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AS a parent point of view, I like how they was hands on with my daughter.The help was always there.They need to have more homework and study groups.
I graduate in 2014. One of my best experience was when our school went viral, due to a YouTube video that the whole school did.
Its called Amundsen High School - Happy.
It is very diverse, the staff is super friendly. The teachers they are always ready to help you. Whenever you need extra help, they will put time aside for you.
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The school is an amazing school all-around. We have such a lovely principal who cares about her kids. The teachers are almost always there for the students, in the case that they have an emergency they wouldn't be. Not even being there for them educationally, but the teachers AND staff usually check up on the kids. The school is very clean, with absolutely no hazardous dangers. BONUS: Very diverse. You WILL be guaranteed to learn about another culture from other students.
Amundsen is a very diverse place! There are people from all walks of life and interacting with these different people makes you more culturally sensitive and conscious. There are a plethora of classes, clubs, and programs you can do to and join to prepare you for college or to match your interest. The faculty and the administration are super helpful and cooperative with students and suggestions. It is a great school.
Amundsen has really improved in terms of academics, sports, and teacher quality. I think it is the best non-selective high school in the Chicago north side
Amundsen high school always work hard to give student good opportunity to learning. This year, Amundsen High school become the first neighbor school get level 1+ of CPS. With a lot of good teacher, students have great opportunity to study. Amundsen High school also have a lot of helping program like trio, one goal, Gear up for student who want to go to college.
Amundsen High School is the first neighborhood CPS high school become 1+ school. Our teacher really have passion with the students. Everyone in school always happy to help student to be success.
As currently enrolled as an Amundsen High school senior, Amundsen High School is a stand-out choice among all neighborhood high schools in Chicago for many reasons, including
- Top performing & competitive IB program
- Thriving athletic programs

Amundsen High School students adopt a school-wide value system, The Viking Way, which fosters development of Accountable, Honorable, and Scholarly students
I started and will be finishing my high school career at Amundsen High School and I believe that it is on a steep incline to becoming a top school in the city of Chicago.
Would be a bit better to see a more student run program and study hall. I transferred from a military school and surprisingly the academics at this school is actually better and more structured an what i left from. we have math lab and tutoring throughout the day and can get access to teacher assistance before or after school. I really immersed myself into programs like TRIO and ONE GOAL, which help to prepare students for college and after that. Students also can join any program or club without prejudice which is good since the school is majority Hispanic and Caucasian. People can't say that it is restricted as well because i commute from the south side to the north side every day and still perform well.
When I came here as a freshman, the school was very large for me and I quite often got lost. I joined volleyball my freshmen year and met lots of great people. I came to this school not knowing anyone and joining a sport was the first way to start getting to know people. From my previous teachers, some tend to seem as if they are lost and confused on something they should have a major in. They lack teaching skills, but give a lot of written assignments we can't quite do too much with since the ones who are supposed to be teaching us, are confused as well. As far as food goes, stick with vending machine. Lunchroom food is horrible. Meat is usually never cooked thoroughly. The school is overall clean and tidy. Nonetheless, this school offers a lot of resources like tutoring during your lunch period, or even after school. Programs such as trio, college possible help students become college ready.
I love it how all the teachers will try their best to help you succeed even when there is times where some people lack
I believe we should get every Wednesday off and not just once a month. I really like some of my teachers but mainly they're all rude and don't really care.
I am a senior at Amundsen high school. I transferred to Amundsen my sophomore year. Meeting new people for me was a big problem because I had my fears. I was at another high school my freshmen year and I had a horrible experience. Coming to Amundsen I felt like they are so much more open to students with different background and very very supportive! Amundsen isn’t is very large school yet not too small either. We are at the middle. However we are like families!! 💖
I love how the teachers and counselors are willing to help out any student in the building when they needed. Securities are putting their duty above all in order to keep the students and teachers in a safety position. Lunchtime is decent since students can borrow some game boards to play while enjoying their food. Since there are some parts of the building were remodeling, it makes students feel better and safer. Also, there was some police officers walking around the building, which has makes the building totally safe.
There is nothing much that I would like to change about my school. What I would like to see changes in my school is the way that teachers will be a little stronger and stand up for weaker students and also their respect that they should have from all of the students.
What I like about Amundsen High School is that the teachers and staff care about their students and want to see them succeed.
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I had an amazing four years in Amundsen. I learned how to balance my school life with sports and my personal life. The staff in the school helped me grow as a person and showed me what being responsible looks like. The counselors are always there for the students if they ever have a problem. It doesn't matter if it's school related or a personal issue, they always are there for the students. The teachers care immensely about the students' education. They put a great effort into their lessons, in order for everyone to be able to understand the content. Amundsen is a second home to me, I know that I can count on the staff to be there for me if I ever need them. I do not regret choosing Amundsen as my high school.
My academic career in Amundsen High School as been great so far. Amundsen High School is a diverse school, where there are students from all types of background. This is a great school that has invested a lot of money into it's institution so that the kids can feel comfortable and have successful classes that will enable to succeed in school. Amundsen also have wonderful teachers that really care about the students and they want to see the students succeed in life. Amundsen has variety of extra curricular activities that students could partake of. From athletic teams to student adventure club, Amundsen has numerous clubs that many students will enjoy. As a senior who is about to graduate from Amundsen High School, I really appreciate every moments I had in Amundsen High School.
I liked all the different clubs and activities that were available to participate in. I also appreciate how a lot of the teacher truly care about you as an individual and actually take the time to get to know you personally. This is also true for a lot of the staff here at Amundsen
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