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Amistad High School Reviews

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I liked how they do want to make sure all of their students at least get accepted into college, as well as how they do plan on wanting to close the achievement gap.
I actually liked the school.. it gives an people a chance so that they can get to college and wanting them to succeed in life as they are try to be more in the community and trying to be as positive as possible.
The academics at this school are challenging but challenging in a good way
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The health and safety at this is really important at our school.
The students at this school are so determined and friendly I think we all get along bcuz we all share the same determination
The teachers are the Best teachers ever they are soo caring and intelligent I really look up to them
There aren't much clubs or activities but the ones they do offer are very well organized!
There are rules but theyre not super strict with them if you break a rule theyll just give you a warning nothing serious.
This school was the absolute Best school I ever attended. The teachers and staff there are soo caring and helpful. For students there are all social among eachother and there are no rivals
They offer sports but not a lot more sports would be a whole lot better.
The food was a mix of healthy nd somewhat unhealthy foods none if the food was ever gross it always tasted great
the academics at this high school are very different from a regular high school the teachers have more one on one time with the students and they let you work on your own time.
the staff on campus are very supportive, helpful, and friendly. i get along with all my teachers and office staff.
the safety policies at this school are very in forced and our school does whatever they can to keep us safe
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