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Teachers make sure to let their students know they are there to help, and offer time before or after school to those who need it. Principles and school officer always greet kids and are friendly. Unfortunately, teachers often miss teaching their classes because of day long meetings. Language department is very poor.
AHS has excellent clubs and activities that captivate the student body and fill students with passion and drive to go forward. The teachers and faculty are so supportive and willing to help. I do wish more AP courses were offered and taught a little better in some circumstances. Our school culture is at times nice, but at other times awful. Drinking/drug use is unfortunately pretty common.
The opportunities at Anacortes High School are extremely high. There are multiple ways someone can find their group or clique. I would like the teachers to be more stern with their work because always at the end of the year everyone is cramming that there is not enough time.
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Anacortes High School is a very engaged school community. The school community thrives on not only academics but extra-curricular activities.
I really love the closeness of the community. This school is full of outstanding teachers who will do anything to help you succeed. On the other hand, there are others that seem not to care as much. Overall, I find that you have a better experience the more you get involved. There is little to no diversity in this school so it can make you feel a little isolated from the rest of the world (literally, since it's on an island). In that sense I don't think you are as prepared to go into the real world because here you get used to most people having similar appearances and opinions.
Anacortes High School is a small school in a small town. The teachers and classes are all fun and there are quite a few advanced classes as well as a few classes geared to help slower students. The students are not very diverse- pretty much everyone is white, and there are a lot of rich kids. However, the school doesn't have that many cliques, in fact pretty much everyone is involved in multiple activities and friend groups. For the most part it is actually a very liberal mentality and everyone is pretty nice and accepting. Good special needs program and club scene.
Overall not bad, however it’s a very white based semi-accepting environment. The actual schooling isn’t that bad and there isn’t a certain level of popularity or any such thing.
Anacortes is a fine school. Certainly not the best, but academics is a necessity. For the area, Anacortes definetly has the best drama progam, speaking from experience. Currently, we're in the process of receiving a new building, so the old husk of this one can be demoed for parking
The school is relatively small, so class sizes are very reasonable and the teachers are very well informed and engaging.
My experience at Anacortes High School has been a good one. I have learned a lot and have been, for the most part, interested in most of the class I have taken. Although this is the case, all my teachers I have had the privilege of enjoying as an instructor, have been a great help to my educational journey. They are always there when I need extra help and they are always respectful to me and my fellow classmates. Aside from participating in classes, I have also participated in extra curricular activities that are provided by my school: these are soccer, football, and basketball. By the way, these sports, aside from
Its an okay high school, however there is a lot of drama involved in the school and the student body is very picky and there are a lot of cliques. Everyone here has known each other since they were little, so it's hard to make friends. The academic and sports aspects of the school are pretty good. There are a wide variety of academic programs and sports that are offered at the school, the teachers are also really good too.
For the last three years I have had an overall good experience at Anacortes High School. While the school is not very diverse, it is very accepting of people with different backrounds and identities. It has also been tough because we are going through the construction of a new high school, which, once finished, will replace the one I am currently going to. One of the things I would like to see is more unique clubs that people can join, and overall more school spirit from everyone here. Regardless, my high school life has been pretty great and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Anacortes is a beautiful and wonderful place, with a great school system along with it. My experiences at the school were really great, with a good environment and passionate teachers.
Elementary and middle school is effective. High school provides many good opportunities, the town itself is very nice.
Anacortes high school is a small school with dedicated teachers and staff. The small town and small school environment allow students to learn in a more inclusive setting. There are many different sports and several clubs that allow you to express your self and your passions.
Anacortes High School was an environment that both served my passions and fueled my education. The community of staff and faculty are outstanding, supportive, and a distinguishing part of what makes this high school so great. There is a clear passion for learning in and outside of the classroom, and a plethora of opportunities available for students to pursue their interests. A number of different classes are offered that appeal to a variety of topics and subjects. Students are given the encouragement and education needed in order to achieve their academic and personal goals. Anacortes High School is a place of potential, progression, possibility. It was the perfect setting to discover my interests and establish a foundation for my future endeavors.
Anacortes High School is definitely a place I will never forget. The teachers and staff always have a smile on their face and say hello to every student that walks by. The teachers want their students to succeed and will put in extra effort to help those that need it. In my experience there, I never had one teacher that I did not like. I feel like I learned a lot in my four years there and I am glad to call myself a Seahawk. Anacortes High School offered many activities and classes that other schools surrounding did not offer, and this provided students with the opportunity to explore more areas of subjects and discover new interests that they may not have otherwise found. Anacortes High School will forever be in my memory and I will continue to visit and keep in touch with the teachers who helped me thought my four years there.
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Anacortes High School is a great school. The students and faculty are nice and really help you prepare for college. The building itself is getting run down but they are building a new one. AHS is a AA-sized school and offers a lot of sports and is competitive in its division.
AHS is a great school. The teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed. Although the facilities are dated and sometimes cramped, they just built a new football field and stadium and construction will start on new buildings in late 2016.
The counsellors are very helpful with the scheduling process. They make sure that the Senior class has all of their requirements before finalizing the schedule. The workload depends on the class but for the most part, there isn't much to do on the daily.
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