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Attending A.H.S was probably the best four years of my life! Being there i have learned a lot of things both education wise and everything else. The teachers, counselors, and coaches were all there for you when ever you needed them, and that was awesome.
Love this school! Great school spirit and amazing education! Highly awarded and recommended. Enjoyed every second.
I liked that even if everyone comes from different backgrounds they accept you and make you feel part of the school. The teachers go above and beyond to help every student and the principal tries to get to know every student individually even if she has thousands of them. The academics are excellent and they do prepare you for college.
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What I liked about Americas High School was the sense of community and overall care the teachers and student displayed for one another. My teachers were a big influence when it came to my personal and educational growth; they showed my new viewpoints when it came to broadening my horizon and encouraged me to use my education to discover the world.
What I would like to see changed would be student involvement in the El Paso community. Students can join different organizations at Americas who do help the community, but I feel Americas high school student who are not involved in extracurricular activities miss out on forming a relationship with the El Paso community. Therefor, I would like Americas high school to spend sometime in educating its students on the importance of community service, and how students efforts can have a big impact on countless lives.
The experience was that of a great high school as seen in movies. Sports, academics, and staff were all great and helped my transition from high school to college. I loved my four years there!
I enjoyed how teachers work with students to help you pass your class.Also how administration is available for when you need their help. I really like the food from school.One thing they could improve on is the restrooms.i like how the school overall is clean and very safe. Therr are alot of school activities studebts can attend.
Americas high school is one of the best high school's in the Socorro school district. It has great programs and the involvement of the teachers is very good.
The teachers are helpful and willing to go over anything you need. The environment is friendly and everyone has school pride.
Americas is an okay school, I haven’t had any problems in the time that I have attended and am about to become a senior. The Libertas Academy that I am a part of is also quite good, and I have seen that typically the top of the classes are usually in it, as it is quite competitive. While I know that Americas does have some problems, and there have been trouble with some students that affect the entire school, I have not been personally affected by anything major in my time here.
I love this school. The teachers are amazing and care for students. I hope to grow and one day come back and visit this school. It is filled with opportunities.It doesn't get any better than this. At the beginning of high school, you will start to find out who are your true friends. While the answer may surprise you, its always great to have buddies
Students and teachers get along like friends, interior of school was always clean. Cafeteria offered diverse food, as well as a clean cafeteria. Principle was always aware of students, as well as teachers.
At American Senior High School, I enjoy the many clubs that we have. Our clubs help
us experience and learn new things. Although there are many bad things about American such as, food, administration, cleanliness, and safety, clubs can help you take your mind off of those things.
Americas is magnificent school, so many opportunities to be a great athlete and the teachers and counselors really help out to help you achieve your academic goals. There is even a club that helps you out if you have a job. The school has a scholarship wall where students can find websites for scholarships. The school also provides very good material to help us get ready for college.
It is a nice campus and the teachers are wonderful, there are renovations coming every year since my freshman year. New programs have also been started such as the tech program or the law and government academy, Libertas. Americas has so much to offer and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in decisive about what they want to go into in the future or is looking for a great four years of high school.
I like that is a good school to be in the top 10% you need to have like a GPA of 94 in a 100 scale, my teachers have helped me a lot to improve my English and probably the only 2 things I would suggest to them is that all of the announcements receive through the parents phones are say it in both languages and the food from the cafeteria they should add a little bit more variety
Americas High School is an average high school. There are some amazing teachers who have taught so many great things, but there are also some of the worst teachers I've ever had. One of them was a bully who had favoritism in her classroom. It was very often that she made students feel useless. She believes that she is the best teacher ever, but the school has not done anything about her special way of teaching.
Personally, Americas High School is the best School in many areas. First of all, let's talk about the campus, the facilities, the halls, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, the areas of stay, etc. It is amazing how the structure, the furniture, and the environment that is given to us as students, can influence us in many aspects, because it is a motivation for us to continue with school and studies and always keep going. Another of my favorite things in Americas, is that there are many opportunities and a lot of help of teachers, they are always able to talk to you, to explain you everything, and they always motivates you in many aspects to keep moving forward. The environment, and the relationships between students and teachers are another aspect that motivates and like me, my true friend I knew them here. The school and faculty are giving us all the facilities in structure and education, now is our turn to be responsible.
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I like this school I would like the food to change though, make it taste a bit better. also this school may be safe it has cops around, but the security stinks they are not that good because one day lots of people came to school drunk but they did nothing to those kids. the kids are all good in there own way but some like in every school are not good at all.
Americas High School offers a fantastic academic experience by featuring many Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and Pre-AP classes. The teachers of both the advanced and non-advanced classes take great pride in their work by making sure that the student has every opportunity to succeed. Teachers are enthusiastic about their work and never give up despite any obstacles the students may face. As a result, this view of school has spread to many of the students, as they in turn wish to succeed and try their hardest. Students also help other students in school with academics, as well as out of school with personal lives and extracurricular activities. The school is a very open, friendly, and helpful environment that helps students succeed and learn to fail in a save place.
Americas High School is one of the best high schools in El Paso, Texas. It provides perfect conditions to the students to develop skills, abilities, and knowledge in different areas. Americas High School has one of the best marching bands in El Paso.
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