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This school is one of the fun and easy ones. What I don’t like is how strict they can be with certain things.
I loved Americas because it feels like they are your family, they will help you graduate and or with even home problems. One thing they can fix though is trying to have a open campus for students.
all the teachers at Americas high are awesome they have great teaching techniques that i understand very well and also as the the staff such as our principles , counselors other staff and janitors.
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What I like about Americas High School is that it has so much school spirit and it has a friendly environment. The campus has great security and great administration. The teachers are nice and dedicated to their jobs. The students are all very friendly and easy to get along with, in general I’ve had a great experience in attending Americas High School. I have attended this high school ever since I was a freshman and I’ve never had a problem. I’d like to thank faculty and staff for giving me the best high school experience.
My experience at Americas High school was a good one, I met so many new people and made some excellent friends along the way that I would never regret. One thing I would like to see change is to have better food selection during the lunch hour.
My experience with americas high school is good, i think that it is a very, very good school that does prepared student for college if the student wants it. For me it has really helped me prepared for college since it does have alot of good programs and opportunity. I also think thonk that some thing that i would change would be the lunch since it it pretty bad. But apart from that i think that amerixas high school is one of the best public high school in el paso simce it does give alot of help, college programs and morw
It is going pretty good with the classes I am taking. I think the hard classes you take your overall experience will depend on it
I attended private school all of my elementary and middle school years so when it was time to go to public school, I was a bit nervous. Americas High School was a great fit for me. Classmates encourage each other while still having fun. Teachers offer convenient tutor schedules and our coaches are tough but fair. This school genuinely cares for the students. I am proud to be part of Americas High School.
This school has gave many opportunities, and has students who want to succeed, as well as make an impact.
Very friendly environment and an easy learning setting. I love the campus and the diversity as well as how helpful the staff is.
Americas Highschool is a school of greatness and legacy. It is the greatness of the legacy that defines this school. The legacy leaves an example that the younger classes must attain. This leads to a shortcoming of talent and leadership. But Americas highschool manages to retain and influence those individuals who are not afraid to create and leave their own legacy. I thank Americas Highschool for offering an opportunity to my life with all the great dual credit and AP programs. And as well, the amazing Law based magnet program of Libertas.
Americas High School is a school designed to make learn about their potential. This is a school that made me realize my potential and I will forever thank the school for that.
My experience in Americas high school was awsome. All the teachers were very nice, and they know how to do their job. In Americas High School i did a lot of things that I was not available to do. Also Americas teach me a lot of life lessons that I'm not going to forget., and Iwill remeber all the persons that form part of my life there in Americas.
Attending A.H.S was probably the best four years of my life! Being there i have learned a lot of things both education wise and everything else. The teachers, counselors, and coaches were all there for you when ever you needed them, and that was awesome.
Love this school! Great school spirit and amazing education! Highly awarded and recommended. Enjoyed every second.
I liked that even if everyone comes from different backgrounds they accept you and make you feel part of the school. The teachers go above and beyond to help every student and the principal tries to get to know every student individually even if she has thousands of them. The academics are excellent and they do prepare you for college.
What I liked about Americas High School was the sense of community and overall care the teachers and student displayed for one another. My teachers were a big influence when it came to my personal and educational growth; they showed my new viewpoints when it came to broadening my horizon and encouraged me to use my education to discover the world.
What I would like to see changed would be student involvement in the El Paso community. Students can join different organizations at Americas who do help the community, but I feel Americas high school student who are not involved in extracurricular activities miss out on forming a relationship with the El Paso community. Therefor, I would like Americas high school to spend sometime in educating its students on the importance of community service, and how students efforts can have a big impact on countless lives.
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The experience was that of a great high school as seen in movies. Sports, academics, and staff were all great and helped my transition from high school to college. I loved my four years there!
I enjoyed how teachers work with students to help you pass your class.Also how administration is available for when you need their help. I really like the food from school.One thing they could improve on is the restrooms.i like how the school overall is clean and very safe. Therr are alot of school activities studebts can attend.
Americas high school is one of the best high school's in the Socorro school district. It has great programs and the involvement of the teachers is very good.
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