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Americus Sumter County High School - South Reviews

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My experience at THE Americus Sumter High School was some what great. Through the three years I was there I have to say I came out strong and I fought to walk across that stage and I did my best and it was teachers that I didn’t even take that still helped me get to where I need to be and I’m so grateful for that. Now on some things they lack but one thing they don’t lack is Education! They want their graduation rate as high as possible and they are not going to stop until it’s where it need to be. This school was an experience that I actullay liked. I will truly miss it but it’s on to the next only because they did push me to where I need to be.
My time in americus sumter high school was okay. It could improve by having more events with the students and prep rallys.
My experience in ASHS South has been a learning experience. They try to get students involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. Awards students equally for all good behavior. And love and appreciate all of the students equally.
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this school has a lot to offer to students that dont have very much. It has up to date books and electronics. I wouldnt say its like harvard but the teachers and administrators teach you to be the best. They want you to surpass there expectations.
Everything needs to change. The food can definitely be better. The faculty are not given the materials to prepare the students of post secondary education or to be successful in life in general.
I love the family culture... how the teachers help the students... the athletic department is great coaches or involved with all players
Great school. I came here in 10th grade and I'm graduating this year. I'm proud to be an Americus Panther!!!
ASHS has evolved over the years of the number of graduates which is a great and exciting experience.
My high school is experience has been good for the past 3 years I have maintained all A's and B's throughout all my years at ASHS.
What I like about my school is I get to have panther periods so I can be able to finish any missing assignments.
I think that the school definitely needs to be remodeled. I think the curriculum needs to be more challenging in order for the students to be intrigued. The administration should come up with different ways for teachers to teach certain standards because not all students learn at the same pace. Some students may need a little more help than others. I think that they can improve more on having more available resources for students. I think some policies that they have a bit extreme and unreasonable.
I like how the school is easy to love about. The principal was cool. They try to get every involved and they treat each child equally.
My experience at Americus Sumter as being a upcoming senior is very challenging for me new teachers and new harder things to learn .Going to this school I see teachers are very happy to see us in the morning it makes them smile.Through my years my experience have been very smooth transition from 9th to 12th grade.what I like about the school is the way some teachers teach hands on and some don't. I love the way we can now use technology for school resources. Things we need to change is the way everything is set up and change the good that there bc it gets boring eating the same and change how we do things at the school like spice it up and we need more clubs that childern can attend to be in and I think everyone in the school should join in clubs and sports to show how many of students can how pride of the school by being in a large group of diversity.
My experience at Americus Sumter High School is excellent. The teachers at the school make sure that their students are college ready and they make sure that we past all of our tests. The clubs and activities at the school are very fun and also, plenty of students participate in the many of events that are planned for the school year. For example, at the homecoming pep rally's, students will participate in the fun games that are hosted by the best Spanish teacher at THE Americus sumter high school !!! Overall, my experience was well enjoyed and I will miss all the memories when I graduate in May 2018!
I have experienced great learning . My teachers are good at what they do . I just would like my surroundings to change , kids who like to disrupt shouldn't be allowed in a learning environment .
Attending ASHS helped me grow as an individual because I was able to interact with real people and learn real experiences. I was blessed to attend this school. I hope it continues to grow.
My experience at Americus Sumter County High School has been a great and wonderful experience. I have learned a lot and in the next year I will have learned more. Our school is a school of caring and pushing students to do more and strive for higher.
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Americus Sumter High is a great place to gain a rewarding education. The teachers are knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond the call of Duty for the children. I value my education, so its a plus for me to experience it with great educators.
My experience at the high school is that we do alot. What I like about it is that we have pep rallies and homecoming week and friendly competition.
My overall experience at ASHS was above average. The programs I was involved in were great, given our budget circumstances. The teachers and coaches were always willing to give their all and their best to help us succeed, and that will always be appreciated.
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