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We just moved to town two years ago. We have young kids but one in the middle school. When we moved here, we we're a touch concerned because the facilities are a bit drab. But the education is amazing. I don't know where to start. From the dances, to sports, to the maker space and availability of teachers, we are so glad we chose Amherst over the other towns in the area. The town to the north has beautiful facilities, but the class sizes are outrageous. The town to the south we looked at is very traditional and shares their school with another town that's more rough around the edges. Amherst's schools reflect the community. A community of bright, educated professionals that are family oriented. We have loved our decision.
It was okay, like any middle school experience was. It was awkward and in a time of transition. Good teachers, some that needed to retire, but overall alright.
It's Amherst … one of the safest towns in the state. Also, the tagline "Courage to Care" underscores the bullying policy and beings to address at a young age how the students should treat each other before they get to high school.
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The school now has the National Junior Honor Society at the middle school. This has been a great development. It also has a Innovation Lab to support the new STEM initiative. One of the aspects of the school that concerned us at first, but we now support whole-heartedly, is the camps for 6th and 8th graders. The 6th and 8th graders go away for environmental camp for a week as part of off-campus enrichment. That is just a great experience for the kids! Lot's of sports, either through the school, or through club teams.
Amherst is a highly educated town. The community is brimming with successful professionals and business owners. That fact alone tells you about how much parents in this town want their kids to succeed in school. But there isn't as much keeping up with the Jones' like there is in towns like Hollis and Bedford. So students aren't judged for socio-economic reasons as much as you would think moving here from another state like we did. Of note, it says Nationally Recognized School of Excellence outside the school. From what I understand, AMS is one of just a few school nationally to be recognize three times as a national Blue Ribbon school.
There is a excellent combination between experienced teachers and new, younger teachers with a lot of energy in the school. Teachers are available to my child before and after normal school hours and there is a greater level of consistency in grading over the last few years. The new STEM teacher in the innovation lab is fantastic, and the new Dean of Instruction comes from a strong science background, which my family strongly supports.
Just brought in the National Junior Honor Society.
Officer Knox is the best S.R.O. in the state.
A tremendous number of options for everyone.
Incredibly and supportive parents and community.
Over the last few years, since my daughters were in the school, administration has really worked to get the old, tired teachers out and fresh new teachers in. There's definitely a positive energy, and caring respect, between teachers and students.
AMS is a great middle school that sits in the shadow of its' nationally recognized older sister, Souhegan High School. Still, there is a big focus on treating each other with respect and developing student confidence. Our boys have done very well in this middle school both academically and socially. That was a huge relief to us, especially since the middle school years can be so tough for kids this age. There is a also an excitement building at the school with new, fresh leadership, a new STEM wing in development (working with the Boston Museum of Science) along with the traditions that make AMS great like Environmental Camp for the 6th graders, Ferry Beach for the 8th graders and the Susan G. Stitt Global Science Initiative. There's something for every child.
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