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Obviously high school isn't considered to be a great place. You know most kids don't enjoy going to high school; however, I really did enjoy going to this school. I made life-long friends, had great experiences with most of my teachers and played sports that I've loved on a higher level.
American Leadership Academy is good for certain kinds of students. Those who want or need more attention and opportunities to stand out in their school will find it to be perfect. This school can bring a lot of diverse and rounded activities to a student's college application.
I earnestly enjoyed my years spent at American Leadership Academy High School. I was given many opportunities and they only increased as the years went by. I was able to join the Varsity Basketball, Softball, and Swim teams through school and my sophomore year, I tried out and made their National Ballroom team where I eventually was a part of the main ballroom team my last two years of high school. The teachers are encouraging and understanding of not only the student athletes but of the Art department students, who help put on brilliant shows and showcases for their fellow students. The Student Government is positive and always full of school spirit, you can always count on them to bring the entire student body to every game whether it be on the court or outside on the fields. The student body is encouraging of one another and the parents are supportive of their children and their school.
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American leadership academy is overall a good school. The administration is really helpful and they push students to do extra curricular activities. The kids are overall cool to be around and i don't mind the uniforms too much
I love the environment most about American Leadership Academy. There is an atmosphere of friendship and belonging that creates a sense of safety and security among students. This allows them to do their very best at achieving academic success. I like the dress code because it creates unity and helps students focus more on their schoolwork than what they are wearing. I also love that because it is a small school, there are ample opportunities for students to become involved in sports, fine arts programs, or leadership positions. I myself was a part of Student Government as well as the nationally-ranked ballroom team at ALA for three years. American Leadership Academy is a fantastic school and I know I am better student and person for having attended it.
The teachers are ok, but some don’t actually teach. The staff is power happy, and finds reasons to give you detention. The students are nice though and so is the environment, so that’s good.
American leadership academy is a school in Queen Creek Arizona that has great facilities but could use some help with its academic policies. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that we have the highest teacher turnover rate in the state, with our average teacher only staying for two years. Whether this has to do with salary or policy I'm not certain, but the fact is that it is a problem. By the time teachers begin to figure things out... they're gone. I have personal experience with this oh so interesting phenomenon:/ However, I love the track and field program and the coaching staff!
It is such a well rounded school. Each student is equally involved, and each teacher is very considerate of every students circumstances. There are so many elective and extra-curiccular options, that every student is sure to find what they're looking for.
The atmosphere at ala was so much different than a public school, it all felt like one big family! There are rarely any discipline issues or fights or any such thing, it is completely different especially coming from a public school, where everyone is so hostile.
the school is in a great area with great kids. I feel like teachers could be more experienced and knowledgable in their topics. there is a very small selection of sports, clubs, and organizations you can get involved with.
At American Leadership Academy Queen Creek, I like the involvement of all of the students. A large majority of the school is involved in sports, clubs, fine arts, and often attends all performances and games. The population of students are generally very nice and easy to get along with. Most of the teachers are great and genuinely invested in the education and lives of the students. A few things that could change are the main focuses of extracurricular activities. As it is at most schools, sports such as football and basketball are more glorified than activities such as theatre and robotics. There are also a few instances where students receive disciplinary actions due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. When administration and staff learn to let the student explain the situation, then this will no longer be a problem.
They're the only school I've found where I'm actually getting somewhere with life. I also love how the students each have a class for their needs and level.
It is an amazing school! I always felt I was getting the best education there. The teachers work with you and help in any way they can. Felt like a family. The buildings were always clean and had a safe environment. Best highschool I have ever attended!
Overall environment is amazing! Small, focus on leadership and community. A majority of teachers are great and care a lot about their students as well.
I transferred to ALA from a school with low rules and regulations. When i transferred i felt at home. All the people welcomed me in and included me in activities that were being held. The teachers have genuine care for their students and their futures. Councilors give time and advice to students and help them succeed.
The teachers are the best of the school. The school is a lot conservative though.
Dress code is super annoying and it seems like it is based on a religious code. There are no clubs. The school charges a fee of 150 to play for a single season.
American Leadership Academy is sometimes strict but they try their best to make everyone enjoy their time while at school
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At American Leadership Academy they teach you to be leaders because in the world most of us are followers. They teach their students to be respectful, accountable, have integrity, provide service, and how to excel in everything we do.
I absolutely love ALA! The staff here is so dedicated to helping us excel, and the students are so friendly! I love all of the amazing clubs and teams that we have to teach us students teamwork and accountability, and the academics are top notch! I would encourage anyone to come here!
Overall my experience here was subpar, but some teachers did genuinely seem to care about my education.
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