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As a former student here it was a great environment to build social skills and it gave me the tools i needed for clubs i pursue on my college campus. Talking to large groups of people almost feels second nature.
The school had a lot of events for students to get involved and is very competitive when it comes to sports. The security makes the school feel like a jail.
Experience is pretty okay. If there were more opportunities for us to do and get involved in different things, it would be great.
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I liked the diversity and the acceptance this school has. What I would like to see change is the attitude some adminstrators have in terms of their students and what’s expected of them.
Amityville’s student body can be a great spurce of uplifting one another and togetherness which is why i gave it 4 stars. While the school lacks quality in other areas it has since improved upon the errors after my time there. They have brought in newer classes and built more facilities in order to improve upon the students education. They best part of the school is the teachers that are always there to help and the many students that are supportive of one another.
The school as a whole isn’t really diversed. They seem to drive out African American teachers and staff
Amityville Memorial High School is pretty average. You get out of it, what you put into it. No more, no less.
What I liked most about Amityville High School was the diversity of the students at the school and all heritages were celebrated with assemblies where dancing, singing, poetry and more took place. The opportunities provided when it came to sports where they would travel and win best in the state or the county was amazing. The coaches always wanted the best for the whole team. The teachers were very helpful and friendly and always wanted to see you do good and pass the class. This school is a good place to make friends and find who you really are. The guidance counselors really helped you get on the right track when it came to choosing the right college and gave great tips to passing the SAT's and works around helping financially when it comes to picking the right school.
I like Amityville HS because it is a diverse and accepting school. I had been at other schools that had social cliques and were very unwelcoming. The administration at AMHS is also very open minded, you don't have to be socially acceptable or rich and they are always there to help.
Amityville Memorial High School had it's issues. Fights, dismissive and sometimes racist educators, bad food, and broken equipment. It wasn't a rich school with rich students. In fact many of my classmates were poor. We were often told the reason we didn't get funding was because no one cared "about poor black kids." However I loved my school, I loved my peers, and for the most part I loved my teachers. Amityville has some of the kindest young people you'll ever meet.
My overall experience with Amityville Memorial High School wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the greatest. Im in school to get my work done while prepraing myself for what the future holds. Its just the fact that in Amityville, not too many people make it out successfully. Being apart of the ones who do make it out successfully would mean alot to me. I would be able to give back to the community so future Amityville students would have bigger and better opportunities to become successful in what they choose to do. The school isn’t a bad school. But opportunities for students are very limited and I hope to change that. My overall experience with Amityville Memorial High School wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the greatest.
Amityville really balances you, it provides useful knowledge and information. You pick up techniques that prepare you for not only college but also the streets where you often find yourself alone. The education is average you’d have to search deep to find the teachers that are really passionate about what they do and are patient enough to really provide a motivation to your future ahead. Overall Amityville is an average school, it sort of lost it’s bad rep over the last few years and has become a more civilized and less hectic scenery.
Amityville is a a relatively good school, with some stellar teachers and some not-so-good teachers. If you choose to do good, you'lol have a good experience. It's all up to you.
What I would change is the choices of subjects offered here. They either have regular regents classes or AP nothing in between such as honors. Also offer college credit courses not just AP.
Amityville memorial high school is an average high school. It is not very diverse but some of the students are friendly. There are after school activities and there are some good teachers, the cafeteria is often noisy and the food is decent. The academics are pretty good and the teachers do they're best to help students succeed at times.
My time at Amityville Memorial High was full of memories. I was the youngest out of five boys and my last name was well known. People looked at my name and said she has to be just like her brothers. Until the realized I was the complete opposite and had a bright future. Since I've been in this school district my whole life I can say that I have a favorite teacher for every year. To this day we still communicate and go out for lunch talk about life and how well I feel they prepared me for life outside of that place.
I like Amityville Memorial High School because if it's diversity and how close that bonds people, instead of separating them. However, a change that should be made is more strict rules to allow other students to gain their education and knowledge.
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I like that the students of Amityville Memorial high school are so kind to one another and are very well behaved for the most part. I would like to see a solid principle in the school and the administration not so controlling and less politics going on around in the Amityville school district period.
My high school experience was phenomenal. The curriculum was set perfect so students can learn. The teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. The sports teams go very far because of the good athletes and coaches.
The school is full of staff members who are dear to my heart. They've encouraged and shaped me to be the woman I am today. I was able to meet so many different who all taught me so much. The only thing I can think of wanting when it comes to change is finances. If the district was better funded it would be an all around terrific school.
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