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AMY Northwest Middle School Reviews

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The teachers and principal at this school are not effective leaders. They don't effectively deals with bullying. They are bullies themselves. The staff at this school don't lead by examples and display strong character like integrity, compassion and respect for another. This school abuses their authority falsely. So how can any of the students learn any different. Sad truth~~more than half the student body display the same characteristic as the one who is leading them. This school is the worst!!! This school don't even effectively supports the students with learning differences. The mock and enable students causing a student distress. No support at all. THE WORST!!!
I think Amy Northwest is an excellent school. It is very academic. Plus the students don't fight a lot in this school.
The basic academics are available
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We had a school nurse that was there daily, we also had our school cop that would walk around and monitor the building
At this schoo there was the first in math club that would go to competitions
When I attended the school we had a lot of activities and trips I enjoyed them
The teachers at this school when I attended were very knowledgeable they put in a lot of effort to helping us understand what was going on in the classroom.
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