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I really feel like this is a great place for everyone. Middle school has a rep for being awful, but, as a graduated student(2017), I can tell you that I didn't have that experience here. I met some lifelong friends here, and I got a head start on several classes and racked up at least three high school credits while I was here. I'm proud as heck to have gone here, because everyone was great. I met lifelong friends here.
Special acknowledgements to the following teachers:
Mr. Kirshberger is the reason for which I love space and science. While he no longer teaches here, I am proud to have been in his class. Best teacher on the freaking planet!
Ms. Ramsey is an example of that one person who inspired you for life. Being in her class, I started writing and I'm proud of it too.
And extra-special blessings upon Mrs. Olsen, the band director. She encouraged and inspired me in so many ways during my three years of trumpet playing.
I have enjoyed my time in school because I have taken the time to become active in the school. I have enjoyed things from the choral programs to the school newspaper.
The building could use some updating. The facilities mostly utilized by the boys are in far better condition than those for the girls. This is because all the boys facilities are newer. The counselor's try but the school has far too many students for four counselors. Tutoring is offered every day for two hours in various subject determined by the day. Parent involvement depends on the sport or program.
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I have had the blessing of having some of the best teachers. They all work a lot harder than necessary and go above and beyond to provide the best education they can to their students. They put in countless hours making sure that classes go the way they should and providing the best tool.s to students. Most go further then the SOL requirements for the states, teaching the students more than they need to know on the subject, because they are extremely dedicated to their jobs.
There are only a select few clubs available to students. The most prominent organizations are the theater department and the choral program. These organizations receive little funding from the county and mostly rely on the students, parents, and patrons.
The school provides what it can with the limited funding we do have. The school does not really have a lot of fights. There is bullying but mostly cyber bullying. The school nurse does what she can and generally there is little problems through the school.
The school has a few sports, but options are rather limited. The biggest sports are football, baseball, and basketball. These sports are also mostly boys. The girl sport options are far more limited. Mostly Softball and basketball.
This year Amherst County High school received a new principal who is trying to be an enforcer of policies. He is also very involved with the student body and can be helpful if students allow him. The assistant principals have stepped back this year, but still are doing their jobs.
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