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I am a student at Amite County High School. I would like to see lunch menus change, better availability to some resources, more support from the school board toward our honor programs such as Beta Club, and better staff members. The school board does not support the school like the principal does. There are many restrictions placed upon students because the board won't allow us to do certain things. These dilemmas also stop students from being able to learn properly. This is my review on my school.
I am a high school senior at Amite County High School. I am offered valuable resources to endure my education and to extend my dreams. The facility is rarely fair to walk upon and get things done throughout the days.
Amite County High School was a great experience for myself. The school district offered plentiful courses.
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I am an alumni of Amite County High school. I would love to see more teachers and faculty members who are all about education instead of sports.
I love this school because it has warm and neutral environment. It has one of the best counselors in the world.
This school is fairly good. The teachers work hard so that we can succeed and be better in life.Our school is not the smartest,but we work hard to get were we are.We have many over achievers and some who just need a little discipline or a little push.They offer scholarships and chances to help pay for college. This school has been and still is a big help in my education.
Amite County High has helped me develop and become the person I am today.
Teachers are willing to go above and beyond, but they do however become discouraged.
my myschool was not the best nor worst.
we have dietary meals. we are always served vegetables and milk. peanuts are not allowed because of kids allegies. we doesn't have many food options but we are well tooken care of when it comes to lunch time. our menus are mainly the same thing every month. we can bring snacks from home if we like.
bullying is a zero tolerance here at amite county. we have personal saftety procedures for fire, hurricance drills. the school nurse are here 24/7 and always help to the best of her ability. sercurity guards are here but rarely get invovle in things because we doesn't have much trouble with anything. out cafeteria is nice and always serving wheat grain food. my school is very safe. we have programs for different types of things.
the condition of our school is not like in paradise but its very comfortable for us students. We have lots of technology to help students learn more. the counselor is always helpful even on her break. college preps resources are very helpful. we get all the information we need. we do not have after school tuitoring through out the year but you can always get help on your own time or anytime a teacher is available. most parents are invovle in anything the school has. school buses are nice. heat and air work nice and bus routes are not long.
my overall experience at my school so far has actually been great. I have experienced so much at this school than any other school i've been at. The tachers and faculties are very open to help and talk to you about anything. i've never felt alone since i been here. The school spirit is just wonderful.
We have lots of opportunies for those who are interested in any activity at amite county high school. our school spirit involves everyone around campus.
The policies are made to keep students straight.
Teachers strive to increase students' knowledge.
Everyone shows team spirit at amite county high.
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The food is somewhat good but its not the best.
some teachers realy care about the students, and others just cared about getting home
the cafeteria had good food but they didnt have it all the time
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