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It is such a well rounded school. Each student is equally involved, and each teacher is very considerate of every students circumstances. There are so many elective and extra-curiccular options, that every student is sure to find what they're looking for.
The atmosphere at ala was so much different than a public school, it all felt like one big family! There are rarely any discipline issues or fights or any such thing, it is completely different especially coming from a public school, where everyone is so hostile.
the school is in a great area with great kids. I feel like teachers could be more experienced and knowledgable in their topics. there is a very small selection of sports, clubs, and organizations you can get involved with.
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At American Leadership Academy Queen Creek, I like the involvement of all of the students. A large majority of the school is involved in sports, clubs, fine arts, and often attends all performances and games. The population of students are generally very nice and easy to get along with. Most of the teachers are great and genuinely invested in the education and lives of the students. A few things that could change are the main focuses of extracurricular activities. As it is at most schools, sports such as football and basketball are more glorified than activities such as theatre and robotics. There are also a few instances where students receive disciplinary actions due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. When administration and staff learn to let the student explain the situation, then this will no longer be a problem.
They're the only school I've found where I'm actually getting somewhere with life. I also love how the students each have a class for their needs and level.
It is an amazing school! I always felt I was getting the best education there. The teachers work with you and help in any way they can. Felt like a family. The buildings were always clean and had a safe environment. Best highschool I have ever attended!
Overall environment is amazing! Small, focus on leadership and community. A majority of teachers are great and care a lot about their students as well.
I transferred to ALA from a school with low rules and regulations. When i transferred i felt at home. All the people welcomed me in and included me in activities that were being held. The teachers have genuine care for their students and their futures. Councilors give time and advice to students and help them succeed.
The teachers are the best of the school. The school is a lot conservative though.
Dress code is super annoying and it seems like it is based on a religious code. There are no clubs. The school charges a fee of 150 to play for a single season.
American Leadership Academy is sometimes strict but they try their best to make everyone enjoy their time while at school
At American Leadership Academy they teach you to be leaders because in the world most of us are followers. They teach their students to be respectful, accountable, have integrity, provide service, and how to excel in everything we do.
I absolutely love ALA! The staff here is so dedicated to helping us excel, and the students are so friendly! I love all of the amazing clubs and teams that we have to teach us students teamwork and accountability, and the academics are top notch! I would encourage anyone to come here!
Overall my experience here was subpar, but some teachers did genuinely seem to care about my education.
all the experiences I have had at ALA were preparing me for the real world and for that I am grateful. Sadly though, because it is a smaller school we're unable to have a library on campus. The teachers, students, and lessons are fantastic but I believe the school could be brought to a new standard of learning with resources such as a library.
The thing i like most about ALA is that they do have very good academics. its very challenging and hard sometimes yet the curriculum is where it needs to be. i like how safe i feel at school when i'm there its very family and friendly orientated school. the thing i don't like is how many times they do dress code checks throughout the year. they take us out of our class to check to see if we are in dress code. i also did not like how certain clubs or sports were favored over more. it was very unfair. The thing i would change about this school is making everyone feel equal in all activities and sports and either making it a serious uniformed school or not.
American leadership aceademy is actually one of the friendliest schools I've been too. On my first day people greeted me and tried to be my friend. The atmosphere is really nice, the teachers are actually dedicated to helping the students learn, and the administration is always doing what they can to improve the school. Students may not like dressing up in uniform, but it's really not that big of a deal once you get used to it. Their are a variety of sports, including golf, swim team, wrestling, tennis, football, soccer, track, volleyball, etc. ALA has a good selection of clubs as well, like fashion club, chess club, reading club, cyber patriot, robotics and more. I would definitely recommend giving ALA a try. You won't regret it!
ALAN is overall a retry good school, though there are things about it that definitely need fixing. The biggest among these is the teachers and faculty. While there are a few genuinely good teachers, most of them are not that great. The faculty almost seems like theyre just trying to relive there own high school days and they micromanage everything and can come off as very snobby. But other than that it's pretty good.
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American Leadership Academy is a school of good morals. They promote leadership and excellence. The sports and drama are spectacular. Although, teachers and administration are a constant struggle. multiple times, I have gone through multiple teachers in one class within one year. I have experienced administration struggle and get into fights. Overall, I would give the school a 3 out of 5.
American Leadership Academy is an amazing school. The administration is awesome, the food is good. The teachers are really awesome! I would defensively recommend putting your kids in that school1
although the teachers are great, the students the students make it hard to have a better learning environment
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