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Decent rural school with successful sports team. The teachers are helpful for the most part. It offers a fair amount of college courses, but my complaint is that it doesn't offer a computer science class.
I've went to Amherst High School from kindergarten to my senior year and I couldn't have asked for a better school. The teachers were amazing, they are always out for each and every one of their students. The music and arts programs are amazing and the high school football team has gone to state three years in a row, getting second the first year and winning gold the next two years. Needless to say the sports program is pretty good. There isn't the widest variety of clubs, but the ones offered are pretty good.
I love my teachers here— my friends and I have all gotten close to one or more of our teachers, so much so that we arrange to see them outside of school and get to know them on a more personal level. I've seen these relationships last well past students' graduation, and I think that's why Amherst is a successful school.
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It's a really great place to go to school. It is filled with nice students and teachers and the athletic and music programs are great.
I love that Amherst is a small town and has a lot of opportunities available to students. The teachers are all willing to help, although some are not as gr at as others.
I love my high school. It's small, offers great classes. The block scheduling is great for managing time (although getting overwhelmed is possible). For the most part, it's pretty fantastic. The teachers understand the students, and for the most part are fantastic. However there are the few teachers who act very condescending and will not under any cirmcumstances extend deadlines or talk rationally.
A lot of people think that growing up in a small town would be awful. In all honesty, I love it in Amherst. Although at times everyone knowing everyone is bad, more often than not it's good. Amherst is such a strong, supportive community. I don't think I will ever see teachers who are more dedicated to helping their students then in Amherst. Amherst also has amazing athletic programs, with coaches who are more than willing to help anyone improve if they'll work for it. I must warn you though,if plan on going to an athletic event,get there early! seats fill up fast with adoring fans cheering on the participants.
I love the teachers! I have a very close and personal connection and relationship with them. I feel comfortable sharing my ideas in class and I love that they help me outside of class whenever I need it. They make it possible to be involved in other activities and still keep my 4.0
Few AP classes. Because of blocked scheduling it's difficult to fit in needed classes. And additional 1/2 credit of PE is required even for kids in Sports. One of the Math teachers is very bad. Not a challenging curriculum.
O.k. There are security cameras.
Sports really focuses on football. There really are not a lot of clubs outside of "main stream ones.
We are new to the District and it has been a challenge. We didn't anticipate how small the town and student body are. There are very few AP classes. There is very little diversity among the student body. The grading scale does not accommodate an AP weighted scale. The classes have a "blocked" schedule meaning that the classes are longer- but that there are only 4 a semester. This makes it hard to fit summer school into the curriculum, which would be helpful for language classes. Spanish is the only language class offered and Spanish 3 and 4 are only offered once a year. Usually at the same time another key, upper level class is offered. This makes it hard to get in 4 years of a foreign language. The Counselor is competent and nice.

It's extremely difficult for a new student to get involved in things and get teacher support for things like National Honor Society- those votes go to the kids who have attended the district since age 5.
Some teachers are good. However, one of the math teachers is extremely bad, and math is a core subject.
Each to their own preferences. This school is relatively small, so you know all of your classmates, but this might detract from those who would otherwise prefer to fade into the background whenever possible. The sports programs are well managed, and the coaching staff is almost universally respected for their ability, not that that matters if one doesn't play or follow sports. The layout of the building is somewhat haphazard, but still easy to navigate. If one does manage to get lost, it only takes one question to find out where one's supposed to be going. The two music programs, band and choir (plus their subsets: Chamber Singers, Pep Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Drumline), put out around four concerts every year, plus a musical every other year, that are always well attended. Student groups are tight knit, but there are very few of them. Very little ever goes on in the way of fights, or delinquency, at least that gets the school's attention. Things are usually very quiet, since the building is located in a small town surrounded by farmland. This school would be perfect for someone who likes to know everyone, and be involved in as much as possible/
The athletics have very adaquet fans and support, each and every game for each sport there are multiple people there to cheer them on
The principal is great, he brings a happy and bright learning environment everyday to school, he also brings a positive aura to school.
Every teacher has as very excellent teaching styles, and are well prepared too teach each of their subjects.
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At my school there are many clubs and extracurricular activities such as Spanish club, art club, game club, girls and boys soccer, wreslting, football, track and field, baseball, bowling, basketball both girls and boys, investment club, and honors society.
I loved being a part of the Falcon athletics. I loved the environments they provided and I always felt welcomed to the cleanliness of the area I was in.
The few times I had eaten at the cafeteria it was a typical school lunch. I preferred to bring my own lunch, therefore I feel my answer is not applicable.
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