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An Achievable Dream Middle/High School Reviews

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My experience at An Achievable Middle/High School has been good, because from middle school to Highschool they teach you very good skills about when having an job interview . To applying for college and have good equitte skills. I would like to change the food that is being served and how some teachers and administrators express themselves to students.
The idea behind the school is solid, however, the goals that they have are not achieved because nothing is ever executed properly. On the positive side, it is very family oriented and you always feel like you are a part of something.
An achievable dream is a small school that is dedicated to making sure that their students grow up to be colleg, carrer, and citizen ready.
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I enjoyed all of the opportunities I was given such as participating in STEM based challenges and college experiences.
I personally didn't like it here. The staff are so rude, and when I was at the Academy, No one helped when I was bullied. EVEN MY 3RD GRADE TEACHER BULLIED ME!! The staff wouldn't do anything about it, and the kids were never punished. To me, This school isn't for me. I'd rather go to Gildersleve Middle School, and if I was in Elementary school, go back to Deer Park. On this site, Deer Park is rated A, Gildersleve is rated B+, and AADA is rated C. And I wonder why...
Achievable Dream is a great school and learning program. The teachers are great and are very helpful. I wouldnt change anything about the school except for the uniform policy.
An achievable dream middle and high school is not as good as it seems. Theyou do not tread their students well. Some of the staff are very rude, and disrespectful. They're hours are the worst. A lot of us have to wake up at 6am get on the bus at 7 and go to school for eight hours. Then when we get out of school we have a 45 to an hour bus ride. And even though we are at school all day, the teachers still give us a lot of homework. This can be very stressful especially for kids joining extra curricular activities. We have no time to relax and spend time with our families. The school's food is pretty good actuallyrics it's not bad. But the way they treat us is just too much. If you're planning to attend this school, try it at your own risk. But if you dont like long hours, no field trips, and disrespect, do not come.
I feel as if my experience with An Achievable Dream High school is a great opportunity for us to seek opportunities to evolve as a student by going to college. The teachers and administrators make sure we walk out of this school successful and ready for the real world. They make sure we walk across the stage on time and with an advance diploma.
They seem to have something for everyone.
They are positive influence on the students.
We relocated to attend this school. I wish we learned of this opportunity earlier.
They seem to accommodation each student's ability and desire. I absolutely love how catering they are to every family.
we have none. I as vice president have tried to bring in more but it never works.
I love the school and the main idea the school has for all the students, but they should really have more activities.
I love all my teachers, even the ones I don't have for that school year. They are amazing.
Dress code is very focused on at this school. The principle is fairly involved and so is the staff. Bullying is not tolerated in this school nor is it prevelant.
I wish they would give us more options, and sometimes the kids get sick from the food. One time I found a LONG strand of hair in my sandwich.
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Most of my high school teachers care dearly for their students and our work. They even offer to help us for college.
I occansionally see a officer walk about the halls here and there, questioning the students on why they aren't in class. When there is a fight, the officers are there in a flash, quickly breaking up the fight. I dont see any bullies in this school.
Your allowed to check out technology like laptops for school, like purposes. However, you'll need permission from the principle.
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