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So far my experience at the Amherst Regional High School has been okay. In my experience, they don't focus enough on college readiness, especially for underclassmen. There is a lack of AP classes, specifically for history and English. There also aren't very many academic electives such as psychology. Most of the teachers I've had have been dedicated and good at their job. In terms of technology, most of the students have personal Chromebooks but the technology program is very underdeveloped and has some major problems. The math curriculum has gone through a lot of changes and the current system they're using emphasizes students learning for themselves, without much teacher instruction. The clubs are very disorganized and there isn't much support for students wanting to go beyond the basic offerings for classes and extracurriculars. There's no SAT prep or information. The website is pretty outdated and there isn't really any school spirit.
I love the teachers and academics but the administration is very passive about fixing school climate problems.
Amherst is not perfect, but it tries it’s best to support students and teachers with the right resources. The main thing it lacks is budget to keep facilities running smoothly, but they’re working on it.
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ARHS prepares your well for college. The teachers are really good and it’s a very safe school. The school is lacking in AP class options.
The acceptance of all students. I moved here a little ways into freshman year and instantly found a community. An intelligent community who strived for excellence in every field. There is such a profound culture of respect. We all push each other to be better everyday. I will always be glad to have my high school diploma state the words Amherst Regional High School.
At ARHS, students are taught how to think critically instead of just memorizing facts. There aren’t as many traditional assessments and students are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge in a creative way that makes sense for them as an individual. There is a strong sense of community and acceptance, and diversity is celebrated. There are opportunities in all fields, including music, visual arts, dance, academics, sports, and clubs. With a wide range of electives, you are able to fully explore your interests. Students are also encouraged to speak up if they find something unjust. I have found that ARHS tries to prepare students for higher education (university, vocational school, etc) as well as for functioning as a thinking and productive individual in society.
More support for athletics would be appreciated, although Canes Naysh is the best! A great school overall, but would love to see the facilities improve.
I really enjoyed the partnership between Amherst High and Amherst College, and I also liked how the administration listened to the students when deciding what Math curriculum to adopt
I believe the Amherst Regional High School experience is overall beneficial for the real world ahead. Although many of us describe our town as "a bubble," the liberal outlook on life provides a key humanist mindset that allows most of us to lead consciously good lives. The education is superb, with challenging courses and supportive teachers. Our sheltered upbringing blinds us to some extent, but with the right communities members, we can be ready for whatever is in the world. The school environment is kind, and although there were some moments I wish I hadn't encountered, I wouldn't ask for another education.
Amherst Regional High School is a good, but declining public high school. There are lots of really smart and interesting people that I have met here, but there are also lots of people who don't care about their classes, and there is a huge divide between these two groups. You will see this divide when it comes to honors/ap classes compared to cp classes. You won't receive a lot of individual attention from the administration, guidance office, or teachers, but if you are willing to work hard and immerse yourself in the school then you will thrive here. You hear about a lot of kids getting into the ivy league and NESCAC schools, and not many of them are recruited athletes.
Overall, the facilities and the food are quite poor, but most of the teachers are really great, particularly when you get to know them. I think that the school does not quite fulfill its academic reputation, but it stands out by allowing students to take classes at Amherst College as upperclassmen.
Accomplished, caring teachers. A super supportive and diverse community. Thriving extracurricular and creative options. Student input is generally respected and valued.
I loved the diversity of the school and the fact that you could walk down the hall and hear three to four different languages being spoken. The only thing that I would change is the IMP math program because it does not prepare you for the SAT.
I was able to find a community in high school, albeit after my first two years. Most teachers genuinely care about their students, both academically and personally, which is nice.
Overall I Enjoyed my experience at Amherst regional high school. The food was not that bad and they always had a special chef come in at least once a month to allow the students to try new healthy meals. the academics were incredible, allowing many chances to excel in the academic courses and advance at your own pace.
Amherst had a lot of opportunities for me to explore in the arts which I appreciated. As a student not involved much in the schools athletic department I was able to take many art classes including ceramics, 3-D Art, Photography, Painting. Amherst also has a great dance and intensive theater department. I got in involved with Theater sophomore and junior year the experience really allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Aside from the theater arts our schools efforts towards diversity and inclusion did not go unoticed. I took part in many dialogue trainings and mentorship programs working in an intimate setting with students from all racisl backgrounds to dicsuss equity and how to better our community. A lot of character building at Amherst High School which prepped my success at the University of Massachusetts Amherst once I graduated.
A very politically liberal place focused on diversity and academic rigor. Not too difficult overall, hard work is encouraged though. Lots of support for students of all levels and abilities. Wonderful staff, great opportunities, great town.
I love the diversity and ambition of Amherst students. We have a booming performing arts program- one of the things that makes ARHS unique and interesting. Programs are often student-run and very successful. Teachers want us to become leaders.
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Caring teachers and students; progressive. Students are valued regardless of their viewpoint. Strengths: College counselor, college preparation, values less mainstream sports such as ultimate and cross country. Strong connections with local colleges; opportunities to take college classes while in high school.
The theater department at Amherst Regional High School is the best thing that ever happened to me. John Bechtold and the rest of the theater company have been my second family since my sophomore year.
Besides theater, although I haven't been challenged as much as I'd like to be, the pace has picked up in senior year and I feel ready to step out into the real world.
Amherst Regional High School is an exceptional public school. The teachers are outstanding, and there are many class options available. If your plan is to go to college, ARHS will ensure that you are ready, and that you have a post-college plan. The school has an extraordinary music and theater department, and many athletes find themselves in the Western-Mass or state championships. There is great school spirit, and always something going on. The student body is diverse and open-minded, and the majority of students feel very safe at school. Through clubs and activism, students are very involved in the school, the community and the wider world.
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