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I liked how the teachers support us to always look for more, how the staff helps to make the school function everyday and also I like the fun traditions of the school. But I will change the lunch hours to have less students in each lunch, and make the school open campus.
I believe our school is good, but I still feel like there are some things that don't make it excellent. I feel the rooms are a little bit too old, having chalkboard and old carpets. Sometimes the halls smell like drainage, which they have been for the past week. But overall it is not bad.

The academics are pretty good and also the athletics, although the football team did not really win any games.
I loved the school spirt, it’s one of a kind. The energy we give is unmatched, no other school in the city can come close to the torch we carry when it comes to School spirit.
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This is the best school , because have a big different kinds of clubs and sports. The teachers teach so good, with patience and compression, are calificate exactly to be where they are to support to be.
This high school has been one of the best schools i have heard about. There are somethings needed to progress, for example, focusing a little bit more on college readiness. Other than that it is a good school with a good environment and good faculty, students, and teachers.
America’s high school is a great place for anyone. There’s many clubs and fun organizations. Also there is so much talent. A trailblazer who graduated last year now has a album that went platinum. Our very own Khalid. Teachers, librarians, and counselors and very nice and very helpful with anything you need.
I really loved attending Americas high school. It was a really fun atmosphere and it was always lots ignored fun attending sport games and pep rally’s. I was some what college ready.
Americas High School is a great public school filled with caring and loving students that support each other no matter what and take care of the school. The teachers are caring about each students education and life and they make sure that each students gets the help they need and deserve in order to succeed. The only thing I would change about Americas High School is the fact that the courses the students take involve a lot of study and hard work but the students do not get the credit they deserve for college.
Before entering high school personally I was a nervous wreck. Being a freshman didn't help either because I believed I would be picked on. However that was not the case because Americas had a friendly environment. This was the only school providing a class about what I wanted to major in. Now that i'm a senior I look back and I remember beautiful and awesome experiences such as football nights, my soccer games, going out of town for state, friends, etc. This school is very good because it makes sure all students will reach for the stars.
The students and teachers are very dedicated to progressing academic and community service opportunities. Further, faculty and students work very hard to generate an environment that is welcoming. The campus is not very outdated. However, club involvement is lacking and the food is not very great.
Americas High School does a great job in getting students involved in their many clubs and associations offered at the school.
Me experience at Americas High School by far has been great. The school provides several programs such as TEC which is the early collage program and Libertas which is the law program. Being involved in these two programs has helped me exceed in my academics. It's a school full of opportunities and provides lots of help for those who may struggle in their academics.
Attending Americas High School for all four years from freshman to senior, has made a place in my heart. A school filled with school spirit and an abundant list of extracurricular activities drives its students to explore and imagine their future careers and job opportunities. Personally, I have not regretted taking my classes at this school as the teachers are efficiently presenting academic content and exposing us to various ways of retaining content from what we are taught about. This school has been the archetype of how I imagined a dream school. Though the place is small, it is reliable for its education and its excellence.
I loved the band program specially of Americas high school because it connects people as a family when we do all of its events and it helps people to become more understanding of each others.
Americas High school administration and faculty really make an effort to push students be their best. They are very supportive of us and give us all the tools, information, and guidance we need to be college ready and be successful in college. If you focus on your academics and put in the hard work, you will be able to graduate with a great ranking from this school. The environment at Americas High School truly gets you ready for college.
Americas is a great school. I didn't come from the feeder pattern, so on my first day I didn't know anyone there. Now I'm a sophomore and I fit right in. No matter who you are or where you're from, you could have a great time while getting a great challenging education. You're teachers and peers will constantly be pushing you to do better. While still being there whenever you need them. Everyone at Americas has education as there number one priority. I personally think AHS is the best school in El Paso, no matter the student.
Americas H.S is my home school, i've always loved the enviorment and welcoming feel of the shool. Teachers are awesome and there are many resources to help kids from online reasorces to even groups of tutors comitted to help students and make sure they are college ready. However, I would like for their school lunches to better and for bathrooms in the bulding to be upgraded abd have actual mirrors installed.
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My time at Americas high school is by far the best four years of my life. Even though my journey is just beginning I know I can always fall back on these amazing memories I have.
It was a pretty good school with great programs. All of the staff was a good balance of what kind of teachers you could expect. The balancing with the electives and cores classes along side the AP/Dual Credit was particularly impressive there. Overall, a perfect school.
I was supposed to go to Socorro High School, but i attended Americas High School instead due to the Libertas Academy. I do not regret straying away from my old friends and starting a new life away. The expectations of the students is very high but even then, we have close relationships with the teachers. Everyone is kind-hearted and our class was beyond amazing.
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