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Amistad High is a college preparatory school that prepare scholars for college. It gives rigors classes. It may be hard but they say that how college is.
Amistad Academy is very hands-on. The support from the staff and the unity of the students are very good. However, there could be more diversity in the staff. The school is mostly African-American and Hispanic students, so the ratio of the race of teachers should be cole to matched to the ratio of students of color. Due to the lack of teachers of color, it is kind of hard to emotionally connect with the staff at times.
Amistad High School is great for getting students to college. However, a big growth they should pursue is making sure that their alumni are doing well in college, and preparing scholars for the real world.
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Amistad Academy High School sets kids up very professionally in the real world; polite manners, academic and athletic balence.. but the one thing they miss out on is our social skills and individuality. The way Amistad Academy is structured, the main focus is solely around academic structure. That is amazing and I am truly grateful for the experience; the school has taught me to care for my own education for me, not for an allowance for every A+ I get from my parent.
There is a lot of ethnic minorities and the drive to get to college is amazing
There are so many opportunities to grow intellectually as well as personally
At Amistad, we are taught about a growth mindset and how we cant allow any obstacle to get in the way of our future success. It's a great school that focuses a lot on the academic success of its students
what I liked about Amistad high school was how they prepared you for college and helped you with the application process. they offered sports and also have music. they have ap classes that helped you when you got to college and you had higher grades because of it
I love that Amistad helps their students become prepared for college. As a senior, most of my courses are directed towards college. I am take about five advanced placement classes as well. I love that students are not afraid to share their opinion based on the fact that everyone around me identify similar race or experiences as I do. My experience at Amistad is great and I am glad that I have the chance to graduate there.
Amistad has a very vigorous course load that is essential for preparing students for college, and they have a very warm community of teachers that support students all the way to graduation and even through college. I love it here !
I started going to the achivement first schools since 6th grade. The academics part of the school is very good. How well students perform compared to public schools is outstanding. Amistad Academy well prepares students for college with valuable resources. The teachers are good and very knowledge of the subject they teach. The diciplinary system can be changed. I feel like the diciplinary system was too harsh and many rules were unecessary. Over all it is a very good school which better prepares students for college.
Its a really good school because they always motivate you to do your best and they really care about you. Also, they believe we can make it to college so they make us work hard so that we can achieve things go to college and be successful, that what I like about this school.
Overall a really good school, other than the fact that the school is really behavioral based trying to prepare us for the future. Academics we are ranked #1 in the state of Connecticut and #20 in the Nation!
Amistad Academy genuinely cares about the the students education. They stay true to their goal of getting kids through college. I have been a student at Amistad since 5th grade and ever since, College has been the goal that they encouraged me to strive for. The school prepares their students for college by giving us difficult and time consuming homework assignments, starting school early and ending late, and giving us essay and research papers as well as making us do independent and group projects.
The school's work ethics and the amount of work assigned to the students is very difficult and may even be perceived to be a little bit excessive, It is all worth it in the end when the child gets that letter of acceptance to a 4 year college/university.
Amistad high school I love the school because they give me the oppertunity to better my application but the 1 thing I hate about this school is that out of it being a very educated school they are truly strict and their rules are preposterous that everyone and even some teachers believe is rediculous and they also they have this thing called a merit system that only hurts you in the bad run because its stupid to even have it so if want to go to amistad go but if you cant handle a strivt environment dont go.
I like that Amistad is very focused on helping students get to college and also succeeding in college. I would like if Amistad became more open for students to have more freedom and also provide more extracurricular. I recommend this school deeply.
Amistad is a very strict but helpful high school. It prepares you for high school and the amount of work load given really prepares you for college. It’s an amazing college ready high school to go to just people would not like it because of how strict the high school and how much it requires for you to give.
Amistad Academy was quite the life changing experience. Attending this school taught me a great deal of things as far as maturing into a young adult and gaining knowledge not only through academic books but everyday life as well. Just like everything in the world, Amistad came with some pros and cons but in all was quite beneficial to my life.
I am fairly satisfied with Amistad, what it lacks in diversity is made up with its teachers,facilities, and administration. At Amistad the teachers are very hardworking and supportive towards the students and create very secure and safe environment in which clubs,activities and overall school culture flourish. I would recommend to anyone considering to apply to do so since it will help their futures.
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Amistad is a strict school, but my experience was very good because of the academic culture and the teachers really taught all the students good.
I liked the fact they completely prepare us very well academically for college. The core curriculum is very rigourus we learn a lot for nine hours a day and the teachers and deans all staff are helpful i some way. I did not like how they used the form of discipline just because of our ethnicity I feel it was very petty and more focus was on behavioral issues than the academics.
Amistad Academy is a very supportive school, all the way from its curriculum to its teachers. I can honestly say this school has set me up for success since I entered, 12 years ago as a kindergartener. The teachers are caring and motivational, but they also let you know weak spots to focus on. The curriculum is rigorous, but nothing compared to what college will be like. It is no ordinary school, but definitely works to give the students that "high school" feel they desire. Ultimately, I am thankful to have gone to this school because it got me into my dream school, Wesleyan and has prepared me for the rigorous life ahead.
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