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Ames High School is full of supportive teachers that will help you, support, you and challenge you in everything that you do. They all try to make sure that everyone is included, that is probably why we have so many different clubs and organizations because we have a diverse student section and this way everyone can be involved. I don't think I would change anything about Ames High School. I am so grateful to have been apart of Ames School District because they have prepared me and given me many different opportunities.
The school spirit is a high energy you can't hate. The teachers are helpful emotionally, and educationally. They offer great academics and there is something for everyone. The many clubs at Ames
All of the teachers are great! The band program is amazing. The amount of opportunities that you have, with AP classes, ISU classes, etc., is really helpful. The business program here is incredible. Taking Accounting and Personal Finance helped to guide my college and career path. Also, there are a lot of clubs here, from conservative clubs, to liberal clubs, Key Club, FCA, and the list goes on.
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I liked that they are very focused on academia. I also like that the teachers actually cared about their students, and that the teachers knew what they were doing. I wish the food could be improved.
I had a very cool school year at Ames high. There was a very supportive staff, which helped me get my grades up and bring me to my best.
Ames high school is a great high school to attend if you plan on going to college. The teachers and faculty care for their students and prepare the students for college. The teachers always put student success first and give all students the opportunity to be successful. At Ames high school, all the students are also very close. There is also a lot of diversity. The teachers teach in a way that all students can learn. If a student does not understand something, Ames high school provides an after school tutoring for extra help. Overall, Ames high school has a great learning environment and is a great school.
What is great about Ames High is that it's very different from other schools. Everyone fits in and has a place. The teachers are amazing, they want all student to succeed, and I know there is always a teacher for me to talk to if I'm having problems.
Ames High school is one of the great school. Being a Muslim and immigrant, I was scared to go to school at the time when Donald Trump became president; but Ames High School posted a post on Ames Community School that, "It doesn't matter what your religion, race or nationality is. We are glad that you are here at Ames High school. They also post the same thing all over the Ames High halls; which encourage me not to be scared. I am an ESL student and sometimes it's hard for me to catch the work that we do in our class like my other class mates. Whenever I ask help from my teacher, they always help me. If I still didn't get any problem they find an easy way to help me. Ames High School is not a good school, it's an excellent school.
Ames High has a tremendous amount of clubs and activities anyone can do. The education level is very high, and the technology is second to none. What I would like to see changed is equal value to mens and womens' sports. I as a woman would like to see student body and supporters give us the same treatment they do the mens sports. I would also like to see no favortism to people with money. Everyone should be treated the same.
Lots of opportunities with AP classes. I think ISU and DMACC classes should be advertised more and students should be encouraged to take these more.
Athletics are a good way to get involved and meet new people.
The parents are very involved activities.
Great school, great students and, great teachers
The school is always upgrading things and keeping up with the times. We are pretty secure from when I started high school. My school takes pride in making sure we are safe
we have over 100 clubs literally everyone can find a club that fits them if they wanted. Some clubs are like gaming, others are very committed to helping the community and take up a lot more time. Some clubs take physical work and others just take mental work. My school does an awesome job of getting options out there for students to take part in!
My school offers a lot of things for a student to be involved in. Sports are my big thing, but I also am in four clubs and volunteer for the musical set up crew. My school stays on top of trends in everything from sports to the cafeteria. I can do as little or as much as I would like. My school takes pride in competing to the highest of our student body is capable of competing in sporting and non sporting events. My school lets me think outside the box, and it lets me lead in my community to make Ames, Iowa a better place for the future. There are other schools I would consider going to, but only for my selfish reasons. Ames is a solid school with a ton of pride.
We were just added to laptop teaching style. More do it yourself. They give us a topic and advice on how to find things and we do the research to find the results. Great for the fact of we are saving trees. Not so great for the students who don't get things right away or need help staying on task. Teachers in most part are cool and help me get better. They push me to do my best. Most teachers are very good at communicating with me, a few teachers are less interested. My school ranks pretty high in overall scores for the students so the teachers are doing things right.
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There are some teachers that I have a really awesome experiences with where I knew I could go to them for help in the class or if I wanted to talk to them, but there were also teachers that didn't make an effort to connect with the students and taught he material at a very impersonal level which made it harder to enjoy the class as well as learn the material. I was fortunate enough that my last two years of high school I was able to experience more teachers open to helping me genuinely caring about how I was doing in as well as out of the classroom.
Most sports receive a lot of support from teachers and students. Clubs are organized and meet on a daily basis. There is also a wide variety of clubs you can find a club for just about anything here. I don't feel like there's any other after-school activities besides a sport or a club so I kind of wish that was different.
Besides the usual high school social issues, Ames High has a really good environment. There's always lots of activities going on outside of the school day and students get very involved in those things. Parents help sponsor and they also attend events like our athletic events. If I could change something I would change how our principal is so deeply involved with out football team and not other events. Our principal likes to stress athletics, especially football, but not other activities throughout the school. The music and art departments are doing really great things and in return they get almost no recognition.
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