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Overall I had a good experience at Ames High. The teachers and other staff members are very kind and you can tell that they truly care about you. The students are nice and inclusive. There are many clubs that you can choose to be a part of and it is easy to create your own. The building is old but luckily there is a new one being built right now so those planning to attend in the coming years with have high quality facilities. I think my only complaint would be the changes in staff that happened it seemed that each year a different staff member left. Also the counselor that I had wasn't very helpful when it came to changing classes and helping with college prep.
As a student at Ames High School who has been to other schools, I would rate it very low. Many teachers are undedicated, and the administration does not strive to help us as students reach success.
Ames High offers something for everyone. They have incredible academics, athletics, and extra curricular activities. There are a ton of different clubs to meet the different interests of students, and new clubs are always being created. The staff was always super helpful and would always be willing to do whatever it takes in order to help their students succeed. The overall automosphere was always postive and friendly and teachers would always be in the hallways greeting students as they walk by or as they walk into their classrooms.
Ames High gave me so many different opportunties over the years that I will always be thankful for. Academically Ames High prepared me well for college and I personally think that some of my classes from high school were harder than my college classes now. Ames High also prepared me well with athletics. I ended up being a multi-time state metalist, and school record holder. I am currently a college athlete due to my experience with Ames High Atheltics.
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Overall I've had a pretty good experience at Ames. I didn't give them a 5-star review only because I had some occasional problems with contacting my counselor, but the teachers were very nice and supportive.
Ames High is a pretty good school, but there's definitely some areas they could improve in, especially with teachers (they don't always give all students fair opportunities to succeed in the class).
Going to Ames high has been an okay experiment for me. when I first went there I was a sophomore and I had just moved from another country. My teachers kept on asking me "Is English your first language because you have an accent" this annoyed me a lot because English was indeed my first language and just because my accent wasn't "American" doesn't make me any less of an English speaker. The student who had to give me tour ditched me so I had to figure out my way around on my own
Ames High is a wonderful high school dedicated to students and change in the community. The teachers are wonderful examples to the students on how to be motivated towards success and continually demonstrate the importance of community involvement and academic fluency.
Different departments are very different in academic preparation, teacher readiness, etc. Some are great, while others need improvement
I like how inclusive and diverse it was. Everyone supported one another with everything that happened.
Ames High, like most schools, has both good and bad teachers. The students are very diverse, but the cafeteria food is awful. Ames students experience a great facility with lots of opportunities to join or create clubs.
Ames highschool is a very diverse school. They offer many different activities for students and sports are no cut. Ames gets students ready for college and prepares them for the future.
Ames High was a great school for education and scored top marks in science and math. With the change in administration, Ames High has lost its edge and is no longer a top school.
The education of the school is really good and you can pick different paths to take (easy or hard). I enjoy that we have different food options as well as open campus for some juniors and all seniors. The building is pretty good, although old but they are making a new building which seems to be very nice so far. Coming from the middle east, this school was amazing for me as it has so much diversity and many outside of school activities.
I liked going to Ames High the teachers are really nice and they are willing to work with when you're not doing well. I had some good friends there.
The academics at my high school are very strong, along with the community and opportunities provided to students. During morning announcements, students are informed of club meetings, student accomplishments, assemblies, and more. The administration really encourages the students to put academics first but to also get involved with the many clubs they offer, sports, learning opportunities, etc.
Had a great time attending ames high. will be graduating this year and go on to iowa state for college.For the most part ames high has the programs needed to get you ready for the next level of education. With help from the counselor as well as all the ap classes you can take the next level should come relatively pain free!
Ames High school is very good academically. What I would change would be the cleanliness, and the administration. As a student, it is hard to find administration when needed. For example, none of the counselors are ever in their offices and the assistant principal (s) just stand around is what it seems as a student.
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Ames High School is an outstanding school with endless opportunities and freedom of expression. They offer various courses which will fit every students passions and support future careers.
The atmosphere at Ames High is the best you could ever want. I have been there for four years now and it has totally changed my life for the better. So glad that I went to Ames!!
They have a great curriculum, but could have better teachers in the math area. the bathrooms are vandalized constantly which makes them closed and affects the kids in our school. I believe we are a very diverse school and having a college town helps with that. last I think that Ames High focus's a lot on preparing for college and making sure you are prepared.
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