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Anadarko High School Reviews

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Its a really good school, little to no bullying, but the majority of the native American students are racist
Anadarko high has most sports but not all.I would want them to focus on all sports rather than just football and basketball.It is a small school and you know everyone there.
High school for me at Anadarko High School was great! There is a lot of diversity, culture wise, and everyone is treated equal. They have a great athletic program, but if your not into that there are plenty more to choose from. It is a small town, and a small school so everyone there is treated like family.
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My experience at Anadarko High School was very different. You learn alot being in this school. You learn about the struggles of the teachers, you learn how to survive by yourself. What I like about this high school is it's structure about grades, and it's approach on turning a new leaf to be a better school. Thus school has had its ups and downs but it's changing for the better.
My experience at Anadarko High School has been great. The counselors and Principal never let a student feel left out or, let them fall short of the success they are capable of.
I was a straight A student. However, there are limited teachers. Although, I made the grades I did. Classes did not prepare me for college at all. I learned no study habits and was not able to test well on my ACT which set me up for failure when I tried to attain scholarships.
The diversity is the best part of Anadarko High School. The people you get to know are great. It could use a makeover and more parent involvement but overall I love my school.
Anadarko HS is a great school but I would love to see less bullying and fights break out. The teachers are amazing and there are tons of activities to choose from!
I like that the teachers care about you and want to see you succeed. I would like to see change in the students more than anything else. Anadarko can sometimes be a rough environment to grow up in. A lot of the children follow what they grew up around which a lot of times is drugs and alcohol.
Academics at AHS are great! they offer us many different AP classes, and intermediate classes that they think we might want to take. They never give us more work then what they think we cant handle. Popular classes are the college classes they offer us to take who met the correct requirements for them. The scheduling process is very well taking care of. They work hard to put every student in the right classes so they can reach there goal.
At Anadarko High School there staff are very excepting to just about anything. They never judge students who may wish to be the opposite gender, or students who are a different race then they are. They treat us all the same no matter what our believes or our race might be. The students at AHS get involved in the extra curricular activities during school very often for example, aloha week at the beginning of the year, everyday of the week there is a different participation opportunity that students choose to do, and most do participate in these things everyday of that particular week.
Anadarko High School has an abundance of different extracurricular activities that you can take. Black History Club, and Spanish Club are some of my all time favorites. The commitment for those two clubs are to pay your dues by a certain amount of time, and to turn in your money for a club shirt. The administration supports us by allowing us to do different things like field trips, using our lunch period to meet, and to have a lot of different competitions involving things we study about.
Anadarko High School is the best! My overall experience was shaking at first but is ending being almost perfect. If I had the choice to restart, and choose a different school I wouldn't, I would restart but remain here at AHS. Our school works hard to keep our surroundings nice, and safe. My favorite high school memory ever is cheer state freshman year. AHS is unique in every way, from the food to the staff, I wouldn't be more happier graduating anywhere else. I am proud to be a Warrior!!
The teachers here at Anadarko High School are extraordinary. They sometimes use everyday examples during our class lessons to give a better understanding to us children. Communication is very important to them, they ask us how our day is going, they do what they can to pick us up when were down, and they make sure were fed before starting our lessons. Our teachers have all the knowledge they need in there subject to answer any question about that particular subject in there classrooms. They make it fun and easy for us to learn difficult objectives when it's the right time to do so. Most importantly they show us unconditional love that some students don't receive from home.
The school numerous during school activities and clubs.
Most teachers show genuine concern while others are lacking
The school could use some help in protecting students.
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Anadarko High School has will always rock.
Very much enjoyed my time at this high school, would go again.
Teachers range from average to far above the curve
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