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The factual information offered on websites about the school is misleading. Currently the entire school, grades 7-12, has a total of 25 students.
The teachers and staff were amazing and helpful, however, the lack of AP classes was damaging when going into college because other students who went to public schools already came in with college credits. The school trips were a great way to have hands on learning as well as the three-day immersion program between first and second quarter. The addition of "breakfast club" was interesting and allowed for students to make more connect with the outside world. Overall, there were few lacking experiences which were made up for by real world experiences.
The school goes by block schedule, so we only have three classes a day and one elective. It makes the workload much easier. We have the headmaster as a teacher which is interesting. Many of the teachers are very friendly and it makes it much easier to communicate with them.
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There are times where I do not enjoy the school, but overall the staff and people really do make school very fun.
We are allowed to leave the campus which is very close to downtown so we have a variety of food options. We also have a kitchen so we are able to cook any food we bring from home.
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