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I graduated with three other people in this school, I would prefer to be exposed to more people. However, it was nice that you could easily interact with the teachers personally.
This school was a good chose from other school in the area at the time. All thought the school has falling shine 2011. The teachers here do care about their student. All though the teacher are dropping like flies the teachers are still trying to help us even with all the problems. This school need more teachers! If you’re a teacher send help! The teacher do care about god with all their hearts. Teacher willing to sit down with student if they need help. It has been a good experience in my life to go to this school. The question is will you take this chance?
I went to this school for a long time. I like the size of it. It allows you to be closer with your friends and even helped me to learn. It is a lot easier to learn in a class of 10 rather than 25 or 30 people. I do hope that the school gets more students though. I even loved playing sports there. It was a good learning experience and taught teamwork. I learned lots of values from that school. I'm glad I went there.
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I liked that the student to teacher ratio was small. I received individual attention and believed that the teachers cared about my learning
Most of the teachers and faculty do not seem to realize how much bullying happens in the school. And when bullying is dealt with, the victim is almost always blamed. The policies are weakly put together by a group of white, extreme christian, men who bias their policies against students who want to express themselves.
The only club available to the students (during my attendance at the school) was National Honor Society. The requirements were fair enough to enter, but the group did nothing. Most of the time they didn't even have regular meetings.
I wouldn't send my worst enemies children to this school. The kids are mean and are taught to be judgmental by the oppressive religious environment. It's education is laughable at best. Most of the teachers seem to know their subject well enough, but have little teaching capability.
An okay part of the school experience. Certainly not outstanding or noticeable in anyway.
This school is one of the worst as far as mental and emotional health goes. It's a very oppressive environment and anyone who doesn't conform to the strict religious ideas of the school is exploited, bullied, and mistreated. Very homophobic environment with definite racist and otherwise ignorant ideas.
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