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a diverse safe learning environment. Teachers and students are extremely down to earth. Something I would want to see change is the social hierarchy in certain academic groups.
I've had a good time at this school for the past three years. There are memories from this time at school I will never forget. The teachers are overall great, do their job and are open to talking and helping students. The security and faculty are quite average compared to other schools, basically more of the same you could epxect. There is a large diversity here in students and resources are available from computers to books to peers.
What I like about Amphi is all the opportunities offered for college readiness and career exploration. In addition, the teachers and staff show care and consideration towards the student and really empower the students and push them to their full potential.
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I've been at Amphitheater High School for 2 years, this year being my third. I have never expected to find myself being this organized and being in advanced classes but the staff at Amphitheater High School have helped me to find my potential. The staff here is so sweet and caring, they're serious when they need to be but they're overall great people. I'm glad I have been given the chance to have spent my high school experience at Amphitheater High School.
The school itself is pretty nice, there are several teacher out there who do try their best for their students and want them to succeed. The downsides include the communication between students and counselors who seem to rush scheduled appointments and not mention important information such as seal of excellence requirements until it is too late for students to participate
It was a good school, the activities were good. I learned a lot and I feel ready ready for college. They offered cambridge classes which they really prepared me for college because of how fast pace the classes were. The teachers were good they really knew what they were doing. Overall I gained a great experience and a lot of knowledge.
Never thought I’d graduate, but when I was failing I was assigned to classes where they could help me graduate on time. Was given those classes teachers always helped me and were always there for me. I am glad that I took those courses to graduate.
I just graduated from here, Class of 2018 and honestly I had the best 4 years of life here. The culture of Amphi is special there always people willing to help in anyway.
What I liked about amphi high was that It provided a program called Jted. Jted really changed my life in the way that I am a licensed nursing assistant . I am truly great full that amphi let me know about this amazing program.
Amphi High School is a pretty average school. They need to put better funding into their fine arts. I would also like to see them teach about vocational school, certification programs and military enlistment. College or four year universities are NOT students only options to landing careers.
I like that our school has a lot of diversity. You can meet anyone and become friends. We also have great teachers who help each students learn what they need. We also have a variety of clubs and sports for everyone to be involved in. My personal favorite is FFA, this lets students learn beyond agriculture.
My experience at Amphitheater High school has been a blast. The Administrators created great events and made my years special. In the near future, I hope the school lunches develop by including more fruits and vegetables for healthier students.
Amphitheater High school is a great school with diversity and dedicated teachers. The amphi community is very caring and makes sure everyone is comfortable and safe. They have very good teachers who love their job and make it fun and interesting to learn each day. Teachers try really hard to help students one on one when they need help. They all are happy to help one another.
Being a panther for 4 years have taught me a lot of interesting thing over the years. The school in whole is an amazing place and a great place for education. Highly recommended!!
every thing about this place is awesome. they have good programs like Cambridge and avid. I had an amazing 4 years here. When I started in the Cambridge program it was ok, but as I took the first exams I realized these exams were really difficult and I wondered if this program was really for me. I wanted to switch to regular classes because it would have been really easy to pass my classes but the Cambridge program challenges you to push yourself. That program along with AVID works hand in hand and it helps you manage your time because there is no time to waste. If you pass all 7 exams you get to graduate High school in 2 years instead of 4.
Amphitheater High School is a very good school. They put together different fun activities. Student Council puts together spirit weeks and it gets students to participate and show there school spirit. They do various fundraising for sports programs. Counselors are very involved with the senior class and helping students get ready for college. Many college workshop are put together to help us with college applications.
I like the support and offered assistance I got from my teachers and administration. Most of the teachers jumped to help me at any time when needed it and the counselors sounded very interested and caring about my education and desire to go to college. Everybody supports everybody and that is what makes Amphi so great. I do not think anything necessarily needs to be improved dramatically. Besides the sports, which can have their moments, the school in my opinion, is a pretty solid school. It has the AVID program which is a program designed to help students attend college. It has helped me tremendously with getting everything I need for college done such as FAFSA and applying for colleges and scholarships,etc. Amphi also offers the Cambridge program which offers rigorous classes that help prepare the student for college.
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It’s an alright school . There are many diverse people at the school which is a good thing and many people accept one another . There are some problems with the teachers as they play Favorites but overall I feel like I’m getting a pretty well education tho sometimes I feel like I don’t get all the opportunities that I could as if I went to another school
My experience with Amphitheater High School has been great. My teachers support me while also pushing me to do my best. I am more realistic about my future and I love the variety of science classes they offer. I am also involved in many clubs and feel connected to my community. However, I wish the school would employ more janitors because they are very short staffed. Also have Thursdays as our early out days again.
My experience at Amphitheater High School has molded me into the mature young adult that will be entering the real world when I graduate. I've been prepared for life after high school through the clubs offered and through the guidance and support of the teachers and staff around me. The education and support I've received here has been the best though out all the years I've been in school. If there was something id like to see changed it would be to have more parents involved in more activities and for more students to be involved in clubs.
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