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I love Godby so much! It was a big change coming from a smaller school but the students and faculty made me feel welcomed. The teachers really show that they are interested in the children's education. Also, the gudiance counselors are amazing. They will always be there for you if you need them. (Great support system) So, I encourage other to come to this school and to become a MIGHTY COUGAR!!!
The staff was friendly and helpful concerning academic related questions and college search efforts. The cost to send transcripts to numerous colleges was waived by the school.
What I loved about Godby was the programs. Also I could change somethings like the time given for lunch.
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I like the school system and the culture. The administration is very helpfull. The students are really friendly.
Godby highschool has prepared me for the real world socially although its not the best academically but there are some REALLY good teachers
Not a bad school. It could be better. You have teachers that actually care about you and then you have some that don't. Guidance counselors are great they do more than enough to make sure you graduate and be successful. The sports programs are okay they are getting better. Our safety and behavior matters a lot to our administration. The school is also very strict, but it's only for the best.
Godby high school is an okay school. Something i would definitely change are some of the teachers and the unsanitary restrooms.
I moved to Tallahassee, FL for my senior and have found the curriculum is to easy. I'm able to pass my classes without doing any work at all the classes are easy enough a kid in elementary School in my home town could pass them.
I believe that Godby can be a school of opportunities, I feel as if administration should be more involved with students, getting to know the students, trying to understand the students, mold the students into young men and women other than being just administrative adults. How can you run a school if you don't involve yourself physically and mentally in the schools environment. I do believe Godby is a great school . But it lacks belief, it lacks character and it lacks heart. I feel as if teachers and administration sees Godby as just another pay check and not as another home. Let's make Godby home again
Being an Alum from Godby is both depressing and amazing. Depressing because I miss everything about the school, from the academics to the sport, from the teachers to the janitors, everyone that works there is filled with joy!! The atmosphere is family oriented, and there is nothing more than being in a loving space. If I could go back... with no hesitation.
I am only a freshman, but i can tell that this is a good school. Many teachers care for their students, the faculty are very serious about safety, students are very nice to freshman although some jokes are made of us.
Throughout my school career at Amos P. Godby high school, I have been either content or happy with the school. I am an honors student, so my classmates were mostly well behaved. Almost all of my teachers have been nice and go above and beyond to help all of their students. Only a couple of my teachers have been incapable of teaching. I have also enjoyed the many programs and special classes at Godby, like National Honors Society, Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment classes. These programs and classes will allow me to better succeed in college. The things that I think Godby needs to improve include more focus and money put into the AP program, more tutoring for failing students (not just failing them), and more programs that are better suited to get students more involved in school and be more successful after graduating.
I really like godby high because anything I needed help on they are always there. I also like when I have a problem with a teacher I can always count on the principal to take care of the problem before it get out of hands.The things that I would like to change is some of the rules like for example no cell phone and no rip jeans.i would also request that the food can be change because it’s not good and don’t have no season to it.
I liked the interaction with teachers. I liked the safe environment. I liked with the teachers and other staff working with parents to achieve their goal of graduation. The school has gone through some changes with staff and the building. However, everyone is committed to serving each other. They are committed to providing a pleasant environment for learning. They are committed to making adjustment and offering other alternative solution to solve any potential problem. They kept you inform on current issue and school events.
What I like about Amos P. Godby it isn't like most schools where the students separate into groups by how you're classified. What I don't like is that no everyone is serious about school. A majority of the students just drop out or want to get their diploma but have no plan afterwards.
Godby High School is a good school for sports and has a amazing engineering and technology programs. It’s a experience you won’t never forget. The best football team in Tallahassee.
I enjoyed my run at Amos P. Godby high school, but, like any other school, it was not without its shortcomings. While I can say I feel that they faculty and staff truly did want their students to pass and held genuine concern to that regard, there was a bit of hand holding that dragged many of the children into a dependence on others to help them to succeed in the stead of encouragement to find one's own path to success. As I'm sure is would be clear to anyone who has experienced even a year after high school, this can lead to problems sooner rather than later in life.
I feel that the policy disallowing late submissions and turning the redoing of an assignment into a hassle was a great way to encourage independence, but the lack of enforcement at Godby let a great thought fall flat. Were the faculty to stick to their guns, not accept late work and make redoing the work difficult for students, the success rate of APG alumni would increase substantially.
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Godby is a great school to go to, the teachers are involved with the students. Teachers are great at helping students with their work and other inquiries.
Too many students that don't even try, but the teachers try as hard as they can to see there students graduate
I like the college Dual Enrollment program because I was allowed to enroll for 15 credit hours each semester without having to take a class at the high school. The sports program for baseball included very little parental support and the coach needed to be replaced.
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