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Amy Biehl Charter High School Reviews

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Amy Biehl is a collage prep school, the enviorment is great I feel very safe inside of the school because of the lovley staff and friendly peers. Here in Amy beihl there is noviolence, no fights. We serve our community once a month.
Amy Biehl's entire curriculum was based on social justice and the significance of our roles in a community. As a student, you are expected to participate in over 100 hours of community service at non-profit organizations of your choice by the time of graduation. The values of social justice Amy Biehl upholds reflect on the curriculum in the humanities/ languages arts based courses at the school. If you find yourself interested in activism and the study of social issues, I would recommend enrolling at ABHS.
Very supportive teachers, and great learning subjects. They teach us things we will need later in life, and subjects that intrigue us. The whole school is community and college based as well.
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Attending Amy Biehl High School was probably the best decision. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that attending has given to me. However, this school is not for students who are not ready to be challenged. The coursework is heavy and often extensive, Amy Biehl High School expects the best out of their students. The thing that I have appreciated the most is the community of the school. The school is really small, our graduating class this year has only 67 seniors. It's like a giant family, everyone knows everyone. It's amazing, I've made some lifelong friends. If you are looking for the traditional high school experience, Amy Biehl High School is probably not the school for you.
The school is challenging and interesting. I personally have enjoyed my experience here. The focus on social justice issues and connecting history through things happening. A very liberal school, though they accept everyone's views and opinions.
The school takes a different approach on academics which challenges students and allows them to gain a different perspective than a text book would provide. Amy Biehl is great a college prep. Beginning with the college grading scale which encourages students to maintain grades above a 75%, and there are plenty of resources for those who struggle to meet this scale. In their senior year, students take two college classes and complete 100 community service hours at a local organization of their choice. Through their four years, students participate in community service monthly which allows them to make connections with citizens within their community and be involved. The school's culture is different from any student culture found in an APS school. There is little-to-no need for correctional action. Students get along and are respectful to the building, staff, and downtown area. Overall, this is an amazing school which provides students a fulling and unique high school experience.
We have a man named Richard and he mostly takes care of these kinds of things. He is also awesome.
We have Saturday school. That seems to help. Also all students can see a teacher if they are having trouble with something.
It's not great. But the school manages.
It's nice to go here. Anywhere else I think I wouldn't be as prepared for when going to scowl legs. This school helps me with this.
This school teaches ideas of acceptance and love ranging from John Locke to the views of Ghandi. We are pushed to do our very best everyday with no less than a C and always keep in heart and mind the legacy of upstanders Amy Beihl
I found this school to be wonderful, the work was constantly preparing you for college work and life. What makes this school so unique would be its sense of community and how it teaches student the importance of helping your community.
This school is unique because everyone is pushed to do their best, as well as given the opportunity to be the best person they can be. I would choose this school over again because not only did I gain insight into the person I wanted to be but also found my passion for engineering and was able to further my love with the opportunities for internships and camps that were available to me. During my four years, I was able to find myself and also serve in my community and change the lives of others through my actions.
The school's foundation is set upon serving the common good, respect for others and yourself, as well as integrity. The school's security system is close to non-existent, not because it's an under-funded charter school, but because students and staff are allowed to feel free and comfortable in their environment. If a heavy security system were to be installed, it would make the school feel more like an institution, rather than a community. The lack of security and enforcing ideals and moral values is absolutely effective.
The food options are very poor. The ranch for salad is sometimes lumpy, the pizza soggy, and the black bean and cheese burritos taste like sweat. There isn't variety for vegetarians, which are pretty prevalent at Amy Biehl. Just about every day, a cold peanut butter and jelly is served on hamburger buns. Even if the meal plan for the day is frito pie or tacos, the vegetarians still get p b and j, when black beans could be easily heated up and served as a substitute to the meat.
The staff and social workers at the school provide tremendous support for parents and students. They truly care and are curious about the status of the students emotionally, physically, mentally, and academically. The staff will go out of their way to attend a student's family meeting, and to keep in contact with the student and their parents. The school and staff approach discipline differently than other traditional schools. They have more empathy and compassion for students, and because of this tight knit community and the relationships that have been formed between the students and teachers, the school will have family meetings and conversations with the parents and students many times before the students get severely punished (Expulsion, suspension, dropping out, or repeating a year).
Amy Biehl, as a charter school's primary focus for the student body is on civic engagement (community service), and college prep. The school is comprised of about 300 students, located in downtown Albuquerque. There are athletic sports available, such as basketball, soccer, rugby, and volleyball. The school doesn't have a gym or any fields, however, they utilize community parks and gyms for these sports. The school also provides extracurricular activities in school, such as dance, yoga, fitness, and kung fu.
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The teachers and overall staff of the school are extremely supportive with students' academic, as well as social lives. Not only are they available at just about any time, they go out of their way to ensure that students are on track for graduation, and make time to talk with students one on one. As far as teaching styles, they are constantly progressing with their methods, and attempt to adapt to students' learning styles. They create projects and assignments that are relatable, making connections to the self, as well as the world. The Humanities curriculum involves the blending of Language arts and English, with History and world issues. This has allowed me, and other students, to make connections within my academic work, think critically and thoughtfully, and truly learn far more than if I were to have taken classes like that separately.
Community service for all grades is mandatory.
I feel that we have a lot of freedom in expressing ourselves through appearances and attitudes, to a certain degree. Since our school is located in Downtown ABQ, we are surrounded by a bunch of professional bussinesses, especially the government officials. We are expected to represent the school whenever we are off campus doing our own business.
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