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American Preparatory Academy West Valley Campus I Reviews

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Both of my children attend the WV1 CAMPUS and completely love it. We've been blessed for 2 yrs. now with excellent teachers are administrators. The way they teach is amazing, they incorporate all aspects of life into a great learning experience. Very diverse mix of students, which I believe is the core of their success. Academics are stressed and it's not at all easy, but the learning is infectious.
I love this school and this school makes me feel safe! I've put all my trust in this school too. Even though people misjudge this school for it's location and stuff, that doesn't determine how well the school is! You can't judge a school by it's cover you know. This school has recently gotten fresh new school buses, better lunches, etc! Plus they exceeded people's thoughts and recently got first place at a Latin fair, and achieved Charter School of the Year! If some doubt this school, watch their thoughts take a spin!
It is simple enough that they not only let kids bully other kids but they pick on the kid that is being bullied like they are the one that is the bully. They don't listen to your concerns. And they treat you like you don't know anything and they know all. It's supposed to be a school for learning but it's just a school that thinks they are more important than your kid. If you want your kid to be bullied then send your kid here. They create more problems for your kid.
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In my school, there is an event called winterim. WInterim is a program in our school that lets us choose from a list of the classes that are offered to us. This program only lasts 3 weeks but it's a lot of fun. My school created this program because they want us to experience how when we grow older we're going to have to pick our own classes that we choose from.
In my school, the health of the school is not as bad, but still pretty unhealthy. In my school they some times serve us cold food, and some times warm food. I think this is affecting the students in the school because most students complain about the lunches and the majority of them bring home lunches. Sometimes lunch in my school is not that much to be excited about than other public schools.
In my school, we do after school programs such like, Collegium Hall in which is a free program where students can get extra help with any of their homework or upcoming tests. My school also does another after school program called El sistema, in that program students can be able to play any instrument they choose and get more experience in learning more about music.
My experience in this school so far has been great. A lot of the teachers are friendly and are willing to help you. Furthermore, this school is unique because there are teachers willing to help you and to raise your grade higher and help you reach your goals.
In American Preparatory Academy, some teachers do hard work and some lack hard work. For example, some teachers get late work from the students and change their grade. On the other hand, other teachers get the late work that the student turns in and sometimes they could get the grade wrong or just forget about the work that the students turned in. Other than that, American Preparatory Academy is a robust and a superb school, the way they teach in my school is distinct from other schools, in my school they are fairly strict and their teaching is outstanding.
Our lunch is always healthy and delicious.
Our policy of dress code is very strict and very good. Everyone is seen equally because of our strict and precise uniform.
I would never move schools because this school is the best in every way. It has the best education, the best help, resources, teachers, counselors, etc. All of this and much more makes my school the best over all schools.
My school is one of the safest places to be besides my house because it is very secure. We have cameras in every hallway and corner and every visitor needs to have a name tag or visitor pass unless they are not allowed in school. I love the way they care so much about your safety because they love the students are care for them dearly.
Every single teacher has the patience and knowledge to care for their students. All students can have an excellent relationship with they teachers because they will always be there for us. They are all excellent and have a passion for teaching and for every student that no other school can have. I appreciate every single teacher for their hard work and they're diligence to make sure their students understand every they need to know in order to move on with their work.
Sports is a very important element to my school because the students are strongly involved and the most important thing is that team work is the main priority. Everyone, is hard-working and united throughout the whole time. They support each other in all circumstances and most of all, they always have fun.
I love the way we have various clubs and organizations because it's a great way for the staff and students to interact and get involved in fun and educational activities.
I honestly feel like the college prep resources is one of the best things my school has because my school prepares us to the maximum and help us learn everything we, as students, need to know about college.
Everyone is everyones friend at APA . We are beyond friendly and accepting.
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We dont get the option in school food. We have to order online and pick what they have already chosen for the rest of the month.
The safety level at my school could be better but overall we have been very safe.
The academic rigor is very challenging to new students but after a couple of years its not so bad in fact I got used to it and its pretty great.
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