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Amity regional high school is an excellent school. Preparation for college was definitely there. In addition, supports are readily available from administrators, teachers, and peers. Many activities are also provided and widely encouraged to grow as young adults.
Simply, Amity High School lacks resources to students when needed. Clubs and other student organizations are sometimes neglected, but the school focuses on sports without making changes that students want. Student Government almost has no use when it comes to representing the student voice since it is limited to the popular kids. Also, school guidance councilors are not cooropative when it comes to getting the classes that you want.
While I am not drowning in college work, I can’t help but laugh at the diversity grade Amity got. Granted we are in the suburbs, the very wealthy suburbs, but the lack of racial and religious diversity at amity is astonishing. It truly left me unprepared for how diverse college was going to be, or even my friends schools from around the country.
I will admit, the academics are great. they’re intense and stressful, but worth it in the end when you get into your choice college. But make no mistake, if you can’t swim with the stream at amity or advocate for yourself, you’ll be left at the waist side.
But I do still keep in touch with some of my favorite teachers from my four years and I appreciate building those relationships and I think amity is about building them.
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This school offers an excellent education and prepared me very well for college. However other than Anna Mahon, the administration was pretty bad at listening to the students. I had some great teachers and some terrible teachers, but overall it was a positive experience at Amity.
I used to think that every school was as bad as Amity, but im starting to think otherwise. Administration is absolutely awful, they only care about busting kids for vaping. They spend more money to hire security guards rather than guidance counselors and mental health counselors. Yes, there are drugs at Amity. But there is also poor mental health. Id say that almost every single kid in this school has gone through something truamatic in their life, and there is only ONE counselor who they feel comfortable talking to. What does that say about Amity? They only care about their image on the outside. When you actually go inside, its a hellscape.
The cafeteria food is disgusting. Uncooked chicken, rotten fruit with maggots inside of them, stale cookies.
Diversity sucks, its all just a bunch of rich white kids with a handful of blacks and hispanics.
Bullying, sexual assault and harassment claims, mental health, and drug help is all unmonitored and uncared for.
This school sucks
What I like best about Amity High School is the community. I moved to Connecticut from Pennsylvania right after middle school and I was nervous that I may not be accepted by my peers who have already formed their groups. However, this was not the case. The transition may have been difficult, but acceptance and support from my classmates was never an issue. I do not know about other high schools - except what I see in movies - but Amity students don't bully anyone (except their friends), take responsibility for their actions, are supportive, and have high aspirations. Despite the incredible diversity of race, religion, and passions, we have formed a tight-knit community at Amity. Now, again, I have not the faintest idea of communities at other high schools or whether whatever I just said is actually the norm - I just know that, for me, this is why I love Amity.
The academics at Amity are very rigorous, and I've heard from those who have graduated from Amity and are already in college that they felt Amity prepared them well for the college workload. However, particularly in the higher-level classes, there can be a sense of competition among students to do better than each other. There is a warped perception of what failing is, as many students find a B unacceptable for them.
Additionally, although there are lots of extracurricular clubs at Amity, it can be difficult getting involved later on in your high school career. It is imperative that freshmen establish themselves right off the bat at Amity or else it can be difficult to seize opportunities later on.
The school system is very good. I don’t have much experience at other schools, but from what I’ve seen, amity is top notch. The teachers are very good, and I feel like I learn a lot. Academically, amity is farther ahead than most other schools. One little issue is that there is no funding for certain programs such as the music department. Other than that, great school.
Had great teachers, and was able to participate in a variety of extracurriculars ranging from all sorts of performing arts to sports.
There are many different things that I enjoy about Amity. I like the diversity in, both the students and teachers that attend and teach at the school. Amity has a great academic program that the students partake in. Not to mention, that the academic classes that the students take all incorporate things that we will need to know for college. Although all of the things listed about Amity are great, I believe that the best thing about the school is the atmosphere, or ambiance, that it gives off. The school oozes friendliness. All of the teachers that teach at Amity are very kind and friendly, willing to help any student with close to anything they need. And it isn’t just the teachers that are kind, but the student body also. With everything that encompasses Amity, it is quite difficult to see a spot where it needs change or improvement.
One of the top ranked schools in the state and country. You should expect the standard is to work at a grade ahead level most of the time. Great sports teams and clubs, very diverse faculty and an award winning arts program.
Amity is a great place where the teachers cares about their students a lot. If you don't understand something then the teacher would go back and work with you to make sure you get. The staffs are really good at staying after school with their students to go over information from class.
I have gone through the Amity school system. I find it very challenging and at the same time rewarding. It's a Best School!!
The academics are challenging and students get a great education from this school. However, teachers tend to give student far too much work over the school vacations and summer. Perhaps this is only true for the more academically challenging levels, such as honors or AP classes. Nevertheless, I believe all students are entitled to a true break from school work. Vacations should be true "vacations."
The types of clubs available are numerous. Last year, the school published a 23 page booklet with a listing of all the clubs. Some examples are: Creative Theatre, Cycle Club, Debate Team, Math Team, Unified sports and theatre, Amnesty International, Astronomy club, Black Students Organization, Chess Club, Chinese Club, Computer Science Club, Costume Club, Couch to 5k, Yearbook, Environmental Club, Fashion Club, Fencing, Future Business Leaders, French Club, Student Council, Habitat for Humanity, Improv Club, Jazz Band, Junior Statesmen of America, Marine Biology, Model UN, Photography, Robotics Club, Science Olympiad Team, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Student Newspaper, Yoga Club, just to name a few!
Quality is very good. Many teachers go above and beyond what is required to support their students.
The academic program at this school is outstanding. Challenging opportunities exist for those who seek it out. The athletic program is excellent and a variety of afterschool clubs are also available.
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Many different clubs for any of your likings. You can even create your own.
The education may be good but the kids are ridiculous.
There are so many opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of areas, and most of the student take advantage of them.
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