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I love that it is a smaller school, you get to know everyone including your teachers. I also like that I had to wear a uniform, it made it so I didn't need to pick out an outfit each day. But mostly I enjoyed getting the best education possible for me.
I have been at American Leadership Academy since I was in Kindergarten and have loved it. My family was very involved from the beginning and we even built the playground for an Eagle project. I love how many people I get to know because everyone is very close. Not having very many people at the school was nice because you had so many opportunities. I would love to see more people get into the school spirit at sports events but I love how much people get involved in the Fine Arts. Being the Student Body Vice President, I would love to see more people get out of their comfort zone and try new things. There are so many things you can do at American Leadership Academy if you just exert yourself and do it.
My Overall experience at ALA was great ! I was able to be on a sports team and meet a lot of my friends that I still have now. As well as get an education a little further than just highschool classes but college classes as well. I was enrolled in ap classes and I was able to learn how to write a good English paper and be better at math! Although the teachers were ok, the education overall is very well taught. I felt safe at this school and would recommend it to future students.
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I really liked my experience at ALA. The teachers were all good, and the fine arts classes were solidly enjoyable. I can't speak for the athletics, though. The administration was kind of ridiculous about some things, and student government was always too caught up in "school spirit" to actually be efficient. The counselors were alright. They were helpful with class changes, but not so helpful with college readiness. They essentially told us to go, and not how to.
The teachers were excellent, and the school culture was amazing. There's something for everyone at American Leadership Academy.
It is very heavily focused on the Arts, which I did not like, but for those who did it seemed to be good. I would have preferred to see some more technology and shop classes, but I did end up graduating with my Associates from UVU which I don't think I would have accomplished elsewhere.
I went to this school from 2nd grade until I graduated. I never liked the dress code and it seemed like there was no point behind it. If someone cared enough they could get a dress down day no big deal. I did not like a lot of the teachers that they hired. Some of them did not even have teaching degrees and were terrible. The faculty never listened to the students, teachers were always right. There were obviously a couple of outliers to all of these downsides but overall i did not really enjoy this school. I only stayed to be a part of the show choir.
Good School. Does well with the money it has. Works hard to get the kids involved and prepared for the future. A little too focused on having every kid go to college in Utah. Could improve their communication skills.
I have 3 children that graduated from this school and they loved it. They had great teachers, took college courses, went to nationals with the show choir, won state soccer (twice), played basketball and football. My children have gone onto college and one just got into medical school.
The teachers at the school were absolutely incredible. I mainly liked ALA for its academic programs and classes.
I love how there are so many opportunities to advance your learning because of them I am able to graduate High School with an Associates Degree form Utah Valley University. Their counselors are on top of every opportunity available to High School students and get involved with each student and their success.
One of the things that I would do differently is to have the counselors help you build your scholarship applications and portfolios.
American Leadership Academy was absolutely the perfect High School for me. I could not have asked for better. The thing I loved most about American Leadership Academy was its tight knit feel. It was a relatively small school which allowed for the students to get to know each other quite well. I also feel that we had a more personal relationship to our teachers. Because of that, they were better able to help us based on our individual needs. There were also many opportunities for a wide variety of activities. From football, to volleyball, to show choir. There was something for everyone.
American Leadership Academy is an excellent charter school in Spanish Fork, Utah. Every teacher pushed me to reach success and helped me realize my potential. There is a strong emphasis on building up the student body. I had very personal interactions with each teacher and very positive experiences socially, as no amount of disrespect or vulgarity is tolerated. The only thing I would say, is sometimes the high standards held can bombard those whose levels of competency are lower due to extenuating circumstances such as learning disabilities, abuse, or poverty.
The experience as a parent has been very poor.
Elementary student has attended there for 4 years and each year there is the same problem plus additional issues.
Poor communication from teacher to parent. Poor communication/updating the online grading system for parents to view. Poor communication from principal to parent. Poor parking and car pool area. Very unorganized for a charter school that has 1250 kids across K-12. The class sizes are just as full as the public near by districts.
My experience with ALA has been very difficult and i would not recommend going there and i wish i could pull my student out of that school.
over all it was good though there was a few things i didn't like such as the dress code and being confusing about the rules of where we can eat at lunch
It’s a great school with an amazingly fine arts program! From kindergarten till a senior in high school, it teaches principles to respect and integrate friends to each other. I am so happy that I’ve there for the past years of high school , teachers will work with your schedule and will help us out if you have any questions.
I attended American Leadership Academy for seven years. Because it is a k-12 school, I started in the sixth grade and just graduated in May. ALA had a very strong fine arts program while I was a student there. I was able to get very heavily involved in the program by being a member of the jr. high and high school show choirs and dance on the dance company my senior year. I was also able to play on the softball team and participate on the speech and debate team during my high school years. Academically, the school had highs and lows. There were some excellent teachers and some that were not as great. However, the majority of my academic experience was positive. There were times when I was frustrated with the organization of the school. For example, they would often lose the record of fee payment and then request that we pay even more money to the school even though we'd already paid months before. Overall, my experience at ALA was a good one and I was pleased with my time there.
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I have been at ALA for 5 years and I really enjoy the atmosphere that the school has been able to provide me in my academic career, by offering a variety of classes, I love the dress code, because now I am able to focus on my studies instead of waking up everything morning and decided what to wear, I also have noticed that I am not insecure about what I am wearing, because everyone else is wearing the same thing. Overall ALA has been able to set me on the right path of be able to graduate High School and attend college.
The administration is always changing, which results in rules that nobody follows, and stupid rules that nobody wants to follow. The counselors also have really no idea what they're doing, and they keep trying to let more kids in then they can fit . The teachers are all very friendly, however.
American Leadership Academy is a unique school with several classes. Our speech and debate team is incredible and our fine arts programs are well developed. There is a sense of perfectionism that can be discouraging, but overall the environment is very kind and forgiving.
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