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American Preparatory Academy Las Vegas Campus Reviews

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APA is a school where anyone and everyone is welcomed, you build a family within a few days. The education is amazing and all the teachers care. They ask about school and home. They want the best for us.
I’ve been attending American preparatory Academy for 4 years now and I like how there is a lot of parent involvement. The only thing I would change about it is how they get the students to start getting ready for college. Especially for juniors they should help students find opportunities to volunteer and for scholarships.
One thing that I like about American Preparatory Academy is that it prepares you for life outside of high school. American Preparatory Academy also helps students academically.
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It’s a very good school, all the teachers are genuinely happy to be there which is a nice change from a public school.
As a Senior at American Preparatory Academy I have found that my 5 years of being there have gotten better each year. The atmosphere of the school is not one that allows bullying but one that encourages students to be the best they can be academically and as people.
American Preparatory Academy Las Vegas changed my life. When I first moved from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, I was very lost. I did not know what to do because I was so lost. When my mom researched charter schools in Las Vegas, American Prep immediately caught her eye. She enrolled me as soon as possible and I was accepted. My first couple days at school were hard but I eventually made friends and American Prep became a second home to me. I truly love all the administration and students at American Prep and my heart belongs to them.
Help students strive for success, provide students best education and environment, and prepare students for the ACT/SAT.
American Preparatory Academy is a great school. The teachers are all kind and caring. The school is very encouraing about going to college as they often have colleges come and are constantly stressing the importance of college. The counselor is constantly finding scholarships we can apply to. I've met some really great friends there and I have learned a lot. Some things to note they do have uniforms and require Latin as a language class. Also the school doesn't have a field but they have basketball and cheerleading. The school plans on expanding as currently the school is pretty small and they want a field. There are a few options for clubs and electives. A great thing is there are so many breaks and during January there are three weeks of three special electives of your choice. Also they have character development/study hall where they teach monthly lessons on character. Overall APA is a great school and I definitely recommend going.
The environment at APA is the safest anyone will find in Las Vegas. They emphasize the importance of becoming an exemplary citizen of the United States through their unique Character Development program. However, after 4 years of attending APA, it is hard to ignore the intense eurocentrism in their curriculum as well as the values that are taught, whether intentional or not. Not many classes are offered that allow students to find interests, such as diverse elective or language classes.
It’s a great school especially if you start at a younger age like elementary or middle school. You grow up with the same people and it enhances your experience. The uniforms take some getting used to if your not used to wearing them but their doable. The teachers are all caring supportive and kind.
It’s a nice school especially for students more interested in academics than sports. However their carpool system could be improved.
American Preparatory Academy of Las Vegas provides superior academics and has prepared me immensely for college. The rigor and work load provided in each class, has allowed me to score high on AP tests as well as standard tests. Although American Preparatory Academy is a public charter school the education it provided me with was far better than any private school I've ever attended. Although the amount of sports and school clubs could use some improvements and additions the ones that currently exist are very good. The American Preparatory Academy of Las Vegas, is still a very new school and continues to make improvements each year that make it one of the best outlets for education in Nevada.
Staff are very nice and professional. My daughters love attending this school and are getting a great education.
American Preparatory Academy is a public charter school bustling with builders, strong school spirit, and caring teachers.

The academics are more rigorous than the regular public. Many teachers make effort to convey their message and, in some cases, even develop a relationship with students. Unlike most schools, a character development class in 4th period is held for all students' development as citizens and individuals. Their goal is preparing students for college and the real world.

The school also strongly encourages parent involvement. In return, many families donate to keep the school running.

Not only do the teachers educate, but they also play a major role in safety for the school, obliged to follow proper evacuation procedures.

For many reasons, cases of bad behavior are generally observed at lower rates than in other regular public schools I have attended.

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The curriculum is good, it allows for students of all ages to have periodic assessments to make sure they are in the appropriate class level to keep them challenged and moving forward. They don't restrict a student from moving up regardless of their grade level.
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