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I really enjoyed several aspects of Amery High School. I greatly appreciated the academic progress and success I was able to achieve at Amery High School. I feel as though the teachers have readily prepared me to further my education. I also really enjoyed the small-town feel, and personal relationships Amery High School offered. I knew all of my teachers and they knew me. I knew just about every one of my peers, and got along well with everybody. I feel well prepared for academic and personal success as a result of attending Amery High School.
My High School experience has been rewarding. I feel the interaction I have had with all my teachers these last four years has prepared me for college. They are always encouraging me and pushing me to become independent and ready for the next step, whether a student is planning to attend college or join the work force once they graduate.
Attending Amery High School has been a positive experience. Teachers, counselors and coaches are supportive. I like the many resources available to the students and community with four schools. I would like to see the school district invest in a pool like Osceola and Unity school districts.
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The opportunities in Amery were amazing. We had some great classes and even better teachers that helped me be successful.
Amery has a great sense of pride with how they teach their students. Apart from the great learning experiences, there are many clubs, sports, and more to take part in.
The teachers prepare you well for college, as well as keeping the community of the school open and engaged.
I love how dedicated the teachers are to everyone's education and personal well-being. In addition, Amery High School has a small student body but major accomplishments. Our FFA and FCCLA chapters regularly compete at nationals, our academic ranking is among the top ten schools in our state, and our sports teams have improved majorly over the years. With our new CTE leadership programs, youth apprenticeship opportunities, and work release, students are able to explore their potential career choice.
Lots of after school activities, sports, drama, art, etc clubs available
There are several teachers that go above and beyond to make the information interesting and rile life applications are used
School is quick to respond to needs of the students and brings in outside experts when needed
Lots of interesting classes not offered elsewhere
This school is great because everyone gets along with one another, and we help each other all the time. No drama and no fights make it simple to do good in school.
The teachers at my school care very much about each student, unless if the student does not have a desire to do well in school. I have learned so much, and without them and the way they teach, I would be clueless.
Could include more after school activities
There are a few teachers who do the bare minimum
As most parents, I worry about the student who falls through the cracks and could be violent towards other students
Amery High School is a great school overall. Mainly, they could improve by offering more classes for gifted and talented as well as more career development assistance.
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Bullying is definitely a problem at our school. Unfortunately, there is nothing being done about it. There is no way to report bullying, and those who bully have no consequences. The staff usually says that there is nothing they can do about it.
FCCLA is one of my favorite clubs at the high school. They are open to all people of all grades and is a great way to get involved with the school and the community. It is also a great resume builder because the club offers community service opportunities, leadership opportunities, and public speaking opportunities.
I really enjoy homecoming and snow weeks. It is a lot of fun to get out of class from time to time and have some fun.
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