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I love the diverse population that attends in which it provides a wonderful environment for learning and prospering. The school provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating Islamic environment to produce future leaders, who will have achieved academic excellence. I would love to growth and prosperity happen throughout the school and develop into a greater institution.
I attended American Youth Academy for all 4 years f high school and honestly it wasn't a great experience. The curriculum there was a bit different from what my friends in public school were taking but regardless it was up to date. However, the school did not offer many extra curriculum activities, more than one club, and only offered 1 honors class which could only be taken by chosen students. Lastly, I really disliked going here because there was no diversity and also so much bullying that was never dealt with. If you were different, you'd be pointed by not only majority of the students but also some of the teachers.
This school barley cares about students education. Teachers and staff are unfair biased, not all of courseach but most. The teachers have absolutely no control over the students and thiere are very few days the students actually learn something. I recommend not putting your child in this poor school.
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The teachers do work hard to give the students a great learning experience and they give us the best information possible, but they sometimes have trouble keeping the class control and they sometimes the material that there given to teach is sometimes to hard for them to teach
It is a very safe school. it has a guard at the entrance of the school and bullying is no way tolerated.
It has a lot of sports and after school programs to help the students both with their creativity and with their academics.
This school is very accepting and diverse in every aspect, ranging from the ethnicity of students, to its majors, and political views.
The teachers are extremely helpful and go beyond their limits to help the students understand the material.
This is the main reason why I love my school. I feel safe and the students there have become my second family. Bullying is not tolerated at all and students know better than that .
the application process it very good. After you fill out the application, you have to make come in and take a test.
The school has very strict policies and sometimes it is kind of hard to keep up with all the policies.
Some of the teachers are amazing and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the students moving forward and doing their best at all times! Unfortunately, there are some teachers that just don't care at all !
They have clubs such as National Honors Society as well as Eco-Club and student council. However, the sports organization is really bad because we don't have teams. I've always hoped for a volleyball team but sadly, it never happened.
Various types but sometimes unorganized
Overall, great sports program especially in soccer.
Overall great experience with great teachers
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