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ALA is a charter school with a large school feel. It offers all sports from Swim to Football. Small school feel with a lot of support from the teaching staff
I have loved ALA since I transferred in 7th grade. The school is on the smaller side, so there is a family feel and the environment is very safe. It is a wholesome, moral environment that holds its students to high standards. I have had the opportunity to athletics, and joining organizations such as NHS. I also have been in student government and taken honors and college classes.
I love ALA because the environment is very friendly. The people there are not as reserved as at other schools.
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LOVE the environment and the teachers are super helpful when you struggle. It is 95% morman, which brings on clichés of people who know each other from church, but other than that, awesome
This school has been so friendly to every new student who comes in! I my sled was new during my junior year but I never ate lunch alone not once. I had people help me in my classes and teachers offer any assistance if it was needed.
American Leadership Academy Queen Creek offers lots of after school activities and many honor/AP classes. The enviroment is surrounded with good people and a good atmosphere.
American Leadership Academy is a school that focuses on preparing all their students for life outside of school. As a sophomore you take a college ready course and a course to help give you an idea of the financial side of life. The teachers are always there to help with whatever a student needs. Also coaches are very understanding and help out a lot. The environment at ALA is outstanding, everyone feels welcome and at home.
The teachers are very strict, but they are also nice. Thy care about you and what you want. They want the best for you and they make sure you are headed on the right path to success. They take the time out of their day to make sure you understand what they taught.
At American Leadership Academy, I have loved the teachers. This school has made me more prepared for college than any of the other schools around here, and they are further along with their education than surrounding areas too. For all of the teachers that they have hired, they know what they are teaching and are more than happy to help you along the way. The district also makes certain classes be required that the state does not, such as financial literacy/career preparation; they do this because they feel that it would help the students later on in life with a head start over others.
ALA isn't a typical high school where the teachers could care less if you graduate, ALA is a place where everyone is like family and they all want nothing but the best for theie students
I love going to school at American Leadership Academy, i have been for six years and it has been amazing. The teachers truly care about you and always offer help if needed, they do not disapppoint. Everyone treats eachother like family, no matter your religion or race nobody is ever singled out. We also get taught disicpline and responsibility which is what i love most. Any student would be lucky to go to ALA if they were given the oppurtunity.
I liked the Math program at American Leadership Academy because this school allowed me to gain the confidence I lost regarding the subject of math. I had a great teacher, Mr. Monroe, who cared for the well-being of each student to learn and grasp math concepts. I would like to see more effort to give credit and dedication to all sports. I was on the Varsity girls soccer team and didn't receive a letter or certificate indicating my time and hard-work that I put into the team.
I'm currently a Sophomore at the Ironwood campus. I love the variety of both core and elective choices. The students here are less clicky than at other schools. There's more of a sense of unity and belonging. The teaching staff and coaches are also excellent.
American Leadership Academy is a great school. Their highest priority for their students is encouraging personable values such as respect, charity, and leadership; along with academics. Teachers there noticeably love their jobs which makes all the difference, when trying to learn from. I totally recommended this School to future high schoolers, because I know they'll have a great experience!
Obviously high school isn't considered to be a great place. You know most kids don't enjoy going to high school; however, I really did enjoy going to this school. I made life-long friends, had great experiences with most of my teachers and played sports that I've loved on a higher level.
American Leadership Academy is good for certain kinds of students. Those who want or need more attention and opportunities to stand out in their school will find it to be perfect. This school can bring a lot of diverse and rounded activities to a student's college application.
I earnestly enjoyed my years spent at American Leadership Academy High School. I was given many opportunities and they only increased as the years went by. I was able to join the Varsity Basketball, Softball, and Swim teams through school and my sophomore year, I tried out and made their National Ballroom team where I eventually was a part of the main ballroom team my last two years of high school. The teachers are encouraging and understanding of not only the student athletes but of the Art department students, who help put on brilliant shows and showcases for their fellow students. The Student Government is positive and always full of school spirit, you can always count on them to bring the entire student body to every game whether it be on the court or outside on the fields. The student body is encouraging of one another and the parents are supportive of their children and their school.
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American leadership academy is overall a good school. The administration is really helpful and they push students to do extra curricular activities. The kids are overall cool to be around and i don't mind the uniforms too much
I love the environment most about American Leadership Academy. There is an atmosphere of friendship and belonging that creates a sense of safety and security among students. This allows them to do their very best at achieving academic success. I like the dress code because it creates unity and helps students focus more on their schoolwork than what they are wearing. I also love that because it is a small school, there are ample opportunities for students to become involved in sports, fine arts programs, or leadership positions. I myself was a part of Student Government as well as the nationally-ranked ballroom team at ALA for three years. American Leadership Academy is a fantastic school and I know I am better student and person for having attended it.
The teachers are ok, but some don’t actually teach. The staff is power happy, and finds reasons to give you detention. The students are nice though and so is the environment, so that’s good.
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