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Although they do not have the resources of that of a public institution, they still manage to provide the same level of education albeit in a more alternate manner. Every assignment was, for the most part, tailored to fit the individual's classroom's needs which allowed for me to continue to learn new concepts, while still reinforcing those I had trouble with. The Teachers were very willing to help me in any way they could, whether it be reading poetry to my teacher one-on-one instead of the entire class, to allowing us to reconfigure the software on the school computers manually, with instruction.
We had a few resources available, but for the most part, they were not all extensive. To be fair; the school is relatively new. Not to mention the fact that they do not receive near the same amount of support as do similar public institutions. Knowing all of this, I would still say that I felt safe. The campus is surrounded by a metallic fence with security cameras galore. Plus, the school is minutes away from a police station.
The faculty at American Preparatory Academy have clearly demonstrated, during my time there, that they will do anything & everything to see their students succeed in both Academics & in Extra-curricular activities. It really feels as if it were one big family where everyone knows you by name, even if you don't know theirs. Like a family, they did everything they could to help me on my path to success, more so than even the most prestigious public schools around.
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This school is like one big family; everyone knows each other & everyone helps each other. It wasn't hard to become apart of the family & they frequently arranged social outings both inside & outside of school.
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