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I learned a lot, but I do not get the high school feels at all there is no freedom. Throughout all 4 years of my time at Amistad High School, I've always said that we need to let the students feel like they are at a high school and not still in middle school. The teachers are too attentive which isn't properly preparing us scholars for when we go to college and have to reach out to our professors and take charge of our education. High School is supposed to build some independence as you pass onto the next grade, but I feel like my school isn't properly doing that for us. However, there are some upsides to going to Amistad because they push very hard for education which is why we are number one in the state of Connecticut and for that, I am truly grateful for.
Amistad high Is a very good school thats makes sure you are prepared for college in every way.The school is very strict, but when it comes to college Amistad's students have a lot of benefits
I like the school, has very good education, and prepares you for college, but sometimes it can be a little bit too stressful. We get out late compared to other high schools, still have to have social life and lots of homework on top of that.
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I would recommend anyone in a reasonable distance to attend Amistad Academy. Unlike regular public schools, Amistad Academy has some of the best and most hard-working teachers.
They are very strict & specifically at the high school, at the end of the year they tend to find silly reasons to discipline children .
Amistad Academy is a school full of minorities that strives to beat stereotypes against low income communities, which makes my school stand out amongst others. My school works on making sure everyone Stands out on college transcripts by allowing all students to take atleast 2AP courses throughout our 4 years of high school.We also receive classes on things that will never be taught to us until we face them. For example, Learning how to do our taxes and learningthe importance of keeping a good credit. However, one thing that I would really like to change is the way teachers treatstudents. As a quiet and observant student, I have noticed some students around me are underestimated due to the way they perceive themselves. Overall, besides the excellent education we receive, teachers should be more understanding on each background and treat all students with equal respect.
For Amistad high school in New Haven. College prep courses and advance placement classes sets the future for all the students. Strength,pride and hardworking is what is expected of students and it shows.
It was really strict. What I liked about Amstad is that they did the best t ensure that there students get into college. What I would change is the strictness I would loosen it up because I feel like that would increase the positivity in the students and decrease the amount that leave the school. Also, kids should be able to use the bathroom more instead of using bathroom passes.
Might not be what you want, but it’s what you need. The best school I’ve been to. I like the goal of closing the achievement gap and giving education to low income students in the inner city of New Haven.
The school is great but everything seems to be forced onto the students fro grades to boost performance. There is very little freedom in classrooms as it's strict and tends to lower the atmosphere of the school.
Not very diverse at all but college prep is good. Not much consideration given to student opinions and very strict. Can be very stressful and homework load is heavy but good preparation for higher education. Sports are average.
Amistad High is a college preparatory school that prepare scholars for college. It gives rigors classes. It may be hard but they say that how college is.
Amistad Academy is very hands-on. The support from the staff and the unity of the students are very good. However, there could be more diversity in the staff. The school is mostly African-American and Hispanic students, so the ratio of the race of teachers should be cole to matched to the ratio of students of color. Due to the lack of teachers of color, it is kind of hard to emotionally connect with the staff at times.
Amistad High School is great for getting students to college. However, a big growth they should pursue is making sure that their alumni are doing well in college, and preparing scholars for the real world.
Amistad Academy High School sets kids up very professionally in the real world; polite manners, academic and athletic balence.. but the one thing they miss out on is our social skills and individuality. The way Amistad Academy is structured, the main focus is solely around academic structure. That is amazing and I am truly grateful for the experience; the school has taught me to care for my own education for me, not for an allowance for every A+ I get from my parent.
There is a lot of ethnic minorities and the drive to get to college is amazing
There are so many opportunities to grow intellectually as well as personally
At Amistad, we are taught about a growth mindset and how we cant allow any obstacle to get in the way of our future success. It's a great school that focuses a lot on the academic success of its students
what I liked about Amistad high school was how they prepared you for college and helped you with the application process. they offered sports and also have music. they have ap classes that helped you when you got to college and you had higher grades because of it
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I love that Amistad helps their students become prepared for college. As a senior, most of my courses are directed towards college. I am take about five advanced placement classes as well. I love that students are not afraid to share their opinion based on the fact that everyone around me identify similar race or experiences as I do. My experience at Amistad is great and I am glad that I have the chance to graduate there.
Amistad has a very vigorous course load that is essential for preparing students for college, and they have a very warm community of teachers that support students all the way to graduation and even through college. I love it here !
I started going to the achivement first schools since 6th grade. The academics part of the school is very good. How well students perform compared to public schools is outstanding. Amistad Academy well prepares students for college with valuable resources. The teachers are good and very knowledge of the subject they teach. The diciplinary system can be changed. I feel like the diciplinary system was too harsh and many rules were unecessary. Over all it is a very good school which better prepares students for college.
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