them. I took seven AP classes and each teacher prepared me for their test. Although, what I would like to see change is having more involvement in school. The school clubs should provide more opportunities to partake in activities on the campus for free.
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My experience at anaheim was really great. I was able to be shown that responsibility really fell on me and not others around me, I also had amazing teachers that showed you how you got to where you were and that let you be creative.
Great programs offered to students. 4/5 school. School lunch needs improvement. Teachers are willing to help which is a great feeling to have.
I enjoyed most of my teachers, many of them showed a lot of care for all their students understanding the background in which most of came from and tried their hardest to set them on a successful path.
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