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American Leadership Academy - Ironwood Reviews

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ALA Ironwood is a good school, great teachers and a safe environment for the kids, staff and families. The academics have gotten better as the years have gone on. The encouragement for the students is wonderful and its always nice to see others succeeding
This school is great. There are many programs to keep everybody together and working as a group. General moral differs between some people as they didn’t choose to come to this school. Those seem to be the people who complain the most. Generally I think it is a very good school. Lots of opportunities to make friends and plenty of classes bit variation. I give a four star instead of five because I think the dress code should have a few more options to it. The dress code differs a lot from male to female. During school male dress code is more strict but during dances and such female is WAY more strict.
It was a good experience compared to the school I went to before. They do have a lot of strict rules, some that I feel are not needed. They seem to care more about how you present yourself than your learning, which to a point is understandable, but they shouldn’t care as much about what you look like and the fact that you came to school to learn. Overall they are a good school.
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American Leadership Academy Ironwood is a great school!!!! I absolutely love it! All of the teachers are super nice and caring.. They are willing to work with their students to help them succeed in their classes and they are willing to do what it takes to make sure that each and every student has an opportunity to gain a better education.. I have not seen one teacher who doesn't care about a student... American Leadership Academy-Ironwood teaches students about Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service and Excellence to help provide young people an opportunity to be a successful adult when they graduate. Each of the RAISE values is vital to our success in life..... If it wasn't for American Leadership Academy- Ironwood, I wouldn't be as successful of a student as I am right now.
American Leadership Academy has provided me with a solid foundation for education and has done nothing but for help me achieve my dreams and goals.
I enjoyed being at American Leadership Academy. I made good friends and the teachers were nice and cared for the students. I feel like there can be a better improvement on security and college readiness.
The Fine Arts program is amazing; so many students get involved!

I would like to see that more students join the different bands.
they have very few teachers who actually care about the students but because of the administration and their lack of support of the teachers, those teachers are leaving the school. There is also a distinct show of favoritism toward a certain religious faith.
In the San Tan Valley area this school is the best. Excellent traditional education with sports, art and music programs. My child is receiving a well rounded education. I am very impressed with this school.
This amazing school gave me a great experience when I had went there. All my siblings went as well and plan on graduating from there also.
The staff are nice and a majority of the students are nice, the education offered is equal if not slightly better than public schools
So I have been at American Leadership Academy Ironwood for about 2 years now. Of course transitioning to another school is hard but the people there are great to me and I don’t regret going. It has been awesome to attend this school because it feels like the teachers actually care about your grade and how it affects your future. There have been many moments when I didn’t quite get something and a teacher or other adult has provided aid to me. The rules that they put in place and the dress code help to better a person for the real world. So this school is really amazing and great at preparing you for what is to come after high school.
American Leadership Academy - Ironwood provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership qualities while cultivating skills necessary for life after high school. The school provides students with certified teachers who care about their students and do everything in their power to let those students succeed. While no one school is perfect and there is always room for improvement, I truly believe that American Leadership Academy- Ironwood is an amazing school that allows students to explore their interests and grow in a environment that focuses on building positive and successful leaders.
My school has a healthy, clean, learning environment. The teachers are dedicated to their work and it shows. I have been to both public and charter schools but ALA has been the best. I feel like I can be myself and ask questions to increase my education. The students there as well are kind and it is easy to create friends and have fun.
American Leadership Academy is rigorous. When it comes to their academics, sports, and fine arts programs, they strive to be the best. While such an intense course may not be the best for everyone, students who really want to shine and thirst for more would appreciate the school's system.
I do wish they would do something about the microwave lines at lunch, however. Though measurements have been taken to shorten lunch lines in general, having only a couple of microwaves can be troublesome for students who need a heated lunch.
My experience at American Leadership Academy (ALA) Ironwood was been overall probably one of the best experiences I have ever had! As a fairly new school ALA is growing in the amazing of classes the offer and the amount of students. ALA Ironwood has classes like Financial Literacy and entrepreneurship to help students learn how to earn and control their money, setting up the students for a great kick start to life (wether going into college or going into the work force).
I like the teachers, who are fun, nice, and helpful. The academics are great and you learn a lot. The administration is wonderful but very strict on dress code. The facilities are good, but not the best. Our sports teams did pretty good in the CAA, but this year we moved to the AIA and aren't doing to well, except volleyball, they are destroying. We have a lot of students. There are a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities that are fun. The only real downside of our school is that we are the middle child of the ALA high schools. Due to this, and our location, the other schools facilities are way better and receive better stuff. Their sports teams are provided and cared for better.
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They are very rude. They are racist. Dont let them fool you they will say they are the best I am telling you from experience dont waist your time at this school.
American leadership academy took me in when I was troubled child... They helped me grow and stay out of trouble. The staff is amazing and kind and really look out for their students. I have enjoyed ALA in the year I gave attended it.
My experience at American Leadership Academy-Ironwood, was amazing. I liked everything from the staff and teachers, to all the events we had. This school does an amazing job at helping their students stay on track and organizes amazing opportunities for the students to view options to see what they might be interested in for their future. American Leadership Academy-Ironwood, strives to help ensure the safety and readiness of their students. We have had many field trips to colleges, and other places... these help as options to see what college students may be interested in. The counselors at American Leadership Academy-Ironwood, have helped me and man other seniors/students tremendously, making sure we have the right tools and stay on track to graduate. I don't like I would change anything about American Leadership Academy-Ironwood, because they do everything in their power to make sure their students have a great high school career.
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