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Amherst High School has so many intelligent, inspirational, and dedicated teachers. Several of them greatly influenced my way of thinking and seeing the world. The clubs at this school are also very diverse and are a great way for students to express their passions. The diversity and acceptance at Amherst is also one of its assets. The only downside this school has is the tendency of students to form cliques.
I loved it! It was a good school, had a lot of great activities. It is good to get involves with the different programs! The teacher motivate you to want to do your best.
I like the different classes and variety of students they’re are in the school. As well as how the teacher try to help their students and are excited to teach the subject. A thing I would change is if they could renovate the school classrooms and etc.
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I enjoy the amount of opportunity Amherst offers with the amount of clubs, sports, and the music and drama programs.
The school has a great about of diversity among the students and a great curriculum. There are several AP classes and dual enrollment classes to prepare students for college. There are also technical program to train students who aren't college bound for careers.
It's a high school with all of the typical high school things: friends, teachers, bullies, mandatory classes. The electives are pretty broad which is cool, but there's not a lot of mention of them so if you don't know about them, you don't know about them. The teachers are generally kind and they do their jobs well. There's a few that seem like they don't understand the material they're teaching, but that's every school. Our athletics aren't too great, money is allocated towards losing teams as if that'll help. Our most successful teams are female, so if you've got a daughter this is a place where she'll thrive athletically.
Overall, I liked my experience at ACHS regarding the quality of my education and the kindness of my teachers. However, the building is incredibly old and could use improvement. There is no centralized heating thus rooms vary from scorching hot to freezing cold. The chemistry hallways pipes are so old that we're unable to drink the water, and there is asbestos in the building overall. The people inside of the school are great, but the building itself needs an intense renovation.
The main attraction to Amherst is athletics other then that not much activities and not a single field trip or unique experience offered to most students not involved in athletics or music. There should be more club activities and trips or even school events or classroom trips.
Although there are some spectacular teachers it seems to be only about one out of seven. Most of the teachers I experienced had very poor communication skills. overall the grading was the worst and most consistently worst part of my school experience with teachers. the grading was inconsistent and was not explained. it would sometimes take weeks for a four paragraph essay to be graded. even my parents got upset with how long some teachers took to grade.
The activities here are pretty lax, depending on what club or activity you join.

Model UN and Writer's Guild are a ton of fun, and Art Club just depends on the people who come in.

This school does a lot of Drives/Fundraisers for a bunch of different organizations, but I'm only involved in Red Cross, which I admit is not too bad either.
Great school in general, lots of challenging courses and engaging teachers. It's a top-notch public school that pushes you to the limit in regards to the Maths & Sciences.
The teachers here are very well versed in their topics of study, specifically in the Science and History departments and are pretty happy to help any student who asks them for assistance with any problem.

Only negative point I'd add is that they love to schedule a crazy amount of assignments on what seems to be the same day, at least for the Honors and AP kids.
The safety of students is guaranteed, because technology is improving and we have more ways of detecting threats.
There are clubs and groups for almost every person in the school, and if there isn't, it's very easy to start a new club.
The events and classes are exceptional, but the student body is often distracting and inappropriate.
Although most teachers actively engage with their classes, there are quite a few who seem to care more about their pay than their students.
Amherst does a lot of practice fire drills and lock downs in case there every really is an emergency. It helps to make the students feel much more safe and prepared if a emergency does occur
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There's not a TON of things to do when it comes to clubs and such, but there are some pretty fun clubs that do great things. For example, Environmental Club goes around each week and collects all the recycling bins to make sure they get recycled, and for fun every once in awhile they go on hikes in various places which are always fun
Amherst has a lot of great qualities. We put a lot into our athletic teams and we have a great music program. Overall Amherst is a really great place to get an education
Many of the teachers go out of their way to make sure that you understand what is going on and if you don't they will work with you until you get it.
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