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Overall, the school itself is alright. There are no huge issues that need to be addressed, but the culmination of all of the smaller problems the school has causes it to be less than spectacular. There is a lack of funding for the arts, the school itself needs renovations, there are issues with staff, and the school spends way too much time focusing itself on things it doesn't need to fix, or doing things that will not fix the problem.
I liked Amherst High School mainly because some of the teachers were really nice and thoughtful and helpful. Some of the teachers were even very helpful with preparing for College by giving advice. However, there were some teachers that were horrible and did not teach well and I would like to see that change if possible.
It wasn't the best experience because the necessary academics for me weren't available. The food wasn't very good, and the bathrooms were very confusing to go into
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My overall experience in Amherst County High School started off fine my freshman year and then everything fell my sophomore year. The school is disgusting and needs repair. I seen a rat in the vocational wing and also in a math class. The teachers are not supportive and the term "No student left behind" doesn't apply anymore. It's like they don't care about our education. The school could be improved by repairing the building (while we are not in school), giving better food options, allowing for students to get help, and etc.
Amherst County High school is a great school to attend. Are there things I would change? Yes. But overall, my experience has been great. I had many outstanding teachers over the last 4 years. I am looking forward to graduation, but it also saddens me a little. Simply because Amherst County High school has given me a great experience. I have learned a lot over the past four years. I even earned my Emergency Medical Technician Licenses. I am proud to be a Lancer!
While I have enjoyed my time at Amherst, it could be much better. The Board doesn't have enough money to fund the school like Lynchburg does. However, the teachers charisma and friends can make the school seem better. Most of the detrimental characteristics of the school are that of any high school. Drugs are common among the more mischiefous and foolish students. Many of the students are not worried about college or even their high school careers. Despite the apathy of many students, a good one-third of the student body are very competitive about their grades and each student in this group are close in their classes and their class rank. I have fallen in with the better crowd, as I am number eleven in my senior class of just over three hundred. I have enjoyed my time at this school as it will prepare any student for the real world, where many people do bad things, and few prepare for their own future.
Amherst county does not treat there students rite. Amherst is very badly thought to students. All they do is worry about FOOOTBALL!!!!!
Overall, I really enjoy this school. I am sincerely a little bit sad about leaving
I cannot speak for every child at my school. However, I can speak for myself. My mother is extremely involved in my education.
Most of the teachers at my school are great. However, a few of them are a tad unapproachable. But overall, I love Amherst County High school.
As a whole I feel fairly safe and secure in my school. While there are other measures, like key card entry, would be even better, school budgets cannot accommodate these safety measures.
There are many opportunities for extracurriculars at this school. Between sports, interest clubs, skill clubs, and academic clubs. They do a very good job in trying to accommodate many diverse groups of students.
Yes, if I had it to do all over again, I would choose ACHS. Living in a rural town my entire life, has had both pros and cons. Many of the students I go to school with I have known since elementary school. We have grown up together and will soon be graduating together. While we have our cliques and groups, we all defend one another. It may be okay for us to poke fun at being from Amherst, but we all defend each when its needed. Bottom line is that coming from a small-town school has left me with dozens upon dozens of bonds I would have never had otherwise formed.
The teachers at Amherst County High School are overall adequate in most scenarios when dealing with students. However, the largest issue in this school system is the lack of trust teacher have for their students. While i realize that not all students are as trustworthy as others, it is disheartening to those of us who do value the truth. It makes it appear as if the school system doesn't value students opinion as a whole. That being said, there are several teachers at my high school that are willing to listen to me and trust my words, and for that I am very appreciative.
The school offers after school tutoring, which is nice. The choir department is well developed.
The majority of students pray for snow days so we don't have to come to the school.
Some of the teachers seem to not care about their students, but there are a few that go above and beyond.
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For the most part Amherst is set in their no bullying policy. However, it's still very common and it's usually the cause for majority of the physical altercations that take place at Amherst.
Amherst County thrives on sports. Majority of the funding goes toward sports and activities of that nature. Amherst county use to have a plethora of extracurricular activities but then budget cuts happened and now it's just sports and theater/musical theater, however, if it wasn't for a protest Amherst would no longer have theater but just sports.
My overall experience at Amherst is okay. I only enjoyed my English and Music classes and that was because of the teachers. I feel that if I wasn't a part of the music department that I would have had a very different Highschool experience and probably would have only negative memories. My time at Amherst wasn't horrible, but if I had the chance to do it again, I wouldn't.
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