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Amos P. Godby High School Reviews

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I transferred to this school at the start of my senior year and the school itself is fine but the administration is terrible. While inputting my transcript they made several mistakes that I myself had to point out and that have still not been fixed yet. The school is unorganized and the staff workers are rude... I regret coming to this school.
Amos P. Godby is the best high school I ever been to. This school teaches you how to be respectful, responsible, well-mannerd, and etc. Amos P. Godby is the right high school to go to in Tallahassee, Fl.
My first year at Godby was a blast! The teachers were really nice and the students were just like students, having fun with so much energy towards their celebrations and football teams. Godby, I believe is the smalled public highschool in leon county? With that, it's easy to get to know your teachers and counselors better. The teachers know EVERYONE. And it's the best thing a student can have, the teachers are so supportive of their students and they help them to the best of their ability. It's a really nice school, I really would like to see more student enrolled. As a senior this year, I can ensure that every new student will have a good time studying at this school whether it's in academics, or games, to pep rallies and homecoming.
The only thing I can say that I see may need fixing with the school is more activities with the with students.
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I love godby soo much I am glad to be a cougar 2017 class. It’s a blessing to go there for 4 years what needs to be change is longer lunch period or the kids it will help them stop skipping school and class just to eat off campus.
I was transferred to Godby my 10th grade year. Out of the two years that I have been there, I have had good times. My academics have gotten better since they were at my old school. I’ve gotten involved more with the school spirit and joined teams.
I enjoyed the festivity that occurred at godby. The principal is a very kind person and would always engage with the students. The teachers are also a great help and can be very amusing when they feel like it.
I loved Godby, & many ways it changed my life and the way I view life . Godby will forever hold a spot in my heart from administration, janitors everybody was like one big happy family
Great school and had great experience while being there for my 4 years of high school. Teaching staff truly care about any and every student that comes into there class
I was a student at godby for 4 years and I enjoyed every bit of it. There are so many different things to do from robotics , nursing , welding, etc.
Amos P. Godby High School is one of the best High Schools. It is very diverse due to the ESOL program they have available. You definitely learn to become independent by developing your soft skills, networking skills, and overall out of your comfort zone. Teachers are caring and are always available when help is needed. Godby has so many different clubs and organizations, the school is definitely involved with so many activities. The activities vary from academics to sports to hobbies. So many opportunities are available on Godby’s campus. This High School is great for those who are majoring in the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. There are amazing professors, laboratories, and simulators available for students to use and learn from. The only thing I would change would be the school’s food. Students do not get their proper nutrition and energy with the foods served.
I love Godby so much! It was a big change coming from a smaller school but the students and faculty made me feel welcomed. The teachers really show that they are interested in the children's education. Also, the gudiance counselors are amazing. They will always be there for you if you need them. (Great support system) So, I encourage other to come to this school and to become a MIGHTY COUGAR!!!
The staff was friendly and helpful concerning academic related questions and college search efforts. The cost to send transcripts to numerous colleges was waived by the school.
What I loved about Godby was the programs. Also I could change somethings like the time given for lunch.
I like the school system and the culture. The administration is very helpfull. The students are really friendly.
Godby highschool has prepared me for the real world socially although its not the best academically but there are some REALLY good teachers
Not a bad school. It could be better. You have teachers that actually care about you and then you have some that don't. Guidance counselors are great they do more than enough to make sure you graduate and be successful. The sports programs are okay they are getting better. Our safety and behavior matters a lot to our administration. The school is also very strict, but it's only for the best.
Godby high school is an okay school. Something i would definitely change are some of the teachers and the unsanitary restrooms.
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I moved to Tallahassee, FL for my senior and have found the curriculum is to easy. I'm able to pass my classes without doing any work at all the classes are easy enough a kid in elementary School in my home town could pass them.
I believe that Godby can be a school of opportunities, I feel as if administration should be more involved with students, getting to know the students, trying to understand the students, mold the students into young men and women other than being just administrative adults. How can you run a school if you don't involve yourself physically and mentally in the schools environment. I do believe Godby is a great school . But it lacks belief, it lacks character and it lacks heart. I feel as if teachers and administration sees Godby as just another pay check and not as another home. Let's make Godby home again
Being an Alum from Godby is both depressing and amazing. Depressing because I miss everything about the school, from the academics to the sport, from the teachers to the janitors, everyone that works there is filled with joy!! The atmosphere is family oriented, and there is nothing more than being in a loving space. If I could go back... with no hesitation.
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