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Great school for kids that want to succeed in life. Leaders of tomorrow will be coming from American Leadership Academy Gilbert.
it is a very academic school. does a great job of socializing students with the use of uniforms to eliminate out casting due to fashion items. It is semi strict school when it comes to electronics. it also cracks down on cursing and bullying.
I love how american Leadership is very welcoming. The teachers and students are all friendly. There are no noticeable cliques, and even though I am not 'popular', I feel like everyone is still nice.
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LACK OF LEADERSHIP IS ABSOLUTELY EVIDENT - STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS – MULTIPLE ISSUES IN ONE SEMESTER! Our experience was the teachers do not care, leadership creates a hostile environment for children, and ALA has a much higher amount of troubled kids than public schools. Trust me, parents need to know how ALA is operating seemingly FOR PROFIT and little else. Incredible lack of leadership at this school from top to bottom -teachers to school board- teacher either lied or went a whole semester without noticing a student’s failing grades. A major incident occurred against my child the last week of school. The offending student should have been expelled or suspended due to severity of offense, police should have been involved. Principle said he needs to apologize. No other action was taken so this led to my daughter being continuously harassed until we pulled her from this school altogether.
ALA works very hard to prepare their students for success in the real world by giving us resources and real-world educational experiences.
It is very good and the teachers are well versed in what they teach but we should have more classes
The teams themselves are good and competitive, it is a band new school so it still needs some work. I believe that this will get better with time. I know that there are plans to make it better next year
The teachers are helpful, they will teach something one way, and if it wasn't well understood they will teach it a different way. The don't teach directly out of the book they will teach the lesson unbiasedly they will give extra information so that it can be understood better
Kids love the extracurriculars. Especially because of ballroom classes and many of the kids are into music and the arts.
The administration is corrupt and it is a school not big on diversity, there were some serious negativity and also positive aspects so the experience caps at being okay.
They are great people, I trust them and it is easy for me to feel comfortable around a lot of them. However, some of them have no knowledge about what they are teaching because at a Charter School teachers do not need to have a degree to teach. Sometimes they are unfit to teach what they are teaching and the administrators will hire them because they are short staffed rather than because the teacher is skilled. While this is all true, there are some teachers who are truly passionate and want to see their kids succeed and prosper and will do anything to help.
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