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American Martyrs Catholic School Reviews

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My favorite part about American Martyrs was the small classes. Students were really able to engage with their teachers during and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, because of these small class sizes, the grade as a whole could form positive camaraderie with each other; everyone could be friends at American Martyrs!
The school is extremely safe. It is located in the UCLA/ Bel Air area so there isn't too much crime. The school also has a gate guard and is fenced in. There is hardly any bullying. The school nurse doubles as the attendance lady and has a small room with two twin beds to accommodate any sick student at school.
There are many student-run clubs and organizations but since they are student run they don't do much or meet too often. Certain sports are favored by athletic directors more than others and therefore receive very different treatment. The MUN program is most likely the best in the area and compete in competitions in san Fransisco and North Carolina. National Art Honor Society is also offered.
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There is a wide variety in the knowledge of each teacher. Many of the teachers are smart, educated, willing to help students and overall caring people; other teachers though are not knowledgeable in their fields, are unwilling to help students, and are generally disrespectful. There is absolutely no consistency in grading with any of the teachers. Teaching styles vary although computers are used in almost every class since we are an Apple distinguished school. One thing that is consistent though is that almost all of the teachers are interested in their students, if one student is struggling, the teacher or counselor is more than likely to reach out and attempt to help.
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