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I like the office administration and counselor. They'll try to help you with anything you need. My counselor ask me everyday if I've applied to college schools and what I need her to send to them. The financial secretary talks to me about school and what I want to study. She also helps me with my essays and with applying to college. And the secretary in the front office is very nice and always ask how i'm doing everyday.
High school sucked especially going to amite. It’s not really a good school. I’m not 100% ready for college i didn’t have a chemistry teacher at all we had a substitute the entire year basically my math skills suck and I really hate that school.
Amite high school is a great place if you want a small class room , but it's not that many choices to choose from. Teachers leave and we're stuck with a sub not learning anything.
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Its cool, but the classes are limited, like there's not alot of electives. Plus, we don't have any clubs, not even Beta .
I loved Amite High because of the people, but it did not prepare me for college at all. Nearly every department is lacking, especially academics. There is also a limited number of sports options for females. It was either basketball or track. We did not have a volleyball team, softball team or soccer team. About 3 or 4 of all the teachers I had while I was there actually cared about teaching.
They have the best extra curricular programs
The parents always support their kids no matter what organization or sport they do in school
The teachers are the best you will learn everything you need to know for the future
If i had to do it all over again I would not choose Amite because their is not enough organization, the principal has no authority although principals change over time
i think Amite High School teachers are okay because sometimes they act if they care less about any of students future. I think should try giving more advice and more organized
By attending this school, I've learned many things. Beginning my freshman year, I made the cheer team and I've remained on there until my senior year, which is currently. Also, I've taken all honors classes since I've been there. Being a 4.0 student & a cheerleader at Amite High School is fun. If I could do it all over again, I probably would choose this school again because it's what I'm familiar with. Nothing or no one is perfect, but overall it's a great school.
We have a lot of school spirit mostly the entire school and fans show up to our games to support the players. Our teams are very good at the sports that we have.
A rule that affect students and parents is the after school detention. Some kids have to go to work and some do not have a ride home besides the bus. In school detention will solve the problems we have with this issue.
The school is okay. The students are great. The only I would change would be the administration and how unorganized the school is.
The best thing is spicy chicken sandwiches. You only get to choose one meal. They barely have salads.
The facility is okay. The guidance counselor is not that helpful. Guidance counselor doesn't really help students. If you do need her she is barley in her office. There is no college prep courses. Parents are not involve in anything. The school doesn't really tell them.
There isn't really any interesting academics.
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The school is not that safe. Anybody can walk on campus or off. The school nurse is barely there.
There is not that much of school spirit at the school. The gym is so old that it isn't regulated to have a volleyball team. The football is really great. They don't involve students in a lot of activities.
The administration at my school is not that good. The guidance counselor at the school barely does anything. The guidance counselor does not talk to the students at all. The office staff is very nice but they are barely in the office. If you ask them a question they don't know the answers to any of them. The dress code is super strict you will get suspended for anything out of place. The administration is not that helpful either. They don't to find out questions that you need know.
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