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My child attended elementary to middle. It is small school and have good and bad. My child classmate are only 3. As a parent, it is worrying to stay in here. So my child transferred to bigger school. This school doesn’t have clubs much. Swimming is only good one. A few students went Jr. Olympic every year. All clubs are cost and very expensive.
Facility is very old.
My family and I moved from Silicon Valley and were concerned about the schools here in Hawaii. We feel fortunate to have found American Renaissance Academy. It is very small, so if you are only looking for a place where your child is looking for a popularity contest...Probably not for you. If your are looking for a college prep curriculum, with an emphasis on the performing arts, THIS IS IT!
I was told by someone that ARA is known as the school of nerds, coming from a fellow nerd, I take no offense! My daughter is loving the string orchestra and rigorous academics. The musical theater and acting teacher are amazing as well! Do your research, science has proven that cultivating the fine arts open young minds to higher learning in core academics. The swim team is amazing. Many of their alum have received swim scholarships! ARA is a hidden gem.
I am a student at American Renaissance Academy and I could not be more proud to say I am a griffin. The opportunities and education ARA has bestowed upon me will not go unnoticed. I have been not only educated through a studies standpoint but with life skills as well that I will take with me on my future in college.
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American Renaissance is a relatively decent school. Naturally, like all Hawaiian schools, there are some issues. However, comparing American Renaissance with those said schools, the former is definitely preferable. If you're looking to focus on Fine Arts and swimming, it is a good school, but if you're trying to go into some other school related extracurricular activity, I'd say that other schools would be more up your alley. In addition to this, the private school is small, holding up to what I would estimate to be at least two-hundred to three-hundred students. If you are okay with that, then checking out American Renaissance Academy might be good for you.
We moved our kindergartener to ARA two weeks into the public school year. You can tell how much pride and respect the staff and students have for each other and their school. The CEO is not just a name under the school, she is visible, present, and involved. The parents are involved and friendly, and it was very easy, not just for my son to make connections, but for myself, as well. After having only been there for a month, he became excited about reading, which isn’t his biggest strength, he is singing his letters and sounds, colors and how they’re spelled, the continents, and oceans. The expectations are high, but reasonable. The students are able to reach them due to the small class size, caring and innovative teachers, and ability to express themselves and show pride and ownership in their work.
It's nice that the students get a lot of one on one help from the teachers. The real downside is that there is less then 200 students from K-12.
I think my school is very safe. We are a small school so everyone treats each other like family so bullying has never happened. The only thing we lack is a nurses office.
My school is very strict when it comes to the dress code. We have no problems with bullying. All staff are very nice and treat us like we are their kids.
My doesn't have many extracurricular activities. Most of them are for the lower-school and not upper-school. The main extracurricular activity that my school offers is swimming and they are all very dedicated and win many ribbons.
I'm not exactly sure what what the process is all I really know is when applying the student is required to take a test to see where they are at.
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