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The school at it core is the basic standard of on the average line. At the school your find your run of the mills teachers who are dedicated students and are determine to help you graduate and more forward into that next step in life. The School offered me a large range of of financial assistants for college as well a interning opportunity with groups like the World Bank and 1776 Start up incubator on the east coast.
Anacostia HS is a very good school! Everyone is like family there, the teachers help you and support you through everything. The education is improving, 82 seniors including myself has just graduated June 8th! You won't be disappointed when you go there.
What I like about Anacostia is that I've been there four four years and it's do unique. Some people don't see potential in us but there is a lot, Many students are super smart and talented. My experience at Anacostia is so fun and it helped me come out of my shell. I made a lot of friends each year and became more involved in extra curricular activities, One thing you'll never be is bored at Anacostia. The teachers are really helpful and care about you so much. You basically are like family's at Anacostia, everyone has each other's backs.
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My experience was great I met a lot of great teachers that had an huge impact on my life and I do not think I would of been successful with out those teachers
I've recently graduated the Valedictorian of my class from Anacostia Senior High School. I was a member of the National Honor Society, a tutor, and the captain of the cheer leading team. I also interned at a local elementary school in the Anacostia community, shadowing kindergarten teachers. Although Anacostia isn't one of the strongest Academic wise high schools in Washington D.C. I must say the students and I there made a way to become successful, to graduate, and become prepared for college the most effective way we could. Of course with the help of teachers, administrators, coaches, and so on to help us along the way. Anacostia is stereotyped in numerous of ways. However, the students there or I did not let those "rumors" hinder us from becoming the best that we know we can be. I now attend NCA&T State Univ. majoring in Elementary Education, I want people to know that anything is possible to accomplish despite the negativity that tries to hinder us from accomplishing our goals.
They have the best principals and teachers. The football team is awesome. I am an Alum but I loved my school. Anacostia indians!!!
It has changed over the years . The school is getting more strict. Academics are getting better and teachers are now getting student college ready . The teachers care about the students. So that's good because not all students have parents who care. Anacostia really got better in 2010 when principal Ian Roberts came . He is no longer there but I do know before 2010 it was a lot of fights, violence and drug dealers selling inside the school.
The experience I'm having at Anacostia High School is excellent. The resources I have as a Senior to help me with college applications and scholarships is very useful. I always can go to my counselor, any of my teachers, principal etc. I been attending Anacostia High School since I was a freshmen. When I first came It was so strict because I was a freshmen and their goal was to get me ready for the real world. As a senior I set examples for the lower classes and tell them how I came a long way and work hard to get where I am.
This school is ok it's not all that good because the school is not fair. The school is not fair because you don't get the same opportunity as other people. This school gives you good classes and you are actually learning what you learn at other schools.
Everybody accepts everyone for who they are .
There is a program called JKL (Just Keep Living) And it is a great opportunity for students in each grade to receive community service hours and the only thing they have to do is show up and participate in the activities that take place, such as getting fit or growing vegetables in our garden.
What make this school unique is that every child that is enrolled in this school had the ability to do and be whatever they want in the world.
The teachers try the best they can to help students that want to learn and don't want to learn. They give the same amount of attention to both categories.
Anything can get pass in my school.
We don't have much organizations and extracurricular activities. We have the basics.
My favorite experience was my "Street Law Mock Trial". What makes the school unique is that I can focus. I would choose this school again because at other schools it we very hard for me to remain focus.
I say it's okay because this doesn't apply to all teachers at Anacostia.
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Just focus on your dream, and you'll do just fine in Anacostia and Life in the future. I loved the arts and sports side of Anacostia but the teachers that sacrifice alot of time and patience to teach are the ones that make that school different.
My overall experience at school has been fun and a little bit stressful. I am a freshman and freshmans always end up having a bad time at some point but that point hasn't happened for me yet. This school is unique to me because it have centers we can go to if we need help or tutoring in classes. I think I would've chosen my school because i didn't want to start at a university first because I felt like it was going to be to hard for me and I wasn't going to make it to class but Im doing good here so I might try a 4 year soon.
Every school has its positives and its negatives, which in this case are the students. Most of the students in Anacostia have no desire to learn or to better themselves, and that is a definite problem, because those bad apples and bad seeds begin to infect others and therefore the school develops a bad reputation. This school could be much worse, yet thankfully all we have are a percentage of bad students. We have a well-running facility, new management, and new policies which allow the students who would like to make something of themselves do just that. Not to mention, the teachers and faculty can and will assist you with anything, all you need do is let them know and be willing to put in effort and dedication.
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