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American Preparatory Academy West Valley Campus II Reviews

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American Preparatory Academy West Valley Campus II has been a phenomenal experience. The school provides students with beneficial utilities for college. The AP classes at American Preparatory are challenging and harder than a normal college level class. The honors classes stimulate each students' brain to become open for the task at hand. The teachers are always available afterschool for extra assistance, which the students gladly take the opportunity of. The teachers are always so motivating, encouraging students every step of the way.
As a senior who has attended the school since 7th grade, the academy is a well-intended school. It can be overly strict in its ideals however, but that standard is what makes the school great.
It was okay I guess. I mean, we learned a lot of good stuff and whatever. The teachers are nice and very enthusiastic. They include everyone as much as they can. The subjects they teach and the way they teach it is excellent.
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I love the amount of effort and dedication the teachers put into each lesson and our future and current education. Our teacher care more for what we learn and how are well doing is rather than just getting a credit to graduate. They encourage us to research and be college ready in every way. Constantly giving us information and recourse to help us have a better and easier college experience. The student body is very close and full of spirit for the school and one another. The student body is excellent at planning events that unites and brings everyone together. Also as being the schools yearbook editor, we are able to capture all the amazing events and memories of the school. I would not like to complain about the school in any way but our food could use a little bit of help. After seven years attending my school, my junior high and high school experience has been amazing.
The director of the school shows classism and xenophobia. I would recommend the elementary school because their academics are good however other than that the school is not good for advancement.
APA is a good school. There are going to be problems with all things, the biggest thing that dimmed my experience was their promise of an Associates degree. That didn’t happen. The school is very political too.
My time with american preparatory academy has been a very long journey. I started as a little scared Fourth grader who didn't know how to make any friends. American Preparatory Academy changed that for me helping me develop into a bright young adult ready to take on the world whether it be going to college or making my way into the work force. American Prep teaches very early on how to always be team player and to put in effort to better suit yourself and others, American prep allows students to express their concerns with the administrations, and others.
Really good school to attend, they offer so much opportunity to help students succeed. Not only that, the teachers are very nice and love to help the students with homework and are very reasonable to help boost students grades.
The curriculum was outstanding, interesting, and unique. The uniforms aren't nearly as bad as one might think; there were different mix-and-matches for the uniform that was colour-coded.
I graduated there its been an average school but I wish there were more activates that could been happening throughout school in the years there.
I have been attending American Preparatory Academy, West Valley II for about six years now and have learned so much. Through my school years and experiences, I have learned so much, such as Social Dance, how to be proper, school work, everything I have learned in high school has prepared me for my future and readiness to go to college
I loved how close the students and teachers were, it allowed students to open up about their need(s) of or for help for the path to success.
American Preparatory Academy West Valley Campus II, APA, is a public school for K-12. APA really focus on academic, leadership, and professionalism. Caring environment that you never feel left out because everyone dresses the same with required uniforms. Teachers are always available there for questions, or willing to help out anytime. It is a small-sized class so mostly everyone know each other. The educational level is harder than normal public school, prepared students for college. They offers after school for students to catch up homework or have questions. Leadership is extraordinary with Student Body Officer for senior class, and the Ambassadors Council for 7th-11th grades.
The overall experience I had at this campus was fulfilling within the schools academic way of teaching students. The school itself stands well structured and the teachers have demonstrated their care for my understanding of certain subjects. My appreciation towards the campus is their academic structure and college preparation. One thing I'd love to see change is the school not having a personal library. As the school titles in academics, it would be a important improvement if the school had a library. Either way, all the help I ever needed was at this campus. I'm grateful to graduate from a school were you know you've mastered what was needed to be understood academic wise and be around beneficial people and also teachers who move you forward helping you strive for success.
American Preparatory Academy (APA) is a very small school compared to other high schools. Your experience here depends heavily on personal preference. It is ,after all, a public, charter school of choice. Something APA has that many, if not all, students like is the right teachers. In fact, that is what stands out the most when it comes to comparing this school to others. The teachers here will treat you with the utmost respect. They are never personally motivated and they care for each student. APA emphasizes college readiness and character development. There are programs specifically made to get you into college and teach values. Overall, it is worth going.
What I like about American Preparatory Academy is that the school is very close when it comes to the student teacher relationships. Each and every student are connected to the teachers due to the small area of the school. There are a lot of students in diverse that all share a common of struggling with a past problem. The teachers connect with all students and help out in accommodations to the students doing their works despite household problems. A problem though is that the school is basically holding the hands of every students not letting the individual explore and learn how to stand on their own.
I liked the culture they have along with respect. The culture is all about furthering your education and being respected on if you fail or achieve.
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This school has brought me memories that I will remember and cherish forever. When I first entered this school I was going into the eighth grade. I was not very excited because of the uniforms and because I was going to be alone. Soon enough I got used to the uniforms and I made new friends. The teachers have always been supportive since the day I transferred to the school. They are willing to stay longer and help when needed. My experience here has been a good one. The teachers are great, so is the administration. One thing I would like to see change would be the different ways to involve the students so they have more school spirit. Also for the teachers to get bonuses because they honestly do a lot for all of their students.
There are many good things about the school such as a small classroom space and caring teachers but there are also many bad things such as the lack of resources that other public school have. The school lacks a consistent and effective system of control.
This is a school that I would recommend friends and other people to go to, because education is very serious here and teachers and councilors are willing to help and support you, we also have mentors that currently go to college and come and help us with the type of homework we have. American Preparatory Academy prepares you for college, and makes sure you can get into a great college. During my experience in American Prep I've learned the importance of hard work and dedication. Even though at times things were difficult I learned that even through hard times we can be successful and move on. The clubs and programs that we have, also been a great experience to go through and to try new things like theater. We also dedicate time in serving others by donating and helping people that are in need, with anything. I've had a great experience at American Prep and I know that because of my school I can show who I really am to others.
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