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Over the years our school has done so well academically. We've become one of the +1 schools out of 14 in Chicago, and we're a neighborhood school. Our school got a new principal 4 years ago who changed our school for the better. Her hard work has been shown with all the amazing progress our school now shows.
I would say it needs to change all around except maybe for a few passionate teachers. .
I transferred into Amundsen High school from Chicago Math and Science Academy because of the opportunities I could be exposed to. Moving to Amundsen might have been the best choice I have made for my future. Upon admission to Amundsen I quickly joined the most rigorous program offered: the IB program. The school prides itself in college preparedness through this program. The school has become more diverse throughout my 4 years there and I believe under the leadership of Mrs. P. That things are looking pretty good. I was also able to become a 3 sport athlete with the amount of sports offered as well as clubs such as NHS and SAC. The only thing I would improve about Amundsen is more investments in the IB student population. Being an IB student, I would appreciate more seminars to get more works done and proper guidance through these time-consuming assignments.
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What I like about Amundsen High School is how well it has improved and academically the standards were being pushed to the highest they can reach. The school feels safe, and the teachers are very understanding as well as professional.
I love the environment and how personal it is there. We have some great sports teams and so many opportunities for anyone who’s looking.
I like the fact that Amundsen is very diverse and very helpful when it comes to work and assignments and very helpful with college .
My experience at Amundsen was very good. I had a really good time and met life long friends. The studies are challenging which helps us to stay on track but some of the teachers could care less. Many of them either sit on their phones or just give us a worksheet then go about personal business. Other than the staff Amundsen is a very good school and highly recommended.
What I liked about Amundsen High School is that they have all the tools I need in order to try my best in school. Also, if I needed any help or if I had any questions, I could always ask my teachers or my counselor for help.
I study at Amundsen High school, currently I’m a senior in the IB Diploma Program. I like that our school is very diverse and we all learn from one another. Everyone gets along very well and our teachers do their best to prepare us for college. Within the IB program I have been stressed before and I now know what it will feel like in college, but thanks to my high school I will be ready to take on college. I always feel safe within my school and its surroundings. I never feel out of place and I’ve found many great friends at Amundsen. The staff is very understanding and kind and always check up on us.
I like this school because the staff and administration are amazing. I'm always looking forward to going to school, and I know that I can trust my school because I feel safe. One thing they could improve on is scheduling to communicate with the dean because my experience was poorly.
I love the diversity that Amundsen has and how you can find almost any nationality at our school. And the fact that the school gives students so many opportunities to be involved, such as clubs and sports, really are the reasons why Amundsen is at a level 1+ rating. Amundsen has shown me that they care about their students and that they want the students to leave high school as strong men and women.
I like that they have the options of dual credit classes, which not only gives college credit that saves you money, but also has dedicated teachers to help the students thrive. There are a few classes where the teacher has hardly any control of his/her classroom, which makes for an unpleasant experience for students who takes an interest to the class (psychology for example).
Amundsen high school is filled with resources for students. There are programs like after school tutoring, college readiness programs and sat prep. I know my teachers are always there for me and I can talk to them whenever I need to. I know I am supported in this school.
I love how culturally diverse Amundsen High School is. They do not only have in students from all around the world, but the cultures are presented and respected in events and everyday classes. You learn from the teacher provided material but you also learn from one another for personal experience of your classmates and guest speakers which I think is much more valuable than anything you can read. The school is quite small so you are not just a number in an enormous school. Teachers really know you and concentrate on pushing you to do your best. There are many engaging projects that teachers do with the students some of my favorites were the freshman huger walk and the junior dye running for a cause. I really recommend being in the offered International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme because of it the first year of college was not such a jump.
Amundsen is a great school that gives a lot of support and has the determination to see their students graduate.
Amundsen high school is highly diverse and the faculty is very supportive of their students in every way possible.
AS a parent point of view, I like how they was hands on with my daughter.The help was always there.They need to have more homework and study groups.
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I graduate in 2014. One of my best experience was when our school went viral, due to a YouTube video that the whole school did.
Its called Amundsen High School - Happy.
It is very diverse, the staff is super friendly. The teachers they are always ready to help you. Whenever you need extra help, they will put time aside for you.
The school is an amazing school all-around. We have such a lovely principal who cares about her kids. The teachers are almost always there for the students, in the case that they have an emergency they wouldn't be. Not even being there for them educationally, but the teachers AND staff usually check up on the kids. The school is very clean, with absolutely no hazardous dangers. BONUS: Very diverse. You WILL be guaranteed to learn about another culture from other students.
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