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Ames High School is all about opportunities and creating the best learning environment for its students. Every teacher at Ames High puts in countless hours of work to give the highest education and emotional support to their students. With the new Associate Principal, Brian Carico, all teachers are becoming trained in youth mental health first aid. Offering countless Honors and AP courses on campus, Ames High Students are college ready and excited for bigger things after graduation. One of the downfalls at Ames high is not enough classrooms for the growing population, however, with plans for a new building already set into motion, great things are on the rise.
Ames High is a very peaceful high school. Everyone can do their own thing without worrying what others think. The education is also top notch.
Everyone from students to the staff has been very helpful and kind. I have felt involved and wanted in every single thing that I have participated in.
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Ames High is a strong school for academics. I would say that Ames High has a lot of clubs and activities for kids to choose from. Ames High has a abundance of diversity. I would say that the sports program is pretty average but is still something to do here.
Ames High School and Community District is a very inviting school that has lots of opportunities for all students. It has great academics and friendly teachers and students.
A great school with opportunities to get involved in many activities. Teachers are supportive and willing to help.
Ames High School is one of the most diverse schools in all of Iowa. Due to the diversity, there are many more pros compared to cons. The University creates an atmosphere that is unique compared to other schools. Ames provides students with several extra curricular activities such as sports, clubs, art and theater, and more. One of the main reasons Ames rises above is the staff. Teachers are compassionate about what they do and constantly put students first to provide the best education. They tend to stay after class to provide students the extra help. The only con about AHS is the amount of students per grade. The large classes bring difficulties for some students, but out of struggle comes accomplishment. The students and staff respresent Ames. We are Ames.
When I think of Ames High School, the first thing that comes to my mind are the teachers. Ames High may not have the best facilities, sports teams, or food, but the teachers at Ames High are second to none. Our own chemistry teacher, Mrs. Aileen Sullivan, got Iowa teacher of the year. I have not met a single Ames High teacher who did not love their job and give it their 100%. That being said, there are some negatives. The building is getting old and worn down. There are countless scratches, chipped concrete, and in general, the building is too small for the number of kids. This is being solved as there are plans to build a new school soon.
Ames high school is a very good school, within a very good school district. They have a lot of clubs and after-school activities.many are academic, but there's also a wide variety of clubs for anything you can think of. From video game club to lettuce club. Any student can find their interest at Ames high. Ames High has a very good sports program, and they always encourage students to do multiple sports.
They are constantly trying to get upperclassmen ready for university. They have a very good ELP program. With very involved teachers, but they're also trying to get us ready of college. With giving us independence. In other words, Ames high is a very good public school.
Throughout my journey at Ames high, I have met a lot of great of people and teachers. Ames offers a great deal of academic opportunity for every single students. The number of clubs available is great and there's also something that someone would be interested in. 10/10 would go here again.
This school is a good environment. The staff are all amazing and would do anything to help and support people who ask for the help needed they will do anything to help you graduate. The events are amazing. The school spirit is phenomenal sports seasons coming around and it’s always a good way for the school to come togther. The things the school provides here at Ames high are great.
The best part about Ames High school is the amazing staff of helpful teachers. All of the teacher I have had have helped me whenever I needed it, taught me what I needed to learn, and most importantly, shown that they care about their students. Ames High is also a very safe school. I never feel scared or unsafe. It has a positive environment. The only thing I would like to see changed is the building itself. It is very old and outdated. There is not enough room for 4 grades in the school. The building also needs a new pool as the current one is very old and unsafe for the swimmers and divers.
I attended on class at Ames High in my junior year of high school. My only complaints are the regular, classes started at 7:50 which was too early to be out of bed, much less at school. I also didn't love my teacher, she knew what she was teaching though. I didn't like her because she was too happy at 8:00 in the morning which isn't a bad thing, it just bugged me.
I don’t go to Ames high school, but I’ve heard that it is really good. I’ve heard that the teachers are great and the students are great.
Ames High has a lot of great teachers and faculty who are willing to go above and beyond to help students. The school is heavily oriented towards academics with several renowned athletics programs. There are many clubs and extra-curriculars for students to participate in.
I chose very good. Like most high school students, I didn't like high school. But compared to what I hear so many students going through at other schools with bullying, racism, sexism, etc, I am thankful I went to school like mine that I didn't have to experience such a magnitude of negativity. There, they actually do want to see their students succeed. My last semester of high school really showed me how much they cared. I was hardly passing, ready to give up, but my school faculty, friends, and atmosphere pushed me to graduation. Sure, I don't like high school. No one really does. But I'd choose my high school over any other without a doubt,
Ames High is outstanding in Academics and Athletics and is the top in the state of Iowa. I would recommend AHS to anyone who is looking to move to the Ames area. This city of Ames is a great place to live and there is always something to do with Iowa State University there. Go AHS!
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Although Ames High is a great school with even better teachers, I believe they could work on making better school lunches and hiring more janitors, as the bathrooms can sometimes be a mess. The easy way around the lunches, of course, is to bring your own, of which I gladly do. And when it comes to using the restrooms, just know which ones are good and which ones are generally worse. Traffic flow and security through the school is pretty bad, which are what I believe to be the two major reasons Ames is planning to start construction on a new high school. I'm not too worried about security, as Ames is more of a safe community, but it would help a lot if it wasn't a struggle to get to class sometimes because the hallways are small and cramped for a school this size.
It was an amazing community and open to everyone. You could be anything from a start academic student, to swim team, to arts and performances. I enjoyed how much our principle cared for us.
Ames High is culturally, sexually, and racially diverse, and very accepting. The teachers are very helpful and the school offers many courses and advanced options. It also has over 50 clubs and multiple sports for both sex's. There are currently plans for a new facility and new equipment underway. Every student is issued a school laptop that they are allowed to take home. School lunch could use some work, but is overall pretty good.
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