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Overall, attending Anaconda High School was a good experience. It has good resources for a town its size, and its teacher are simply unforgettably amazing.
I liked the teachers and the size of the school , the classes as well. The teachers always know how to make you feel welcome. The sports were fun, I didn't play but did enjoy going to the games, they were always fun to watch.
My experience at Anaconda High School was very interesting.The pros to this school is the cafeteria food was actually pretty good, most of the staff and teachers are nice, and you can meet new people and mingle with them. Some of the pros are the parking. The parking at the school is ridiculous, there is no actual parking lot for students and staff, there is only angle parking along the school. Also, the teachers could be a bit ridiculous at times. While attending Anaconda High School, I was most likely to encounter that one teacher who made me feel stupid because I wasn't understanding the material. In all honesty, the way that school functions is more or less dysfunctional. I am giving Anaconda High School 4-stars because I mostly had a good experience while attending it. There may have been the days I absolutely dreading going, but I always looked forward to seeing the few good teachers I had, and getting lucky with a good parking spot here and then.
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Our teachers and faculty are amazing and are willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat. I'm glad my school has a college/career readiness program allowing us to get the extra help we need about our figure. We have recently merged with the middle school. We now are 7-12 grade level. That's one thing I'd like to change, to be back as high school 9-12 grade level.
I love the size of the school. It's small enough to where it's easy to get around everywhere and get one-on-one help, but big enough to where there are plenty of opportunities to make friends. You'll get to know everyone in your graduating class and grow pretty close to most of them. The teachers are very concerned about the performance and well-being of the students, and make class a fun and engaging place to be. It was easy for me to get involved in activities like Key Club and I loved volunteering for a school that I enjoyed so much. I feel like I am lucky to have had the opportunity to attend Anaconda High School and take the journey with so many close friends. Even now, I occasionally visit my old teachers and stop in to see how everyone is doing. School really does go by fast, and I'm glad I got to spend that time here.
Great school to attend and learn lots in vocational tracks.
I honestly love many aspects of our school. I enjoy the music department the best however, I feel like that we are unique in that department because in a music class room at Anaconda High School we are just like family and we all accept our differences. When we walk into that class room we leave our differences and problems at the door. I wouldn't choose a different school.
the teachers teach multiple subjects a day and many of the subjects they teach aren't even a part of their major degree from college but a secondary or lesser degree so they don't have much time to focus entirely on one subject to properly teach the students, there is a lot of self study involved
preparing students for college has only been put to practice this last school year, before that the students were left to their own devices if they wished to go to a college or university, many students were instead encouraged to attend the trade school Job Corps just outside of town because it was easier than helping the students apply to college
there are not many sports to chose from and the athletes are favored by the staff because they are what bring in funds to the school, it is widely known that if an athlete does better to win then the school gets more funding so it is encouraged that they be excused from academic obligations such as testing if they should win and if they don't then they have to find time of their own to complete these academic obligations, the athletes are acknowledged as the only students going to a good college because they get the scholarships to go.
many teachers do the bare minimum and have little control over their classrooms, but the teachers that do a great job are also the ones state and nationally acknowledged for their excellent teaching skills, Ms.Mac for example is an excellent science teacher and she is very engaging and knowledgeable of her subject.
administration has a lot of flaws but in the areas that they accel it makes up for their flaws, Mr.Furthmyer, the Principal, has a large heart in regards to his students and he offers a helping hand when he knows a student is struggling.
the students that did accept an outsider as one of their own are the most loyal and lifelong friends that a person could ever meet
The only extracurricular options available are sports and even then the sports are very limited, there are maybe three club type organizations and only for students on the honor roll, no form of academic club is available, all focus is put towards sports.
Generally the bullying is terrible but any fights are broken up fairly quickly although the decision of discipline is based on who the students are, underage smoking is rampant and very few have ever tried to do anything about it, racism is so common that no one bats an eye to it when they see or hear it, it is common for students to come to school intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or to become so during school hours.
This is a good school with friendly staff.
The academics are very good here.
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The staff is very friendly and care very much about their students.
We have three clubs at our school: HOSA, Key Club and Close Up. These are the outside school activities and clubs that we have.
Small town and limited on what the school can provide for sports and academics. No after school activities. Barley any outside of school help such as tutors.
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