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Amesbury High School, although may lack in some things due to budgeting. There is a sense of pride, no matter the sports team, the game, or the opponent, there is a sense of student involvement, and pride. No matter the event, there is always a group of kids who are willing to participate and make new friends within their class. The teachers are very good at their jobs, they ensure that students reach their full potential and always give good ideas and inspiration on the passions that each student holds.
I liked the atmosphere and class size, but there was limited available AP courses for seniors as well as a decreasing budget. If you are looking for a high school that values the arts, I wouldn't go here, programs have been getting cut left and right.
The teachers provide a great amount of effort to help us build up to our greatest capabilities. The after-school activities are very welcoming.
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I wish there was more funding for the arts, the focus of the funding seemed to be on sports and clubs which seems unfair
There are some aspects of the school that are underfunded, such as the language department, however, there is an excellent community feel surrounding the school.
Great, supportive community. Excellent relationships to be made with faculty and administration, and many opportunities for success through the countless activities and athletics; there are a lot for such a small school. Block scheduling can be tough for AP students, and it would be nice to see the addition of a few more AP classes.
Amesbury High School is very accommodating to their students. Most of the teachers are truly dedicated to helping their students learn.
The only reason I gave admin three whole stars was because of Ms. McAndrews. She has improved the school physically and spiritually with her positive attitude and her hands on approach to life.
Amesbury High School excels in getting students ready for college. I feel extremely prepared as I continue the college application process, and I can say the same on behalf of many of my peers. If I could change one thing, it would be how administration deals with certain situations. Instead of having regulations and procedures, issues are dealt with on a case by case basis. I think most students find this unfair and I hope this will be changed in the near future.
Attending Amesbury High School for the past four years has been a blessing. I have gotten an education that is equal to that of a private school and real word experience that is better than that of a private school. The unique sense of community that a small high school provides is gratifying and allows students to grow in their environment. The teachers at Amesbury are truly dedicated to implementing an education that goes beyond the classroom and allows students to make real word connections. Outside of the classroom, sports and clubs offer students a second home in sense, and nurture further learning in areas beside the fundamental studies. The only critical aspect of the school is the need for greater diversity. This, however, is not the school's fault, but a reflection of town demographics. The mascot as an "Indian" has raised recent student and faculty attention, reflecting the social and political understanding the students share.
I always feel challenged by the curriculum at this school, but never too much. I always feel like I am learning something new, and I always feel motivated to work hard and study to the best of my abilities.
Overall, the school is not cliquey, as everyone converses with one another. We may all have different backgrounds, but we all have things in common that bring us together. Our differences, such as race, sexual orientation, etc. do not divide us in the least.
There is an abundance of opportunities at our school. It's incredible! You can join clubs from video productions to Model UN. And at this school, everyone is welcoming and kind. You will easily fit in at this school.
School isn't a chore because when I'm there, I'm home!
The teachers teach with passion and with pride
The school nurse is wonderfully kind and very good at what she does. She is a real professional and takes care of each student very well. Regardless of a migraine or something much more serious, she ensures the health of everyone. I always feel safe at Amesbury High because we are well protected. We have a great security system and armed police officers on call whenever a threat is rarely posed. In my years, I've never seen or heard of any safety or health related incidents.
I have loved being a member of the AHS extra-curricular community. Everyone (and I mean everyone) gets involved in one way or another. I love participating in drama club in the fall and tennis in the spring. There are musical programs, a fall play, a spring musical, yearbook club, newspaper club, debate and model UN club, a variety of sports accepting to everyone, and much more.
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Amesbury high is the absolute best place to attend because we, the administration and the parents and the students and the teachers, are a family. Everyone is made welcome no matter who they are and everyone finds their perfect place in the community. There is at least one club or sport or organization for every single student. Nobody ever feels alone and we look out for each other through the best tijmes and the worst.
Like any high school, teachers range from the best to the worst. Out of my two years at Amesbury High, I have met some truly inspring educators and they truly do much more than necessary to help students like myself. They come in early, stay late, provide extra tutoring at no cost. The teachers really make Amesbury High a great place to learn as a student and grow as a young adult.
The school feels very safe despite the lack of prominent safety precautions. This speaks to the overall safety of the town.
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