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Anacoco High School is a very good school to attend in order to be prepared for college. The school helps very well in helping its students develop great studying habits, morals, and even helps to build a student's character. The teachers put their everything into their work and make sure that their students are all taken care of exactly as they need. Although the student body is not very diverse in many different aspects, each and every one of the students learn to know each other and tend to get along with each other rather well. Anacoco High has personally impacted my life better than I think other schools in the area may have done for me.
Anacoco High School is very focused on academics and athletics. The teachers here push students to do their best in everything. The science classes here go above and beyond; preparing students for college and teaching in depth in every subject.
Anacoco is a nice school if you're interested in academics rather than sports. This school does not have many options for sports scholarships, as we do not have football, dance line, color guard, band, etc. The academics are amazing and this school definitely prepares you for college work.
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Anacoco is an excellent school to prepare you for college. It is small so you have the opportunity to create relationships with your teachers and coaches. This makes it easier to learn because they know what it is you need and help you with whatever it is.
Anacoco is a very driven and motivated school that is conti ually driving you harder to do the best you can do. Teachers are great and do a terrific job in teaching and helping the student learn. Sports are way more competitive than other schools and every sport has very dedicated and well informed coaches.
With the schools strict rules and constant overly intense strive for perfection I end up feeling anxiety over everything from, whether or not I'm wearing the right clothes (I.e. Belt, Student ID, Tucked in shirt, etc.) to the smallest of homework assignments, this now has driven me to staying up late into the night trying to make sure everything is done
Anacoco High School trys hard at teaching the student that walk through the doors to excel and apply themselves. Most of the teachers here care about the students well rounded education while others help care for the students in terms of encouragement and inspiration. The athletic programs here are about the greatest you can receive in a Class B school.
The safety of this school has gotten better over the years but there is no advance security systems or measures being taken. In the last two years students and staff have been required to wear an ID tags and we have a small security camera system. That is the only protection the school has. And we were told the ID's were only there to identity our bodies in the event of an emergency. The school is so small and everyone knows everyone so ID's are pointless. Anyone could walk through the front doors of the school and have access to anything and anyone. Thankfully the school is in a safe area so no one is really worried about anything happening. In my opinion, anything could happen at any moment so it is better to be prepared.
i was involved in nine different clubs and organizations after school. These extracurricular activities helped me grow as a person and developed me into the leader I am today.
This school was very challenging and I probably would have had more fun and better grades attending a different school. With that being said, Anacoco High School did give me a high quality education which has helped me in college tremendously. I see students struggling in college that went to schools near by because they did not gain the necessary knowledge in primary school. Even though I struggled my way through school with the strict rules and high standards for education, I know it has and will help me in the long run.
The teachers who teach at Anacoco have been here for years and have their own curriculum down to an art. They do not normally invite new ideas but do teach quality information.
If you don't play sports or have the right last name, you are just another student.
Dress Code was extremely enforced.
Physical Education was a good class that made me lose weight and built muscle.
The teachers at this were amazing at teaching us the materials in a way that stuck.
There were only a few extracurricular activities that you could participate in. We had FCAS, 4-H, NHS, and Teen Leader.
Most of the food is decent, and I even find myself looking forward to it. There are just one or two meals I don't care for, but all of the meals are spread out so I don't even get these often. Also, our school always has two choices for each meal, so if you don't like one, you can get the other.
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All of the teachers and the vice principal are great. Every one says that the principal is super strict, but I personally have never had a conflict with her on anything. One person we all have a little trouble with is the counselor. She is very sweet, but she has a problem of discouraging students of doing certain things if it means that it will be too much work for her.
When there is a game day, especially against our rival, we sometimes hold bonfires or some kind of pre-game activity to get everyone pumped up. There is extreme school pride. When there isn't a game day, the school still has to stay open for a while because there is always some kind of club meeting or ball practice or something going on. We are all very involved in the school.
The resources and facilities are good enough.
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