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The teachers and falculty are very biast. If they do not like you, they will treat you poorly. Some teachers do not hardly teach.
It’s a very cliquey school. A lot of activities are based around your last name, family, and monetary value. However, the teachers are quite nice and care about the students’ educations. The public service requirement for the students is much too high at 45 hours for current freshmen. The biggest problem is the lack of funding for many programs, especially the band.
Amory High School is your typical school. Kid’s are learning to grow, trying to fit in and what kids are suppose to do, learn. But I’ve been in Amory my whole life and even thought it’s my home, I feel safe in the school like I feel at my actual house. The teachers are nice, helpful and you can become actual friends with them and be in their life not like other teachers who just isolates themselves from their students. The teachers actually care about what’s going on their the student’s life in school and at home.
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The rules of the school needs to be outlawed because they dont help us like tucking in my shirt is not gonna help us learn better and we cant wear ripped jeans thats not gonne help us learn better niether we all need to have and conversation about what to wear and how to wear it because us boy's really can't show as much stuff as the girls can.
L love attending amory high school on a daily basis. I only have 3 more months to walk the hall of the amory panthers hallway. Its been a great experience and opportunity attending amory high school. Amory High has went above and beyond measures of preparing my senior year for college. The road was not easy but a big thanks to the teachers for all the help that they offered and I accepted and last but no least I owe it all to my parents for their effort as well and for communicating with the staff at amory high school.
This school focuses on the negative instead of the positive. Most of the teachers do not seem to care about the students and put in the minimal amount of effort into their jobs. The education system in Washington State is much superior to this school.
When I went to school the teachers were great and are pretty attentive towards the students. The classes can be challenging but overall not to difficult. They also have vocational classes and a variety of clubs like the rocket team and FFA. They also have a greenhouse where the horticulture class grow there own variety of plants from flowers to pumpkins.
Amory High School is a colorful place full of diverse people. Some of the staff really go above and beyond to help their students. Few will take time out of their personal lives to help struggling students. The ones that do truly have a passion for what they’re doing, and doing what they love. They can be incredibly supportive and reassuring, and they make the day enjoyable. Based upon previous experiences, if rated overall, I’d say it’s a great school.
Amory High School is not only a school for high schoolers, but also a school that will last in our memories forever. Amory High School is known for its academic excellency and competitiveness in sports. Amory High School is were students are mentored by the amazing faculty to help them figure out the next steps in life. It is were students figure out who they truly are and it is also simply were students find their best friends. Amory High School is were students can be themselves and express themselves how they want to without being judged. This is how and why Amory High School is the best school around.
I've experienced endless obstacles and opportunities while attending Amory High School. I wouldn't change my highschool experience for anything.
its a great school because every since I was little I've always wanted to be an Amory Panther.
I love Amory High! My only regret is that I didn't participate in as many school groups as I would have liked.
Being out of high school has been the best experience of my life so far! My school did not prepare me for the studying it requires in college, but I made an easy transitions from gaining wonderful friends in college instantly! I definitely chose the best college for me, and feel that here I will be prepared for the "real world" after obtaining my degree.
The classes are just average.
I've never been informed of a collge prep course or anything like that.
The clubs are okay oif you are in one of the "in" groups!
We now have to br rang in if we are tardy.
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This is a very closed clique school. If your family has money your in the in group, but if not your OUT!
The school spirit is just average.
The school is in condition.
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