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I chose very good. Like most high school students, I didn't like high school. But compared to what I hear so many students going through at other schools with bullying, racism, sexism, etc, I am thankful I went to school like mine that I didn't have to experience such a magnitude of negativity. There, they actually do want to see their students succeed. My last semester of high school really showed me how much they cared. I was hardly passing, ready to give up, but my school faculty, friends, and atmosphere pushed me to graduation. Sure, I don't like high school. No one really does. But I'd choose my high school over any other without a doubt,
Ames High is outstanding in Academics and Athletics and is the top in the state of Iowa. I would recommend AHS to anyone who is looking to move to the Ames area. This city of Ames is a great place to live and there is always something to do with Iowa State University there. Go AHS!
Although Ames High is a great school with even better teachers, I believe they could work on making better school lunches and hiring more janitors, as the bathrooms can sometimes be a mess. The easy way around the lunches, of course, is to bring your own, of which I gladly do. And when it comes to using the restrooms, just know which ones are good and which ones are generally worse. Traffic flow and security through the school is pretty bad, which are what I believe to be the two major reasons Ames is planning to start construction on a new high school. I'm not too worried about security, as Ames is more of a safe community, but it would help a lot if it wasn't a struggle to get to class sometimes because the hallways are small and cramped for a school this size.
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It was an amazing community and open to everyone. You could be anything from a start academic student, to swim team, to arts and performances. I enjoyed how much our principle cared for us.
Ames High is culturally, sexually, and racially diverse, and very accepting. The teachers are very helpful and the school offers many courses and advanced options. It also has over 50 clubs and multiple sports for both sex's. There are currently plans for a new facility and new equipment underway. Every student is issued a school laptop that they are allowed to take home. School lunch could use some work, but is overall pretty good.
Ames High is truly one of a kind. There are so many different opportunities students and staff can partake in. That's good, because every single person in the school can be involved in something. It can be one of the multiple clubs, sports, or something else. I know all of this, because I've lived it. I see it everyday when I walk in the doors of Ames High. Although there's a lot of good things to say about Ames High, there could be improvements. The school is pretty old, and is getting too small for the student body these days. The hallways and classrooms could be bigger, as well as the auditorium.
I liked how well it prepared me for college. Everything the school did academic wise was almost perfect. The main thing that I would fix at the school would be the sports programs and the school's facilities need to be re-furnished.
Great teachers, especially the AP teachers. Large, amazing band program. Great sport activities - lots of state championships. Classes take advantage of programs/classes/speakers available through Iowa State Univeristy.
I am a freshman. The teachers and staff are always looking out for you and helping you do your best. There are so many clubs, sports, and activities that give you relief from school but the academics are 100%.
The school emphasized on diversity, especially with the surrounding demographics. Also, it offered many educational opportunities academically through AP, online, or university classes offered by Iowa State. Overall, I learned things so...
Beautiful School! Ames High has such a wonderful culture and encourages students to get involved and try new things. It is super easy for somebody to find things they like to participate in and many classes are super well taught. I would say that Ames High has prepared me well for college and there are multiple things I will miss when I leave for college.
An awesome school. Great teachers make all the difference in the world. So many options in classes to take. They offer more than just Spanish! I especially enjoyed German class and host an exchange student each year. The school also allows as many clubs as the students want. I enjoy Board Game Club, Chess Club, and Young Americans for Freedom Club. It's not all about sports, but with awesome coaches we're great in that too.
Ames High School provides a welcoming atmosphere for any new students looking for a better education.
Very diverse group of students and teachers which makes every day learning very interesting. Teachers are a hit or miss; some are good and some are bad. Overcrowding is a problem and the school building is old.
Loved it! Teachers are great, with many opportunities for students. From clubs to sports to music, students are allowed to explore many different avenues.
Academics are some of the best in the state if you take advantage of them, most sport teams can be harder to get on but lots are non-cut, The band is one of the biggest in the state of Iowa, and most else is average.
Ames High School is full of supportive teachers that will help you, support, you and challenge you in everything that you do. They all try to make sure that everyone is included, that is probably why we have so many different clubs and organizations because we have a diverse student section and this way everyone can be involved. I don't think I would change anything about Ames High School. I am so grateful to have been apart of Ames School District because they have prepared me and given me many different opportunities.
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The school spirit is a high energy you can't hate. The teachers are helpful emotionally, and educationally. They offer great academics and there is something for everyone. The many clubs at Ames
All of the teachers are great! The band program is amazing. The amount of opportunities that you have, with AP classes, ISU classes, etc., is really helpful. The business program here is incredible. Taking Accounting and Personal Finance helped to guide my college and career path. Also, there are a lot of clubs here, from conservative clubs, to liberal clubs, Key Club, FCA, and the list goes on.
I liked that they are very focused on academia. I also like that the teachers actually cared about their students, and that the teachers knew what they were doing. I wish the food could be improved.
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