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The school has numerous clubs and activities that are available to everyone. There are sports and clubs and everything. There truly is a place for everyone to do something with their time.
I loved the teachers. They make classes fun and interesting. They are great at what they do and know better than anyone else how to do it.
The teachers connected with and always tried to understand the students. They prepared the students well for tests and did an excellent job of allowing students to learn some things on their own.
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So far, my experience at Stagg has been okay. I've taken the most rigorous courses, which have been challenging, and I've learned a lot. The school itself is nice, however, there have been multiple times where I don't feel so safe as I walk through the hallways. The school is very diverse and the teachers are great.
Stagg High School is a place where students and staff of diverse races, ethnicities, and backgrounds come together to work towards a common goal: education and acceptance. The administration and staff at Stagg are supportive and for this reason, Stagg students find it easy to thrive.
I always enjoyed being at Stagg, I was involved in the music program and the kids and the parents are all very productive and very helpful. I felt very welcomed at the school and my classmates were very friendly and were just like me. It was a great experience with alot of memories and I felt myself grow as a student and a person throughout the years.
Stagg High School is a very diverse school that accommodates for the needs and desires of both students and staff alike. The academia is very rigorous, as well as there being a variety of co-curricular activities. One thing I would like to see change is the student involvement, in the sense, I wish students would try new things and experience the different co-curriculars that are available.
I have had an overall positive experience attending Stagg High School. I feel there are many ways to get involved in the school by joining clubs and sports teams as there is a wide variety of options. There are many teachers that are invested in their students grades and doing well in their courses. The diversity is excellent and I feel I have learned an abundance of information while attending Amos Alonzo Stagg High School.
Great school. Teachers are nice and helpful and I am guaranteed help when I need it. I know that I am getting a great education.
My experience at Amos Alonzo Stagg High school is amazing. I've learned subjects that I didn't know before also met knew people are now important in my life. The activities are awesome at Stagg and are very patient and coach able when joined in that sport. The only thing that I would change at Stagg High school is the cafeteria. I would change that because its right where you walk in the school, instead it should be in its own room. Overall, Amos Alonzo Stagg is a great, welcoming school that welcomes all kinds of kids.
My experience at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School was very positive. The staff and faculty there did everything they could to push me in the right direction and make my high school experience enjoyable both socially and academically. I felt that Stagg prepared me a lot for my future because it taught me how to put myself out there socially and how to thrive academically.
Well Amos Alonzo Stagg high school is a very good school based on its location, staff, safety, and the community. As a student that goes there I feel so safe at school and the staff are very helpful and they care for everyone.
There is a diversity of teenagers who enjoy the same things and strive to show their compassion and motivation to make Amos Alonzo Stagg High School unique and their own, There is so much spirit and talented people and that’s why I enjoy it. I wish that the facility would add more clubs and would be more open to Ideas from students.
it is a good school to go to very good teachers this school is very interesting because of the way that the teachers teach us students how to do various things in class in a very efficient way
Im a senior at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. Ive been involved in many co-curiculare activites through out my years at Stagg. Ive been apart of cheer, soccer, athletic training club , socail action club, Voice of witness, Gym leaders, CAD , football managing, basketball managing and SIt counsil. The teachers and coaches are all amzing. They not only want you to do well in school/ sports but the also shape you into a out standing adult.
My overall experience at Stagg High School was very good. I got to meet many new friends and got to challenge myself in Honors and AP classes. I participated in some sports such as gymnastics and some clubs such as National Honors Society and Key Club. I loved working with different people in different clubs and helping others out.
Really it all depends on the student. Yes as parents we raise our children to be the best and do the best. Depends on your child and who they are connected with is how they will become. No matter what school they go to. But as parents we have to stay on top of that to make sure they are getting the best out of their education.
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I love the Amos Alonzo Stagg Community. It is a very diverse school and enlightens all of the students to keep their genuine identity as a unique individual.
I transferred to Stagg from a very small school. Attending Stagg was a challenge for me because I did not meet friends right away. It took me an entire semester to feel comfortable at school. After several months, I began to make friends and felt like the teachers were there to help me succeed. Teachers whom I did not have classes with were helpful to me when I struggled in my math classes. I learned that I simply had to ask for help and let my voice be heard. After a few years at the school not only have I excelled, but I feel ready to attend a large 4 year university.
When I transferred to AAS High School, I was a little afraid because it was a large school compared to the small schools I had attended in the past. I was afraid that I would not fit in because of the demographics. I stayed to myself the first year there then began to make friends. I will say that the teachers were very helpful and appeared to care about the students and their education more than I had experienced in the past.
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