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I am nit overall impressed by the teachers and staff here but I love the boces opportunity provided here.
As a student many rights have been stripped from us due to only a few people deciding to not obbide by the rules. I find this unfair to people that do follow the rules and don't get the things they deserve for working hard and continuing to do well. They and so do random pat downs on children.
my experience at Amsterdam high school was very pleasant. It's a school filled with many great students and teachers that are looking out for what's best for you. what I like most about my high school is that it was a place that is very welcoming and doesn't exclude anyone. There is nothing I think is wrong with the school or that I think needs to be changed.
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Amsterdam High School was an overall okay school itself. The teachers are willing and ready to help. There is not anything special. Its your basic public high school.
The workload for some classes are ridiculous. Teachers have to understand that kids have homework for other classes and also participate in clubs and/or sports and may not have a lot of time to get the work done. Some kids also have jobs to juggle with their schedule and some teachers need to give reasonable amounts of work.
A lot of peer pressure happens in this school and about 99.99% of it is negative. There are some problems between kids of ethnic/racial diversity and/or sexual orientation, but the majority of the students don' really care as much. If one Hispanic kid did something to a white kid, some racial slurs would be thrown around between the two.
The most popular options is sports. The sports have the most support from the administration and are also the highlight of after-school activities. Many kids are committed to joining a sport rather than the other clubs offered at the school. Any club that does not have to do with sports are less popular and have less support from administration.
It is basically split 50/50 between the teachers; some teachers do the bare minimum while the others go above and beyond. Most of my teachers my senior year have teaching styles that are very helpful and allow for me to have a greater understanding of the course.
The school has several security cameras, but I don't think they are monitored. Students can usually walk right outside a side door and leave the building without getting in any trouble or stopped. There have been a lot of fights recently and I believe they would be prevented if the hall monitors did their jobs properly. The majority of the hall monitors are friends with the students that create trouble and often do not turn them in. I think the doors are all locked fro the outside, so it hard to get in from the outside, but none of the doors are locked from the inside, so it is relatively easy to let someone into the building.
I have had days where I thought my school was the best school ever, and other days I just wanted to leave. My favorite experience is to meet other kids who are just like me and who have common interests with me. I am able to hang out with them and have fun without caring what any other student thought. I would probably choose this school again if I could do it all over again and change the negative experiences I have had. Although these experiences helped create who I am, some of them should really be changed.
Some of the teachers are very helpful and will do anything to help their students out. These teachers show an interest in every single one of their students and are easy to talk to. They are consistent with their grading and are available almost all the time to help the students in need. Other teachers don't care as much for all of their students. These teachers often play favoritism with their students instead of being fair. They also aren't consistent in grading and their communication skills only work for those they favor.
Through out my experience in high school it has been ok but a few things need to be changed in order for a better experience
Our school is strict on some things
We have a good school and pretty decent facilites
I love sports and they help keep everyone involved
High school is nothing like college.
Teachers are great people in Amsterdam high school
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Theirs always something to do around your schedule
Only one class showed me how homework and test will be like in college
The faculty is usually very involved in what goes on around the school with the teachers and the students. The dress code is not strict at all. Girls walk in with bras and booty shorts and guys sag their pants almost to the floor. There is also a good amount of bullying but ,when seen by faculty, gets shut down immediately. The counselors are highly respected and help the students with all kinds of problems. A lot of kids skip class. When you go to the bathroom, all you see is dozens of kids roaming the halls.
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